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tina ivesa (Italy) Potpisani: 09:51, 05/07/2016
Antoinette Fekete (Hungary) Potpisani: 08:56, 05/07/2016
JAVIER RIASCOS (Colombia) Potpisani: 08:27, 05/07/2016
frank roy pequeña machaca (Peru) Potpisani: 07:20, 05/07/2016

"pense que era loco al tratar de siempre apoyar a los demas y tratar de ser buena persona ,nunca pense que existia una sociedad como esta, me parece que la carta libre es un muy buen proyecto y si llegara a todo el mundo seria esplendido ,felicitaciones ,por un mundo mejor yo firmo¡¡¡"
Lynn Parker (Australia) Potpisani: 05:55, 05/07/2016

"Something needs to change."
Savvas Kopidis (Greece) Potpisani: 05:09, 05/07/2016
Megan Gutierrez (United States) Potpisani: 04:55, 05/07/2016

"world peace, harmony and equality for all! "
Lee Carson (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 16:19, 04/07/2016

"Money has held humans back from the day of its first existence, how do you unbrainwash billions of people to make them realise there's a different way of living were everyone is equal and we all have everything we wish for, this charter is a start but there needs to be a world wide plan where everyone who can work, works a set amount of hours a week and everything is free, as long as you do your set job in society, has anyone actually ever tried to draw up a plan so people can see it and understand ther is another way."
Kristin Paquette (United States) Potpisani: 16:16, 04/07/2016
Morgann Russell (United States) Potpisani: 15:53, 04/07/2016
Julie ROUX (France) Potpisani: 11:27, 04/07/2016

"Because all lives matter and we only have one Earth"
Sabrina Geiger (Germany) Potpisani: 10:30, 04/07/2016
Klaus-P. Zeyen (Germany) Potpisani: 08:19, 04/07/2016
Krzysztof Bobrzyński (Poland) Potpisani: 05:55, 04/07/2016
Justin Tyler (Australia) Potpisani: 01:07, 04/07/2016

"Ubuntu 😊"
razeen deen (Saudi Arabia) Potpisani: 00:35, 04/07/2016
Hans-Werner Seehafer (Germany) Potpisani: 18:27, 03/07/2016

"Danke für diese Idee, danke für diese Einsicht, danke für diesen Blickwinkel. Danke!"
Katarzyna Brzóska (Poland) Potpisani: 17:55, 03/07/2016
Sandra Pfahler (Switzerland) Potpisani: 12:52, 03/07/2016

"The 9th principle is not well explaned. The sentence "for members who are unable to contribute" is not actually right. You said that we are all a unique being, and everyone can contribute in some way when we don't think of a payment. So, the first paragraph of explanation is to change in the formulation and the second paragraph it's fine. But also the principle per se is to adjust. I know i don't speak well english, but i hope you understood my view, and take a little thinking in the respect of also who knowadays is consider to not contribute. Cause if we really reach this optimum society, no one will be seen like a weight"
Ewald Arnold (Germany) Potpisani: 11:26, 03/07/2016

"Ekennt euch selbst und lasst uns das neue Zeitalter betreten. "
Simon Pollard (New Zealand) Potpisani: 10:09, 03/07/2016
Otto Leon (Mexico) Potpisani: 06:34, 03/07/2016
J. de Vries (Netherlands) Potpisani: 15:38, 02/07/2016
守山 柱輝 (Japan) Potpisani: 13:42, 02/07/2016

"人間は地球の一部であって人間一人ひとりがこの世界となんらかのつながりの中で生きている。 調和を重んじなければ破滅の道を歩んでしまう。 資本の中で一部の人間が個人の利益ばかり求めればその他大勢は苦しまされないといけない。 そんな社会は望んでいない。 本当の意味での平和はなんなのか追求して行くとやはり調和に行き着くのではないだろうか。"
Gary Olds (Australia) Potpisani: 00:29, 02/07/2016

"Imagine how fast we could accelerate in all fields with the restraints of money gone?"