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Jorge Reyes Méndez (Mexico) Potpisani: 12:06, 29/03/2016
Jorge Luis Reyes González (Mexico) Potpisani: 06:56, 29/03/2016
"Ciudadano libre de la Tierra, me gustó esa frase."
Etienne daraiche (Canada) Potpisani: 02:20, 29/03/2016
"For freedom an forgiveness an peace an earth "
Kristen LeRoy (United States) Potpisani: 02:16, 29/03/2016
Larry Lowe (United States) Potpisani: 23:18, 28/03/2016
"Life Fulfillment Associates Meaning: Life: A Pleasant,Easy, or Luxurious Manor Of Existence: Human Activities, Relationships and Interests Collectively Fulfilled. Fulfillment: To Fulfill and Bring Into Actuality Life's Dream Associates: People United With Others in Some Action, Enterprise, or Business To Achieve Financial Independence! "
Erica Joseph (Canada) Potpisani: 22:25, 28/03/2016
Kathryn F Hunt (United States) Potpisani: 22:07, 28/03/2016
Jennifer Wilson (Canada) Potpisani: 20:03, 28/03/2016
Josephine Corden (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 19:58, 28/03/2016
Tilla Coly (Germany) Potpisani: 18:57, 28/03/2016
Jennifer Baatz (United States) Potpisani: 18:40, 28/03/2016
Steve Prange (Germany) Potpisani: 17:23, 28/03/2016
Jacob Esteer (Poland) Potpisani: 12:56, 28/03/2016
"This is not only the best idea for the future, it's also the only one that can be considered long-lasting. Money is the problem and if we all just stop using it, the rich won't be any different than the poor, there will be no more looking down at anyone. I'm fully in, you have all my skills, knowledge and good will for that project! Stay positive & have a great day! J."
Mitko Mitrevski (Australia) Potpisani: 12:02, 28/03/2016
"The current world system is unjust and unsustainable... it will and needs to fail so that a new fair world system can begin."
ENRICO DAMIZIA (Italy) Potpisani: 11:33, 28/03/2016
David Phillips (Australia) Potpisani: 09:37, 28/03/2016
"Please everyone. Make this happen. Imagine the flourishing of all things good?"
fernando jorge (Portugal) Potpisani: 07:14, 28/03/2016
Lorna Lorna Stewart (Australia) Potpisani: 07:02, 28/03/2016
Bjorn Pennings (Australia) Potpisani: 05:21, 28/03/2016
"This could happen overnight if we wanted it enough."
Jake DreamingEagle (Australia) Potpisani: 05:01, 28/03/2016
文彥 邱 (Taiwan) Potpisani: 04:34, 28/03/2016
Lynn Casey (Australia) Potpisani: 02:44, 28/03/2016
Dorothy Baetens (Netherlands) Potpisani: 00:20, 28/03/2016
Justin Larson (United States) Potpisani: 23:17, 27/03/2016
Brigitta Sammler (Germany) Potpisani: 20:33, 27/03/2016