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Micheal Knuckey (Australia) Potpisani: 00:32, 26/03/2015
francisca nieto (Spain) Potpisani: 17:42, 25/03/2015
Daniel Rosado (Brazil) Potpisani: 13:27, 25/03/2015
"I love it!!! How can I get more involved and be part of the happening and fulfillment of these concept/style of life?"
Rodrigo Díaz (Peru) Potpisani: 01:22, 25/03/2015
"I've been studying this for the last month , As I'm a young man still , I profoundly believe this , a world of love and compassion , Cooperation among the same species we are , no illusion producers, a truth and spiritual world , I really want to be part of this. "
carla viney (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 22:45, 24/03/2015
CE EM (Belgium) Potpisani: 21:39, 24/03/2015
"Conscious Unselfihness, Honest Intention, Empathic Integrity applied in a anarchistic pragmatic, ecological responsable, ergonomic comfortable & natural harmonious world. Where Pure Freedom and Overwhelming Respect for Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Fauna & Flora are the highest prizes to win so garantee is offered for Man & Mankind, Human & Humanity to survive once People start to explore the universe (Cosmos). The Singularity in the infinity as the inevitable link of the Perfect Whole. Peace & Love for All my Brothers & Sisters in Our country World on the motherplanet Earth. :) "
karima ali (Tunisia) Potpisani: 16:42, 24/03/2015
"باختصار هذا تحتاجه البشرية التي اصبحت اليوم تهدد..وجودها الاهواء البشرية ! فسقطت في فخ المادة ..فاصبحت بلاروح ...اصبحت مهددة بالجوع والامراض والحهل الذي المصدر الوحيد لنوازع الشر ! وقاطع لطرق الخير ......الخير لهذه الارض هذه البشرية لان العلاقة بينهما اساسية ...."
Benjamin Snyder (United States) Potpisani: 15:33, 24/03/2015
"I understand this document and I am one of the unfortunate ones. Artist and Musician, a back injury kept me from doing most well paying work. I want to help move society to the goals contained in this charter. Please let me know how I can help and if you can help me. "
Jesse Ward (United States) Potpisani: 14:45, 24/03/2015
Nice Gran (Sweden) Potpisani: 14:06, 24/03/2015
Henry Marais (South Africa) Potpisani: 13:18, 24/03/2015
"Fantastic! Just what I was looking for! Thank You!"
AKSHAY KUMAR (Italy) Potpisani: 13:11, 24/03/2015
"I want to say that you all gather together and come and meet me.We will do something."
Balael-Jordan Rajkoff (Germany) Potpisani: 10:12, 24/03/2015
"Generally I agree with the exception of points eight and two. Here are my add-ons: (8) Science and technology today lack the holistical aspects of life as such. If these aspects will be added in the future, we will afford another level of science and technology that really serves All-What-Is and not only it's selfish purpose. (2) Food in the future has to be grown purely as offered by tha natural growth of the plants, without any manipulation of their genetics (genetic manipulations cause a lot of diseases and imbalances) and food generally has to be "produced" with a loving and compassionate INTENTION and absolutely free of violence or killing animals. As far as point five is concerned this is my vision and proposal: http://www.crystal-grail.de/Crystal-Grail-Community "
Jamal Smiley (United States) Potpisani: 06:29, 24/03/2015
Angela Perez (Colombia) Potpisani: 03:07, 24/03/2015
Neil Irwin-Hodge (Canada) Potpisani: 01:30, 24/03/2015
Marie-Noelle Fédronie (Canada) Potpisani: 22:59, 23/03/2015
Jason Fortezza (Canada) Potpisani: 22:56, 23/03/2015
Hernán Daou (Argentina) Potpisani: 21:06, 23/03/2015
"Perfectamente posible, lejos de ser una utopía, el ser humano puede alcanzar lo que desea si se lo propone. Y todos deseamos ser felices."
Daniel Pallin (Sweden) Potpisani: 16:11, 23/03/2015
"We are one. Planet Earth."
Christopher Beau (United States) Potpisani: 23:07, 22/03/2015
J van Alphen (Netherlands) Potpisani: 10:53, 22/03/2015
"Gun ieder het zijne."
Martin Hildinger (Germany) Potpisani: 09:54, 22/03/2015
Wessel Van Alphen (Netherlands) Potpisani: 07:31, 22/03/2015
"Life could be easy!"
Eva Rotim (Germany) Potpisani: 19:02, 21/03/2015