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alexandria Masiak (United States) Potpisani: 18:48, 01/03/2016
"RBE is my obsession. I've been working on it for 20 years, writing my own ideas down and simply calling it a non-monetary system. When I heard about Fresco about six months ago from a FB friend, I was elated--- it was like learning for the first time that I am not really alone in the strange, capitalistic world. As a writer and natural philosopher, I have intentionally distanced myself from his version to preserve my own ideas and also to compare later how closely our thoughts are without having ever met. I don't think anyone can ever understand how truly delighted I am to discover the impacts he has made. I always knew that money was foolish. And finally other people are agreeing. Truly exciting times! Thank you for embracing RBE. My heart could not be any warmer or more proud. "
Evan Stapleton-Hart (United States) Potpisani: 17:34, 01/03/2016
Michael Rath (Germany) Potpisani: 16:19, 01/03/2016
verena anna engler (Austria) Potpisani: 12:27, 01/03/2016
Andra Dattler (Germany) Potpisani: 06:47, 01/03/2016
Sabine Pongratz (Germany) Potpisani: 05:58, 01/03/2016
Claudia Paas (Germany) Potpisani: 22:30, 29/02/2016
Pedro Rosário (Portugal) Potpisani: 22:14, 29/02/2016
Karin Magnus (Germany) Potpisani: 21:49, 29/02/2016
Barbara Joannides (Canada) Potpisani: 21:38, 29/02/2016
Emanuele Mura (Italy) Potpisani: 21:11, 29/02/2016
Günther Pichler (Austria) Potpisani: 20:54, 29/02/2016
Evelyn Patzner (Germany) Potpisani: 19:55, 29/02/2016
Lu Emanuel (Canada) Potpisani: 19:37, 29/02/2016
Dana Stechow (Germany) Potpisani: 18:50, 29/02/2016
Petra Macri (Germany) Potpisani: 17:44, 29/02/2016
Anja Sylvie Aude Klotz (Germany) Potpisani: 17:13, 29/02/2016
Evelyn Pack (Austria) Potpisani: 17:01, 29/02/2016
Sandra Maier (Germany) Potpisani: 16:45, 29/02/2016
Hildegard Aust (Germany) Potpisani: 16:00, 29/02/2016
Stefan Tietz (Germany) Potpisani: 15:45, 29/02/2016
inesmaria stelzmüllner (Austria) Potpisani: 15:33, 29/02/2016
"infinite love is the only truth, everything else is just a lie"
Tracy Dunn (United States) Potpisani: 13:38, 29/02/2016
"The ideas sound good. But the money mindset is so ingrained I'm not sure how we can go from the system we have now to one with out money. If I didn't have to work I can easily see myself riding a generator bike several hours a day as a way to support things. But it's still a work to support myself mindset when I think about it. It is a start, but also shows how far we have to go."
Graham Sage (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 04:54, 29/02/2016
Max randhahn (Germany) Potpisani: 00:56, 29/02/2016