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Daniel Segarra (United States) Potpisani: 04:03, 07/11/2016

"We are not the owners of this world. Humans are temporary residents who will flourish if we develop a symbiotic relationship with the only home We have ever known. Simply put we need to be more mature than we were in kindergarten and stop making a mess of our home with our toys. Happiness cannot be achieved through collecting stuff."
shay cantini (Israel) Potpisani: 20:21, 06/11/2016

"Let us be free!!!!!"
ים לביץ (Israel) Potpisani: 20:10, 06/11/2016
Tony Beldin (United States) Potpisani: 15:18, 06/11/2016

"Additionally, I contend that we are all essentially just "Ghosts in meat suits cruising through the universe at about 22,000 mph". There is definitely a need for a polar shift to our current societal structure. Unfortunately, history shows that "revolution" precedes change and that typically means violence and bloodshed."
Sandrine pillon (France) Potpisani: 08:24, 06/11/2016
טל רוזנבלט (Israel) Potpisani: 21:18, 05/11/2016
Anna Caudron (United States) Potpisani: 19:03, 05/11/2016

"I have been desperate to figure out a way to break free from this money-based lifestyle I was born into. I had a mid-life epiphany and realized after raising a family and working in the current system how very unhappy and unfulfilling my life was with regards to how I spent the majority of my time toiling for someone else to make money to give someone else in order to maintain my unhappy lifestyle. Almost everything I do is unnatural and for the purpose of obtaining more money. Very little of my time is even available for relationships, nature or improving my own well-being, etc. I do not subscribe to this way of life and am hopeful to find like-minded folks to join and rally on a new life journey without monetary value but real life value. Thank you!"
סיגל פרוזנסקי צור (Israel) Potpisani: 12:29, 05/11/2016
Juliette Zahavian (Australia) Potpisani: 10:12, 05/11/2016
Ilya sogolov (Germany) Potpisani: 09:31, 05/11/2016
Yossi Gelbart (Israel) Potpisani: 08:53, 05/11/2016
maya brilliant (Israel) Potpisani: 07:52, 05/11/2016

"very geberal but sure ill sign"
Moria Lahis (Israel) Potpisani: 07:09, 05/11/2016
דרור ונציה (Israel) Potpisani: 05:59, 05/11/2016
מירב זמורה (Israel) Potpisani: 05:28, 05/11/2016
חיים וינקור (Israel) Potpisani: 23:09, 04/11/2016
LaTisha Dehart (United States) Potpisani: 21:37, 04/11/2016
לילך אליהו אדרי (Israel) Potpisani: 17:48, 04/11/2016
Mateo Astaiza (Colombia) Potpisani: 15:00, 04/11/2016
Liora Onn (Israel) Potpisani: 08:51, 04/11/2016

"הכל מאוד כללי אמנם. אבל אם נרצה אין זו אגדה. גם אני חולמת על עולם טוב ואדיב שמכבד, מעריך ואוהב את החיים"
capo nico (Argentina) Potpisani: 01:43, 04/11/2016
David Beitner (Israel) Potpisani: 20:32, 03/11/2016
אביחי ג'קסון (Israel) Potpisani: 18:44, 03/11/2016
Anja Hagenest (Germany) Potpisani: 16:47, 03/11/2016
Wayne Xiong (New Zealand) Potpisani: 16:16, 03/11/2016