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Don de Guzman (New Zealand) Potpisani: 21:46, 09/02/2015
Yanika Schneider (United States) Potpisani: 21:44, 09/02/2015
lisa egan (Ireland) Potpisani: 21:43, 09/02/2015
zana rozic bilal (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Potpisani: 21:38, 09/02/2015
Alexander Moore (Canada) Potpisani: 21:36, 09/02/2015
tomas fawcett (Australia) Potpisani: 21:36, 09/02/2015
"Well done guys this is great"
Ricardo Castro (Portugal) Potpisani: 21:24, 09/02/2015
Altus Wiese (South Africa) Potpisani: 21:21, 09/02/2015
jorge ivan castro vasco (Colombia) Potpisani: 21:13, 09/02/2015
cesar augusto huertas (Colombia) Potpisani: 21:11, 09/02/2015
Patti Valentyne (Canada) Potpisani: 20:59, 09/02/2015
"Hoping this is a reality. We need each other. We need our earth. "
Colleen Burgess (Canada) Potpisani: 20:48, 09/02/2015
"This is an amazing idea and it will happen one day. We all need to individually become peaceful from within to have peace on Mother Earth. "
Benjamin Audia (United States) Potpisani: 20:46, 09/02/2015
"We are running out of time to create a future that serves us all yet disrespects none. The Categorical Imperative is a moral mandate for humankind. In an honest future Love would be the organizing principle to thought and action. Love respects each ones freedom to be that does not harm an others. Most all human conflict is over possession and insecurities derived from not having access or being denied access to a wholesome life. Every child I have seen who is healthy wants to take their part in the art and sciences of everyday life. Resistance to taking part is most often imposed by family or societal patterns that exclude free expression and so to fitting in as an integral member. Love and relationship do and will overcome any addressable obstacles to connecting humankind to the consequences of our actions. As we honor our inherent love and resolve our imposed fears the future will be as bright as our shining planet and each heart on it. "
Michelle rollings (Australia) Potpisani: 20:18, 09/02/2015
peter rusbridge (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 20:08, 09/02/2015
terry Wallace (United States) Potpisani: 19:58, 09/02/2015
Sarah Trevor-Jones (South Africa) Potpisani: 19:34, 09/02/2015
Gerald O'Connor (Ireland) Potpisani: 19:21, 09/02/2015
"What a beautiful world this is "
Christina Champeau (United States) Potpisani: 18:52, 09/02/2015
john Anderson (United States) Potpisani: 18:47, 09/02/2015
Amanda Hodgson (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 18:43, 09/02/2015
John Anwiler (United States) Potpisani: 18:37, 09/02/2015
Matthieu Carrier (Canada) Potpisani: 18:33, 09/02/2015
"A free world ..we must"
Jess Adcock (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 18:23, 09/02/2015
"I don't necessarily agree that consumption should be pushed down to an absolute minimum - whilst it is true that the pursuit of consumer goods above all else is an unhealthy practice and a throw-away culture should be abolished, it is the constant drive for cheaper production and higher profits that have made goods-producing-industry the environmentally disastrous monster that it currently is. Forcing people to forgo their possessions and denying them ability to engage with new products, I believe, is oppressing their right to choose how to live. Let's at least see what the abolition of profit maximisation could do for the world without making people to change so drastically."
Guillaume V (France) Potpisani: 18:11, 09/02/2015