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Robin edward (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 05:26, 26/10/2014
Paul Heffler (United States) Potpisani: 04:39, 26/10/2014
Fernando Guillermo (Argentina) Potpisani: 04:29, 26/10/2014
"ya es tiempo"
MALCON FERREIRA LEITE (France) Potpisani: 02:46, 26/10/2014
Lachlan Floyd (Australia) Potpisani: 00:44, 26/10/2014
Kim De Roeck (Belgium) Potpisani: 00:42, 26/10/2014
Liz Stein (Canada) Potpisani: 18:27, 25/10/2014
Gauvain Liard (France) Potpisani: 17:33, 25/10/2014
Eugenio Macri (Greece) Potpisani: 16:22, 25/10/2014
"I couldn't agree more.Let's go!"
Elodie CARREL (France) Potpisani: 15:24, 25/10/2014
Kristiina Mälkiä (Finland) Potpisani: 11:57, 25/10/2014
T Norris (United States) Potpisani: 11:01, 25/10/2014
Stefanie Engelbrecht (Germany) Potpisani: 08:40, 25/10/2014
Sidney Costa Peregrino (Brazil) Potpisani: 03:25, 25/10/2014
"super apoio!"
Lars Skov Pedersen (Denmark) Potpisani: 23:42, 24/10/2014
"Bankers and goverments do NOT invent and they do NOT develop anything, let all of mankind unite, free for all and let's help each other make this a better world to live in without war, greed and poverty"
ion mileva (Denmark) Potpisani: 22:05, 24/10/2014
lyan zerosix (France) Potpisani: 18:56, 24/10/2014
Dean Pyatt (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 17:57, 24/10/2014
"I strongly feel the politicians, bankers, and elite will not be happy about parting with a system that provides them with status, wealth, and power and will do all they can to maintain the status quo including making war against any country, group or people that threaten that. How do you see us getting past that? Who would be in control or the managers of the logistics required to share and swop things worldwide? What qualities or qualifications would looked for in these people?"
Igor Paradiz (Israel) Potpisani: 17:44, 24/10/2014
vansluijs simon (France) Potpisani: 16:26, 24/10/2014
Stephen Fletcher (United States) Potpisani: 15:21, 24/10/2014
"I've felt this way for so long and do feel it's somehow possible. The biggest hurdle will be the already rich and the power that they have to suppress and control our existing systems. I would like to see more of the vision as to how it would actually work; would everyone be required to contribute some of their time to enjoy the bounty? I think so unless you were unable to work due to sickness. Details like this I would love to see...."
ian skillen (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 13:52, 24/10/2014
heidi bauer (United States) Potpisani: 11:49, 24/10/2014
Josie samways (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 10:15, 24/10/2014
Angelo Prioletta (Italy) Potpisani: 10:05, 24/10/2014
"Mille grazie a tutti quelli che lavorano per quest’obbiettivo, e a tutti quelli che si sommeranno."