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Kevin Schumacher (Germany) Potpisani: 23:15, 12/03/2014
"Ich bin ebenfalls für eine freie Welt & einem System, was nicht mehr auf Geld basiert, da das ganze Geldsystem zum scheitern verurteilt ist!"
Beate Kress (Germany) Potpisani: 21:50, 12/03/2014
Bernd Mullet (Austria) Potpisani: 18:39, 12/03/2014
"Stop Trade! Trade is the cause for hunger, war, sexism, fashism, racism, greed, slavery, illness, poverty, capitalism, pollution. Stop trade, you stop 99% of all this. Trade is the only thing, you need money for. "
Denise Tindle (United States) Potpisani: 18:35, 12/03/2014
"I am on board.....where do we begin? "
Daniel Boughen (Canada) Potpisani: 17:48, 12/03/2014
Estevan Vilches y Kolkman (Netherlands) Potpisani: 12:01, 12/03/2014
"I hope this comes in real good hands, for the sake of humanity and all living creatures, animals etc. on this wonderful planet. For all my brothers and sisters all around the globe, I truly care about you, no one is less or more, we are one! God bless you all!"
Josépha PAITEL (France) Potpisani: 11:32, 12/03/2014
"Thanks so much ! I've faith again and will help the world to change by my inner change (with meditation) and fair actions inspired by my heart, my soul and good ideas from everywhere ! Together, we can really make it happen !!! May everybody realease his mind (by meditation for exemple) and stop being the slave of his fears ! With all my love Josépha, a song-writer, composer and singer ("Joséfa")"
Sabina Cverle (Slovenia) Potpisani: 10:28, 12/03/2014
Dorothée Trompette (France) Potpisani: 10:03, 12/03/2014
"I hope someday this chart will be applied by all human beings to contribute to peace and harmony on Earth."
Lori Ward (Canada) Potpisani: 09:51, 12/03/2014
"We all need to feel responsibility to help this information and way of thinking to everyone"
A Robert (Canada) Potpisani: 09:15, 12/03/2014
Jonathon Aiello (Canada) Potpisani: 07:26, 12/03/2014
michelle potentier (Canada) Potpisani: 07:21, 12/03/2014
Ruby Michelle Tuesday (Canada) Potpisani: 07:08, 12/03/2014
Zacharias Björk (Sweden) Potpisani: 01:48, 12/03/2014
Oscar Lara Brizuela (Mexico) Potpisani: 01:26, 12/03/2014
Kaitlin Sly (Canada) Potpisani: 00:12, 12/03/2014
Teo Orlando (Slovenia) Potpisani: 22:39, 11/03/2014
Vali Piciu (Romania) Potpisani: 20:16, 11/03/2014
Angel Martinez (United States) Potpisani: 19:22, 11/03/2014
rth thr (Algeria) Potpisani: 14:37, 11/03/2014
"dthftzrtzrtzrtzrtzrtzrtz rtzrtzrtz rtzrtzr rtzrtzrtz rzrtzrt"
nathalia bakker (Netherlands) Potpisani: 11:01, 11/03/2014
Donn Mennens (Netherlands) Potpisani: 09:34, 11/03/2014
"We zijn er klaar voor."
Vincent Crow (United States) Potpisani: 03:17, 11/03/2014
andre stuster (Philippines) Potpisani: 00:40, 11/03/2014