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Jordan Conley (United States) Potpisani: 16:21, 24/07/2016
Carol Christofferson Jean Christofferson (Canada) Potpisani: 15:41, 24/07/2016

"A place to start"
Merijn Testroote (Netherlands) Potpisani: 15:17, 24/07/2016
wouter vernooij (Netherlands) Potpisani: 10:55, 24/07/2016
孝雄 松葉 (Japan) Potpisani: 10:02, 24/07/2016
John Shanahan (Ireland) Potpisani: 01:43, 24/07/2016

"Don't really know how you could go about this. I'm sure the transition itself even if it were ever to happen would become violent, a lot of people are greedy. It seems like an entirely new era of mankind, I'm not sure if the global population is capable of the conciousness shift required to embrace a world without money. "
Serena Russo (Italy) Potpisani: 01:25, 24/07/2016

"I want this world to change, I don't feel free. I'm desperately looking for a change and I hope signing this Charter is going to bring the world where it should be."
Cesar Turcios (United States) Potpisani: 19:52, 23/07/2016

"We must not separate! Please! This is a cardinal rule of prosperity. Though we may differ in approach and specifics, we must stand together in this truth, realization and vision. The number of different groups/organizations pursuing a moneyless-based world must join in this pursuit! Perhaps it is better to never separate at all ... but now that we have, we mustn't divide! This is a cardinal rule of prosperity. Cynicism, particularly based on conjecture and without substance, is destructive, through and through. Humans prospered above the food chain and beyond because of intelligence and social abilities, not ideo-centrism. I rather moneyless-based economy advocates never had separated at all; better to join from the get-go, complementing their differences in unison of the truths we have all commonly realised. Unite! Unite! Unite! For the sake of virtue, unite!"
Brian Arthur SOLOMON (Thailand) Potpisani: 03:09, 23/07/2016
mohammad fawzy (Egypt) Potpisani: 22:33, 22/07/2016
sashka milkova (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 22:03, 22/07/2016
Alex Cook (United States) Potpisani: 17:47, 22/07/2016
Harold Suttles (United States) Potpisani: 15:31, 22/07/2016
Alex Fink (United States) Potpisani: 23:12, 21/07/2016
Екатерина Делчева (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 20:01, 21/07/2016
Jeni Fiykova (Finland) Potpisani: 19:35, 21/07/2016
Veronika Lazarova (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 18:13, 21/07/2016
Colin LaFollette (United States) Potpisani: 17:22, 21/07/2016
Christopher Foster (United States) Potpisani: 17:15, 21/07/2016

"We're already there..."
Николай Крумов (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 16:58, 21/07/2016
светлана Ненова (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 16:35, 21/07/2016
Kalina Vangelova (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 16:08, 21/07/2016
светлана Ненова (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 15:59, 21/07/2016
Miglena Sæther (Bulgaria) Potpisani: 14:18, 21/07/2016

"ВСИЧКИ СМЕ ЕДНО! НЕКА ОБЕДИМИМ СВЕТЛИТЕ СИ ЕНЕРГИИ...Земята е нашата планета! Подпишете петицията за да станем повече...нека нашата Планета да стане РАЙ, зелена и чиста планета, на която да живеем щастливи хора. Това ключва нас, нашите деца, техните деца...цялото човечество! Включете се в спасението на нашата планета! Правим го за себе си! <3 Обичам ви! Обичайте се и вие! <3 "
Miglena Sæther (Norway) Potpisani: 13:37, 21/07/2016