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Rob Constantine (United States) Potpisani: 17:47, 05/09/2014
"The current Global Monetary System is the root of all problems and evils today. Fix it or better evolve beyond money by Awakening Humanity to the insanity of this debt-based, greed-based, antiquated system that enslaves us all and we will have collectively made the greatest quantum leap in Humanity's Awakening, liberation and sustaining life on Earth!!!"
Ingrid Maria Kirchsteiger (Austria) Potpisani: 16:19, 05/09/2014
Kim Barreto (Korea, Republic of) Potpisani: 15:31, 05/09/2014
Paul O'Riordan (Ireland) Potpisani: 14:25, 05/09/2014
Bec M (Australia) Potpisani: 12:16, 05/09/2014
Susanna Nielsen (Denmark) Potpisani: 07:41, 05/09/2014
"I have to share a testament I have received, with the people on this world and I ask every honest man and woman to help me with this, please."
Dirk Decloedt (Belgium) Potpisani: 07:24, 05/09/2014
swara pandya (India) Potpisani: 07:19, 05/09/2014
rich lightner (United States) Potpisani: 03:55, 05/09/2014
"Wealth creation doesn't matter at all. What matters is sustainable production with plenty of old growth and shared abundance. Humans were born to live as equals in one family with no enemies :)"
Shalabh Tayal (India) Potpisani: 03:35, 05/09/2014
Andrzej Ilewski (United States) Potpisani: 03:10, 05/09/2014
Giorgio Gil (Italy) Potpisani: 01:01, 05/09/2014
Philippe Cruchaudet (France) Potpisani: 20:16, 04/09/2014
Gloria Marie flowers (United States) Potpisani: 17:43, 04/09/2014
"If this way of life became a reality, people could reach an ultimate level of enlightenment and become their own gods."
James Gijbels (Netherlands) Potpisani: 16:02, 04/09/2014
"I sincerely hope we can build this world without useless killing of enything that lives this planet,Except for plants "
Dominique Guibert (Germany) Potpisani: 12:45, 04/09/2014
Wolfgang Knett (Austria) Potpisani: 11:33, 04/09/2014
"Wir sollten mit der Umsetzung nicht warten!!"
Khyati Vyas (India) Potpisani: 08:56, 04/09/2014
"We are ready for the next step as conscious beings! "
janell mulligan (United States) Potpisani: 02:11, 04/09/2014
April Hunt (United States) Potpisani: 00:37, 04/09/2014
Mike Tunis (United States) Potpisani: 23:18, 03/09/2014
Lucile Pascual (France) Potpisani: 21:46, 03/09/2014
Fabienne Jahard-Tronel (France) Potpisani: 19:39, 03/09/2014
"I am a Terran before any other consideration !"
Lucy Fuad (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 19:30, 03/09/2014
Jim Joss (Canada) Potpisani: 19:22, 03/09/2014
"What do you do with individuals that are murder s for example. I realize there would be a lot less crime but there will be people that are detrimental to the common good. "