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Morgan Redfern-Hardisty (New Zealand) Potpisani: 10:53, 22/08/2015
"Hello Free world Charter. Extremely big supporter of a RBE. i love what you are putting forward, and working towards. Your overall goal is the ultimate future that the whole world is shifting towards, the people are awakening as the current system is not serving them. We are on the verge of a new age, One based on Peace, Joy, Love. We are one. You know i'l be voting for the money free party. All good things. Morgan"
raffaella Ciotti (Italy) Potpisani: 05:37, 22/08/2015
Nick Bishop (Australia) Potpisani: 03:45, 22/08/2015
Shay Hennessy (Bolivia) Potpisani: 00:51, 22/08/2015
Lucy Marston (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 20:47, 21/08/2015
"I hope one day, I don't need to give money to anyone. Especially my fellow man."
Larissa Cosentino (Austria) Potpisani: 17:18, 21/08/2015
Andrea Straccia (Italy) Potpisani: 17:12, 21/08/2015
Thompson B. Crozier (United States) Potpisani: 12:45, 21/08/2015
"This is how my family operates. Anyone in any community can begin to observe these principles and see the results of their compassion."
Audrey Carron (Switzerland) Potpisani: 10:02, 21/08/2015
clotilde bailly (France) Potpisani: 08:10, 21/08/2015
Gregory Goodman (United States) Potpisani: 04:46, 21/08/2015
Neil Hamilton (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 22:17, 20/08/2015
Christopher J Thompson (United States) Potpisani: 19:16, 20/08/2015
"Please consider partnering with the Transition Network to expand throughout communities around the globe! Let me know if I can help and I wish you the absolute best!"
Oz Tellez (United States) Potpisani: 17:17, 20/08/2015
"I'm hopeful for a future like the one you imagined."
Wojciech Wawrzynski (Denmark) Potpisani: 09:33, 20/08/2015
Anna DAmora (United States) Potpisani: 05:10, 20/08/2015
Kalen Leathard (Canada) Potpisani: 04:47, 20/08/2015
paul ducharme (Canada) Potpisani: 03:20, 20/08/2015
Christine DeMaioribus (United States) Potpisani: 22:55, 19/08/2015
Mauricio Rosano Baume (Mexico) Potpisani: 21:01, 19/08/2015
Peter Koinegg (Austria) Potpisani: 20:05, 19/08/2015
"Mögen alle Menschen weltweit zur Einsicht kommen, ihre volle Bewusstheit erlangen und sich dafür mit aller ihrer Kraft einsetzen, dass die bestehenden Verhältnisse zum Wohle JEDES lebenden Wesens auf diesem Planeten verändert werden.Wir haben kaum noch Zeit, uns und den Planeten vor unumkehrbarem Schaden zu bewahren. Guten Morgen, Zeit zum Erwachen!"
Ian Graham (United States) Potpisani: 12:27, 19/08/2015
"As a Christian, I have to agree with the charter as it essentially gets rid of a lot of crime and kinda kills any chance of early apocalypse. It's also pretty darn brilliant if ya only ask my brain!"
Zinzi Graham (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 10:34, 19/08/2015
clint barron (United States) Potpisani: 05:46, 19/08/2015
Scott Kisielius (United States) Potpisani: 04:12, 19/08/2015
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