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Will van der Meer (United States) Potpisani: 05:20, 01/08/2014
Bill Brando (Canada) Potpisani: 04:57, 01/08/2014
"We do not starve, deny, kill others for greed...we do it to ensure others do not have what we have....solve this equation and the world will be set free...do it not and it wont matter if we are the top of the food chain because we are going to destroy every link of it including ourselves. If you want to fix this world we need to fix the governments. We need to make it for the people by the people in all regards, not for the power by the power. We need governments full of scientists not full of politics designed to create the very trap we find ourselves in. This worlds eco system is almost on its knees and we do nothing, and when it falls we fall...how arrogant it is to think it will fall long after we are dead, but worse to know it will fall on our kids or grandchildren..Very coward to leave the destruction to your own flesh and blood rather than fix the issue with your own hands and hearts."
Jan Gelderloos (Thailand) Potpisani: 03:58, 01/08/2014
"I AM a free citizen of Earth. Above I have entered Thailand as my current place of residence, since I am now volunteering there as an English teacher at an NGO. I am a citizen of the Netherlands, born in Amsterdam, but also have a US permanent residency (green) card, because I lived there for thirty years before taking on this volunteer gig. In my life I have traveled the world and immersed myself in the study of diverse cultures and lifestyles. One thing I know, is that all living beings have in common the desire to be happy and live a fruitful and productive life. One fact stands out, namely that selfishness, greed, the lust for money and power makes this world a place of suffering for many, while for the very elite few it results in decadency, perverted values and outrageous wealth at the expense of the oppressed, the hungry and the poor. If that is not enough reason to declare sovereignty for all in a world free of slavery, and free of money, then I wouldn't know what is! ONE LOVE"
Allain Hunsiker (United States) Potpisani: 02:51, 01/08/2014
David Linzer (Austria) Potpisani: 23:57, 31/07/2014
"Jeder Mensch sollte das haben was er möchte Auch materiell warum darf ein armer Mensch keinen Sportwagen fahren "
Lissette Vogel (United States) Potpisani: 21:35, 31/07/2014
"I absolutely love these ideas."
Johanne Molaison (Canada) Potpisani: 18:57, 31/07/2014
"Voilà la communauté dans laquelle je veux vivre!"
Jess King (United States) Potpisani: 14:14, 31/07/2014
Cindy McCubbin (United States) Potpisani: 13:54, 31/07/2014
Craig Deardoff (Indonesia) Potpisani: 13:28, 31/07/2014
"I am a Canadian teacher in Indonesia."
Rudy Nobel (Netherlands) Potpisani: 11:49, 31/07/2014
Sandy Walter (Portugal) Potpisani: 11:27, 31/07/2014
Paul Hickman (Australia) Potpisani: 08:46, 31/07/2014
"To quote past first nations traditional custodian and Elder Uncle Ted Gubboo Thomas who said "We Are All One" and " The Best is Yet To Come" "
Lloyd Senterfitt (United States) Potpisani: 04:10, 31/07/2014
"I am Native American and it seems that it is in my DNA to think in the ways you have stated. Perhaps it is just common sense... something a lot of self centered people apparently do not have. The world is growing smaller every day and we need this world to come together for all whom dwell in an upon and around it. Today people, today."
Blaine Stavast (Canada) Potpisani: 04:01, 31/07/2014
"Only when we see ourselves as one family can we truly Reach our full potential as a species "
Teon Daye (United States) Potpisani: 03:44, 31/07/2014
"Money is the root of all evil and has prevent human progressin,murdered billions and has allowed us to easily do wrong to are naibors on a daily basis by denying them food, entertainment, joy , experience and insight witch we all so deeply crave. Money is a poison that we willfully except money is the very thought of having power over your brother placed into action. We strive for equil rights for gays, women,race equillity and religious freedoms but we lack the basic freedom to live truely free. So long as money exist America or any other country that claims to be free is only providing you an allusion into slavery we are bounded to the ground with invisible shackles and we are convinced into taking pleasure from it, the world and the future Truelly look like a sad place even for those who prosper I am sadend for as are father once said forgive them for they know not what they do "
Victor Ruiz (United States) Potpisani: 02:25, 31/07/2014
"Thank you "
ale campa (Italy) Potpisani: 01:31, 31/07/2014
Sam Mosholder (United States) Potpisani: 00:56, 31/07/2014
Hisham Nasr (Lebanon) Potpisani: 00:50, 31/07/2014
"I hope. . ."
James Cooper (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 00:09, 31/07/2014
"Lets bring about the real freedom that we deserve!"
Claude Aflalo (France) Potpisani: 15:07, 30/07/2014
"Money is the plague of this world. That is why so many people die and suffer unjustly!"
Daniel Yakimov (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 13:12, 30/07/2014
ali rouag (Algeria) Potpisani: 10:14, 30/07/2014
"Je souhaite correspondre avec des familles du monde entier ,je suisresponsable d une famille de 5 enfants et mon epouse,pour echanger toutes les idees merci pourvotre confiance A.Rouag"
monika benko (Austria) Potpisani: 07:29, 30/07/2014