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Tomás Caldara (Argentina) Potpisani: 22:35, 08/02/2017

"So be it."
Paola Gina Mattei (Italy) Potpisani: 17:36, 08/02/2017
Angel Yankov (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 14:02, 08/02/2017
Sevina Nikolova (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 10:58, 08/02/2017

"That is all I have ever dreamed of."
Joanna Bolgar (Sweden) Potpisani: 08:13, 08/02/2017
Jane Strampher (United States) Potpisani: 06:07, 08/02/2017
Alexander Roskvist (Sweden) Potpisani: 20:07, 07/02/2017
Dallas Carter (United States) Potpisani: 19:43, 07/02/2017
ilona merz-stock (Germany) Potpisani: 18:56, 07/02/2017
chee tat low (Malaysia) Potpisani: 14:32, 07/02/2017
Liana Paparella (Italy) Potpisani: 07:36, 07/02/2017
jose luis Riaño Sandoval (Mexico) Potpisani: 00:43, 07/02/2017
Marshall Burns (United States) Potpisani: 16:10, 06/02/2017
Raymond Vom (Brunei Darussalam) Potpisani: 15:35, 06/02/2017
Aida Iszatt (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 10:15, 06/02/2017

"Money is just a tool used to exploit the majority of population by the small number elite. So lets live a different way without the use of money. Its a key to our own personal internal revolution. Try and you might enjoy the journey. It might be scary but love the fear and it will go away. "
Dezmond Parker (Canada) Potpisani: 08:01, 06/02/2017

"please help us succeed "
rylan sasakihenry (United States) Potpisani: 20:47, 05/02/2017
Tanya Beam (Canada) Potpisani: 17:25, 05/02/2017

"I believe the world is becoming more greedy and less in tune with our earthly home. The big companies and certain world leaders are pushing stupidity and less critical thinking apon its "citizens", causing them to focus on their ego, pride, and other things to distract them from the dying world. They distract people with ego centered music and television programs. They pay other companies to suppress critial and important questions. I hope one day all humans will work together for the sake humanity, share knowlegde and realize every part of the world is our home. We can live off the world for free and advance more quickly together becoming wiser in the process. I believe in this planet and wish to make a difference in any way I can. :)"
Anthony Lobo (Venezuela) Potpisani: 16:20, 05/02/2017

"excelente iniciativa.."
Ian Ichung'wah (Kenya) Potpisani: 14:45, 05/02/2017
Gretana ty Iltha (United States) Potpisani: 13:02, 05/02/2017
Michael Werthmann (Germany) Potpisani: 23:32, 04/02/2017

"Ich bin froh hier zu sein und nette Menschen kennenzulernen :)"
Dejan Stanisavljević (Serbia) Potpisani: 06:58, 04/02/2017
Servando Alfaro (United States) Potpisani: 22:59, 03/02/2017
Alex Favreto (Italy) Potpisani: 15:51, 03/02/2017