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Rafael Thomazini Persin RAFA (Brazil) Potpisani: 22:50, 20/12/2015
Jolene Winckel (Australia) Potpisani: 21:52, 20/12/2015
"this new society has already a name. Paradism (paradism.org)"
Klaus Dieter Müller (Germany) Potpisani: 21:24, 20/12/2015
"Eine Gesellschaft funktioniert nur dann sinnvoll, wenn alle Menschen wie in einem menschlichen Organismus zum gemeinsamen Wohle zusammenarbeiten. Wenn in einem menschlichen Körper einzelne Zellen aus dem gemeinsamen Zellverband ausscheren, nennen wir das Krebs. Der menschliche Organismus wird krank bis hin zu Tod. Ähnlich verhält es sich im gesellschaftlichen Organismus."
Carine Darfeuille (France) Potpisani: 20:53, 20/12/2015
Betty Covos (France) Potpisani: 14:34, 20/12/2015
Robin Möbus (Germany) Potpisani: 10:38, 20/12/2015
"Robin Möbus aus Deutschland unterzeichnet feierlich die Freie Welt Charta. Sonntag 20. Dez 2015 n. Chr."
Gustavo Ferreira (Venezuela) Potpisani: 04:53, 20/12/2015
Elias J. Espitia O. (Colombia) Potpisani: 01:41, 20/12/2015
"Empecemos pronto con pequeñas comunidades en cada pais y ciudad "
Rafał Małek (Poland) Potpisani: 20:28, 19/12/2015
Guillermo Raul D Elia (Italy) Potpisani: 18:34, 19/12/2015
Barbara Meinhard (Germany) Potpisani: 16:39, 19/12/2015
Marty Grist (United States) Potpisani: 12:15, 19/12/2015
"In gratitude for this ray of light and love. Love is all we need. "
毅源 丁 (China) Potpisani: 03:07, 19/12/2015
毅源 丁 (China) Potpisani: 02:43, 19/12/2015
Joseph Herbert (United States) Potpisani: 22:49, 18/12/2015
"1) Three stories available online -- speculative social-fiction for the future: "Reweaving our Human Fabric: Tales from a Nonviolent Future" Imagine a future where all decisions are made by consensus -- based on taking people's needs into account: http://thefearlessheart.org/store/reweaving-our-human-fabric/ by Miki Kashtan of BayNVC. 2) We need a transition plan, to get from capitalism to RBE. How will folks give up their retirement plan -- their security (or perception thereof) -- without an at-least-equally-solid backup plan? http://Copiosis.com provides this transition-implementation that will allow people to give up money, by making a bridge between our current money society and the future RBE (in whatever form it takes)."
Diane COSTE (France) Potpisani: 19:44, 18/12/2015
Lukas Kaus (Germany) Potpisani: 17:04, 18/12/2015
Moagi Marutle (South Africa) Potpisani: 11:41, 18/12/2015
Phillip Djambov (Australia) Potpisani: 09:48, 18/12/2015
"I am all for the idea, the only problem is, the human condition is not as enlightened as we might hope them to be. "
Giulio Bombardieri (Switzerland) Potpisani: 09:26, 18/12/2015
"Thanks to the technology that we have now today like 3 D printer and very soon in the future nano robots,is the money system that we know today not anymore necessery. Also the poor people are not anymore poor because evreythinks is freely."
Aditya Vemireddy (Australia) Potpisani: 09:10, 18/12/2015
Magdalena Buchacz (Germany) Potpisani: 07:57, 18/12/2015
Pascal KROMER (France) Potpisani: 06:16, 18/12/2015
"I suggest to do with the 10th December, day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a public holiday in all countries of the world. This will be a way of giving to all peoples on Earth the feeling of being part of one Humanity."
Samuel caban (Puerto Rico) Potpisani: 04:08, 18/12/2015
jose jacinto oliveira costa (Spain) Potpisani: 02:12, 18/12/2015
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