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Massimiliano GiudettiPotpisani: 20:49, 15/11/2017
carrie Phillips Potpisani: 20:45, 15/11/2017
"Your resources are greatly appreciated and would be respected"
Malachi Ashford Potpisani: 16:11, 15/11/2017
Nicholas Manuel Eric SutterPotpisani: 15:57, 15/11/2017
"Dadashreeji sharanam..."
Jürg BondererPotpisani: 14:18, 15/11/2017
"Liebe & Dankbarkeit"
ximena pavezPotpisani: 11:55, 15/11/2017
"thank you for the charter"
Shannon McGurganPotpisani: 20:00, 14/11/2017
Carmen Tognotti Potpisani: 16:06, 14/11/2017
Suzana TadicPotpisani: 05:40, 14/11/2017
Jan-Erik EgelundPotpisani: 23:28, 13/11/2017
"In Zeitgeist Movement I trust. "
Salvador PrietoPotpisani: 23:07, 13/11/2017
"I'm tired of social standards"
Gereon IngendaayPotpisani: 22:51, 13/11/2017
Fabian RederPotpisani: 16:23, 13/11/2017
Carsten Caesar Caius HaasePotpisani: 09:09, 13/11/2017
Rebeca Rios Potpisani: 04:49, 13/11/2017
Serenity HopkinsPotpisani: 04:26, 13/11/2017
Tèa McBridePotpisani: 04:13, 13/11/2017
Robert MowreyPotpisani: 00:31, 13/11/2017
Liam A.Potpisani: 09:12, 12/11/2017
"Estoy aquí para lo que te pueda ayudar. En busca de proyectos prácticos y factibles para salir de este sistema."
Anu-El MardukPotpisani: 01:08, 12/11/2017
Serge BlouinPotpisani: 16:29, 11/11/2017
"Merci pour cette charte !"
Kelly SchaefbauerPotpisani: 16:02, 11/11/2017
"I strive to positively impact others."
Oliver MesserheinPotpisani: 14:01, 11/11/2017
Ann HartPotpisani: 00:46, 11/11/2017
"I am one with my environment and all fellow creatures. I am grateful for nature's lessons and support. I see her being threatened and coerced; feel the effects on my own health and well-being. I know we can create harmony on a global scale. "
Blair FrankPotpisani: 18:08, 10/11/2017
PABLO CUESTA Potpisani: 23:39, 09/11/2017
Mimi LuongPotpisani: 19:27, 09/11/2017
cynthia garbuttPotpisani: 12:14, 09/11/2017
"Born in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. I'm currently located in NW London. My parents were mestizo/parda, from British Honduras and the Republic of Honduras in Central America. They moved to the US before my brothers and I were born. My parents were children during the Great Depression (that negatively impacted the world's economy, but not the holdings of those who caused it) From them I was taught to do my best, in whatever - nothing half ass.  Writing and telling stories for entertainment, with an underlying narrative based on values to build perception, compassion and enlightenment for a better global community. We currently live in a system of imbalance, polarity and duplicity. Where acceptance and conformity are key to a banal existence in this paradigm, radical action is key to our transcendence back to our "true" selves.  I earned a degree in applied science and worked in commercial and residential interior design, for many years with mostly architectural studios."
Vlad-Marko TolleaPotpisani: 21:18, 08/11/2017
Rene´ KrahlPotpisani: 20:57, 08/11/2017
Denise CaraballoPotpisani: 19:16, 08/11/2017
"Awesome endeavor! "
Nee VangPotpisani: 18:52, 08/11/2017
"Good Life; humanity living free in harmony good and consciously working productively towards a better world."
Judi BakerPotpisani: 03:57, 08/11/2017
"I'm looking for hosts. "
Mônica Araújo De Sá MônicaPotpisani: 18:13, 07/11/2017
"A vida não deve estar submetida ao comércio."
Miruí Araújo De Sá MiroPotpisani: 18:09, 07/11/2017
""Cada descobrimento, cada progresso, cada aumento da riqueza humana é o resultado do trabalho intelectual e físico feito no passado e no presente. Assim sendo, por que alguém pode ter direito à propriedade da mais pequena parte deste enorme todo, e dizer isto é meu, e não teu?" —Kropotkin, A Conquista do Pão"
Shaan LalvaniPotpisani: 17:11, 07/11/2017
"You realise this is communism, right?"
Todor AngelovPotpisani: 11:24, 07/11/2017
"Let's make the world a better place!"
James DeanPotpisani: 23:51, 06/11/2017
André CastaingPotpisani: 22:12, 06/11/2017
Christian DACHARRYPotpisani: 20:59, 06/11/2017
Deon van BiljonPotpisani: 20:05, 06/11/2017
ANNE CAMERONPotpisani: 16:18, 06/11/2017
Alex BorowskiPotpisani: 15:57, 06/11/2017
Kallie Zwahlen Potpisani: 14:09, 06/11/2017
David DorerPotpisani: 00:21, 06/11/2017
Gladstony Gomes da Silva TonynhoPotpisani: 00:17, 06/11/2017
Jade MaroonPotpisani: 22:54, 05/11/2017
"a new black arts movement is painting a new aesthetic, one in which we liberate ourselves from our oppressors. we are revolutionary matriarchal maroons. this is a movement building upon the foundations of the black arts movement of the 1960’s founded by Baba Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, all freedom fighters, and our many other ancestors long before and after in the struggle for liberation. we have launched the reinvention, re-imagining the significance and necessity of a black arts movement for today that is: internationalist, revolutionary matriarchal, and eco-socialist. a movement supporting majority oppressed nationality leadership and valuing the principles and characteristics of indigeneity. a new black arts movement views art as equivalent to politics. free the land. free ALL political prisoners. a new black arts movement is a community built on the continuation of an ancestral legacy to persist and exist beyond resistance. it is a move"
MARIA PEIXOTOPotpisani: 21:34, 05/11/2017
aaron hPotpisani: 21:26, 05/11/2017
"construction, minor plumbing and electrical, low voltage wiring, master composter "
Lucas williamsPotpisani: 19:21, 05/11/2017

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