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Björn Schulze (Germany) Potpisani: 13:11, 06/08/2014
Moana Reid (New Zealand) Potpisani: 06:47, 06/08/2014
William Barry (Canada) Potpisani: 02:39, 06/08/2014
Laurent CARITE (France) Potpisani: 01:45, 06/08/2014
"Parfois la vie ne vaut rien, mais rien ne vaut la vie!"
William Wright (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 23:47, 05/08/2014
Carlo Able (Canada) Potpisani: 22:19, 05/08/2014
"God Din't make money for us....then we must stop working to it....instead We work for him...and to his people...."
Mariana Vertan (Canada) Potpisani: 20:50, 05/08/2014
Sepp Maier (Germany) Potpisani: 20:41, 05/08/2014
Natasha Zwartkruis (Netherlands) Potpisani: 18:32, 05/08/2014
Timothée Naegeli (Switzerland) Potpisani: 15:15, 05/08/2014
Lau Boerman (Netherlands) Potpisani: 12:26, 05/08/2014
Mehmet Kerem (Germany) Potpisani: 20:54, 04/08/2014
Inez Jedamzik (Germany) Potpisani: 19:57, 04/08/2014
jasmin dué (Germany) Potpisani: 19:47, 04/08/2014
Jacqueline Miller (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 16:10, 04/08/2014
"I so wish this would happen one day soon, i really cant take anymore!"
alexis rifaud (France) Potpisani: 15:38, 04/08/2014
Noam Mouelle (France) Potpisani: 09:36, 04/08/2014
Sean Thomas (United States) Potpisani: 08:01, 04/08/2014
"I was having trouble sleeping. I was wondering none of the ugly and horrible things we experience on earth come from nature. Then I realized that man is in constant struggle with nature -- and ugliness is man's legacy.. The reason I realized that man struggles so much is to ensure survival for him and his progeny. But if by a leap of faith, he didn't have to ensure their survival, what would he be motivated to do with his time? Then it occurred to me as a mental experiment to think of all the things that would fall away if money was abandoned. At which point I got up and did a quick search for someone with this same idea...and here you are. I agree with so much of this manifesto that I agreed to sign it. In the same way as the typewriter as a technology has served its purpose, so has money. It now seems silly to write something on a typewriter if not for novelty sake. In the same way, I believe that money is an old technology that might be ready to abandoned."
Nicole Reyes (United States) Potpisani: 23:05, 03/08/2014
"How would violence and unethical treatment of humans be treated such as rape, child molestation, murder etc. Be handled."
susan gonzalvo (Belgium) Potpisani: 21:46, 03/08/2014
Leyla Ela (Morocco) Potpisani: 19:28, 03/08/2014
Jordi Borreil (France) Potpisani: 18:38, 03/08/2014
Kevin Köhler (Germany) Potpisani: 12:32, 03/08/2014
Daniel Pastor (Spain) Potpisani: 09:10, 03/08/2014
Georges NAIMEH (Lebanon) Potpisani: 09:10, 03/08/2014