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Aleksandra Garbulowska (Poland) Potpisani: 17:13, 04/06/2014
Lee Roberts (United States) Potpisani: 16:04, 04/06/2014
""Where do babies come from--and why do we have to have money and why don't some people have enough?" First major toddler dilemma. Parents dithered, at least showed concern. Would amend: "Why have babies doomed to violence and dying planet?" "
WAYNE smith (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 14:20, 04/06/2014
Jernej Pavšek (Slovenia) Potpisani: 11:40, 04/06/2014
Rozeta Jurincic (Slovenia) Potpisani: 10:47, 04/06/2014
tadeja perpar (Slovenia) Potpisani: 09:32, 04/06/2014
Miša Gams (Slovenia) Potpisani: 09:16, 04/06/2014
Patrick Kelly (United States) Potpisani: 01:46, 04/06/2014
Camile Houle (Canada) Potpisani: 23:14, 03/06/2014
"I have returned over 1.5 million bottles for people as a pickup service in the city of Edmonton since 2010 as a weekend assistance with recycling. I believe that life should be sustainable for everyone and all jobs and schooling should be optional and free so that our future generations can be who and what they want to be and not what they can afford to be... most of the people I have done pickups for would have had no way to get there bottles to the bottle depot without an innovative option that was never offered before. that is what I would like to bring to this new society the help and sustainability of us all can easily be achieved by us all. with many innovative minds together we can be celebrated for our unique qualities that make us who we are and not be burdened by what we can afford to be. because after all is said and done the weakest of us are just as important as our strong.... cheers camile houle 2014 "
Larissa Oliveira (Brazil) Potpisani: 22:20, 03/06/2014
Dennis Korn (Germany) Potpisani: 11:51, 03/06/2014
"Stop that fuckn system!"
Brian Dugas (United States) Potpisani: 21:38, 02/06/2014
Pattie Page (United States) Potpisani: 20:52, 02/06/2014
Christian Frysch (Germany) Potpisani: 17:40, 02/06/2014
"This needs to get into the mainstream media!"
Kassandra Anderson (United States) Potpisani: 16:53, 02/06/2014
"Yes to all of this, so my daughter and the children of everyone, may have a home for their children to learn these same lessons!"
Robert Ong (United States) Potpisani: 16:03, 02/06/2014
mirko ramacci (Italy) Potpisani: 14:56, 02/06/2014
theo ziakas (France) Potpisani: 14:32, 02/06/2014
"je me suis imaginé un monde gratuit, et je pense que c'est la seul solution pour l'avenir de l'humanité. voici mon livre https://mon-partage.fr/f/Cp1tbK8Q/"
azzanelli fabio (Italy) Potpisani: 13:01, 02/06/2014
"magari,sarebbe bellissimo.c'e' ancora troppa gente addormentata purtroppo,spero che il loro risveglio non sia troppo traumatico.buona vita a tutti."
goldorak actarus (France) Potpisani: 10:16, 02/06/2014
José Dufour (France) Potpisani: 10:15, 02/06/2014
maciek rutlkowski (Canada) Potpisani: 02:13, 02/06/2014
"With love Namaste"
Marlene de Fátima Neves (Brazil) Potpisani: 02:12, 02/06/2014
André Blanchet (Canada) Potpisani: 01:48, 02/06/2014
Patrick Bruno (Canada) Potpisani: 00:46, 02/06/2014