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Mark Austin (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 09:03, 09/08/2016
Susanne Hruschka (Switzerland) Potpisani: 22:27, 08/08/2016
Donald Swenson (United States) Potpisani: 17:52, 08/08/2016

"My blog has been promoting freedom and a money free planet. See: Kingdomecon.wordpress.com .Keep up the good work via your education. D"
Ryan Parker (United States) Potpisani: 10:20, 08/08/2016

"I sign here in support of the freeworldcharter effort, as it seems to me a most reasonable vehicle to convey to humanity the philosophies of a resource based economy, and too the declaration of Earth's resources as common heritage. Not unlike Jacque Fresco's 'Venus Project'. I wholly support the elimination of the current failed money economy. We must share & embrace technology in open source fashion so as to not allow the wealthy few followers of greed to continue hoarding it. I support the implementation of systems that will begin to promote the sharing of resources to every single human being alive now and will ever live into the future of humanity. Scarcity must be eliminated swiftly. Expect turbulence but I see this a favorable start to change!!! To be clear, I am NOT in favor of the creation of a single worldwide governing body or state of any kind. Thank you! United as one. Divided by zero. We are anonymous. One face. One voice. One idea. REAL freedom! Expect us."
glenn rohner (Switzerland) Potpisani: 20:56, 07/08/2016

"mega gute idee das muss man nur noch viel weiter verbreiten und mal schauen was da noch passirt wünsch euch glück"
Sunny Connolly (United States) Potpisani: 18:46, 07/08/2016
Steve Lin (Taiwan) Potpisani: 10:40, 07/08/2016
Lisa Zellmer (United States) Potpisani: 09:59, 07/08/2016
Clint Alcantar (United States) Potpisani: 02:38, 07/08/2016
Cathi Smith (United States) Potpisani: 17:21, 06/08/2016
Nils Rohner (Switzerland) Potpisani: 17:08, 06/08/2016
christian häberli (Switzerland) Potpisani: 16:33, 06/08/2016
Tommy Holmström (Finland) Potpisani: 16:24, 06/08/2016
Dylan Muirhead (Canada) Potpisani: 15:51, 06/08/2016

"Hello As someone who advocates a moneyless society already, I agree with this notion of a global community, without oppression, without starvation, without the destruction of our earth for profit. We as the human race need to abandon this use of money, to free ourselves of debt and stress, just to stay alive. I love my work (carpentry) and would continue to work to provide the service I have, to help my out society, without a wage. But work really is a "desperation" thing. I NEED to work, to provide for my family, to make sure they have clothes, food, clean water, a roof over their head, are safe and healthy. And we struggle to do this, and because of "Capitalism" this is my fault, since I couldn't afford a better education, or get a better job. I hope your project continues to grow, and I will be beside you and help in anyway I can to continue to advocate for a better society for all humans."
susan andrews (United States) Potpisani: 20:37, 05/08/2016
Daniel Jäger (Germany) Potpisani: 19:27, 05/08/2016

"Der einzige weg die Erde auf dauer konfliktfrei und für uns bewohnbar zu erhalten."
Ping XU (United States) Potpisani: 04:47, 05/08/2016
Alessio Carnevale (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 00:43, 05/08/2016

"I believe that we either step up in the evolution chain and become a new, smarter and self-aware form of live... or we'll face extinction."
Mitsuko Hirata (Japan) Potpisani: 06:09, 04/08/2016

Yahya Guzman (United States) Potpisani: 19:15, 03/08/2016

"I believe money is just unnecesary. "
Thomas Trucks (United States) Potpisani: 17:39, 03/08/2016

"A noble goal, achievable if we can evolve towards it."
Fred Gardiner (Canada) Potpisani: 16:56, 03/08/2016
Damir Radmanovic (Croatia) Potpisani: 22:06, 02/08/2016
Dev Daniels (India) Potpisani: 19:24, 02/08/2016
Jasper Spierings (Netherlands) Potpisani: 11:12, 02/08/2016