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anna cousins (Canada) Potpisani: 10:36, 14/03/2014
Alexandra Pavlou (Greece) Potpisani: 07:36, 14/03/2014
Maria Pavlou (Greece) Potpisani: 07:15, 14/03/2014
Tristan Brisson (Canada) Potpisani: 04:37, 14/03/2014
"Marx me dit que je suis déterminé par la société. Rousseau me dit que je suis libre de nature. Je suis d'accord avec l'un et l'autre. Maintenant que je sais cela, je peux utilisé ma liberté pour redéfinir ma société. J'aimerais que ma société engendre des gens plus soucieux du bien commun. J'aimerais qu'il ne sois plus possible qu'un seul homme s'approprie ce qui devrait appartenir à tous simplement pour satisfaire ses désirs les plus égoïstes. "
Martin Ashurst (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 23:48, 13/03/2014
Vladimir Stefanescu (Romania) Potpisani: 22:34, 13/03/2014
Sabine Engel (Germany) Potpisani: 20:02, 13/03/2014
Jack Kimball (United States) Potpisani: 19:10, 13/03/2014
kim Allensby (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 18:06, 13/03/2014
Ia Koyno (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 17:47, 13/03/2014
Owen Burton (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 17:44, 13/03/2014
Jorge Reyes (Puerto Rico) Potpisani: 17:43, 13/03/2014
"I run several pages on the net, we also create a manifesto that is pretty much like this Idea. I like to help in anyway I can. https://www.facebook.com/notes/anonymous-warriors-of-the-rainbow/the-anonymous-revolution/703440749677345"
Kim Waldbillig (Luxembourg) Potpisani: 16:39, 13/03/2014
Leonardo Pace (Australia) Potpisani: 13:19, 13/03/2014
Gareth Mulraney (United States) Potpisani: 13:06, 13/03/2014
"I am so happy that others share my views about our planet and our race. We have been misdirected to what is important, where as the really important things that make us flourish both mentally, physically and Spiritually are skimmed over and put aside, so that we can live up to some entities perception of what success and abundance are. Family & Health take a back seat for most, so that the can earn a wage that afford them a bigger home or nicer cars. Society in a lot of ways tells us to reach for abundance or wealth and things over all else. "
Piers Wildman (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 12:33, 13/03/2014
Gašper Zavrl (Slovenia) Potpisani: 11:26, 13/03/2014
Teuta Zejno (Albania) Potpisani: 23:21, 12/03/2014
Kevin Schumacher (Germany) Potpisani: 23:15, 12/03/2014
"Ich bin ebenfalls für eine freie Welt & einem System, was nicht mehr auf Geld basiert, da das ganze Geldsystem zum scheitern verurteilt ist!"
Beate Kress (Germany) Potpisani: 21:50, 12/03/2014
Bernd Mullet (Austria) Potpisani: 18:39, 12/03/2014
"Stop Trade! Trade is the cause for hunger, war, sexism, fashism, racism, greed, slavery, illness, poverty, capitalism, pollution. Stop trade, you stop 99% of all this. Trade is the only thing, you need money for. "
Denise Tindle (United States) Potpisani: 18:35, 12/03/2014
"I am on board.....where do we begin? "
Daniel Boughen (Canada) Potpisani: 17:48, 12/03/2014
Estevan Vilches y Kolkman (Netherlands) Potpisani: 12:01, 12/03/2014
"I hope this comes in real good hands, for the sake of humanity and all living creatures, animals etc. on this wonderful planet. For all my brothers and sisters all around the globe, I truly care about you, no one is less or more, we are one! God bless you all!"
Josépha PAITEL (France) Potpisani: 11:32, 12/03/2014
"Thanks so much ! I've faith again and will help the world to change by my inner change (with meditation) and fair actions inspired by my heart, my soul and good ideas from everywhere ! Together, we can really make it happen !!! May everybody realease his mind (by meditation for exemple) and stop being the slave of his fears ! With all my love Josépha, a song-writer, composer and singer ("Joséfa")"