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Ciarán Neville (Ireland) Potpisani: 14:47, 08/06/2016
"I personally feel trapped by today's society. It feels like there is a constant battle between people, fairness and greed and the self-justification of individuals greed. I think this is the fundamental flaw in current politics. I like to think of it from a management position, where the manager comes to his employees and says " sorry everyone I know you are struggling to feed your family but I had to get the new BMW” or the politician who says “I worked hard to get here I deserve the perks it’s your choice not to work as hard as me” even when he is supposed to be representing the people not himself. I believe in a future with 7 Billion politicians together making changes and doing what is best for everyone with no monetary system to enslave us."
Gerald Ellsworth (Panama) Potpisani: 14:09, 08/06/2016
Anica John (Germany) Potpisani: 09:59, 08/06/2016
Darcy Matthews (United States) Potpisani: 23:39, 07/06/2016
"Our earth, our mother, needs this charter. Our people of earth need this charter. The only people that I can imagine being opposed to these principles are the very wealthy. For they believe there is a lack of resources and that these goals are only possible if they have to give up what they have accumulated. Let's begin a new chapter in human existence. Let's begin an era of compassion and caring. Let's begin to respect our earth and it's citizens. Let's begin."
michele soulatges (France) Potpisani: 21:58, 07/06/2016
Jean Massonnier (Uruguay) Potpisani: 20:44, 07/06/2016
Otis Williams (New Zealand) Potpisani: 20:28, 07/06/2016
Brandon White (United States) Potpisani: 19:14, 07/06/2016
"Great cause. Accomplishing that through a no-force paradigm just may set the standard."
Sebastian Tarao (India) Potpisani: 18:49, 07/06/2016
"It was my dream but now this is real."
Doukas Soulakis (Greece) Potpisani: 18:10, 07/06/2016
Mohsen Bagheri (United States) Potpisani: 17:33, 07/06/2016
"Thank you for your beautiful words & works. Please accept my gratitude & appreciation"
Vera Rankovic (Serbia) Potpisani: 17:19, 07/06/2016
Alexander Martin (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 14:19, 07/06/2016
"I cant wait !"
Lhyndah Bertram (United States) Potpisani: 14:16, 07/06/2016
thomas morel (France) Potpisani: 13:13, 07/06/2016
Richard Santiago (Puerto Rico) Potpisani: 12:59, 07/06/2016
"Keyword into the future: Optimization."
守宏 卓 (Taiwan) Potpisani: 11:42, 07/06/2016
Roy Agnew (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 10:37, 07/06/2016
"Ten simple, beautiful principles which all of mankind should aspire to live by."
Bria Singer (United States) Potpisani: 06:48, 07/06/2016
Juliandra Del Moral (Puerto Rico) Potpisani: 03:55, 07/06/2016
Melaney Phillips (Costa Rica) Potpisani: 03:33, 07/06/2016
Mel Puleo (Costa Rica) Potpisani: 02:43, 07/06/2016
"I would love this! & so would everyone! YOU’D HAVE TO BE CRAZY NOT TO, This spells 100% freedom, except the people at the very top of the food chain, the 0.0000001% “Elite," won’t allow this in our lifetime, they actually want this system for themselves, BUT! They want to exterminate 95+% of the planet as they are incompetent in managing resources, Selfish, entitled, extremely evil, who have 0% empathy! The only way it can work is we “Meaning The Majority” need to EXTERMINATE THEM, BEFORE THEY EXTERMINATE US” THEN IT CAN WORK, THERE WILL BE BLOOD SHED BEFORE WE ALL WAKE UP! This sounds fantastic in theory, but I don’t believe we will see it manifest in the next 1000 years, humans are slow learners, and as long as you keep ’em entertained with all the bull shit, its easy for the elite to do whatever they want! It’s a sad world! Potentially the reason I moved to Costa Rica with my wife & My dog. Its scary what is taking place, the ET’s will never Land! "
John Morway (United States) Potpisani: 02:09, 07/06/2016
Kelly Stefano (United States) Potpisani: 21:49, 06/06/2016
ricky johnson (United States) Potpisani: 21:21, 06/06/2016