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Nathalie Andersson (Australia) Potpisani: 07:42, 24/05/2014
NATIVIDAD CHICOTE (Spain) Potpisani: 07:33, 24/05/2014
"por un planeta libre e igualitario!"
Gary Wige (United States) Potpisani: 02:58, 24/05/2014
Carlos Díaz (Spain) Potpisani: 02:53, 24/05/2014
Timothy Ball (New Zealand) Potpisani: 01:59, 24/05/2014
Antonino Giordano (United States) Potpisani: 23:37, 23/05/2014
"Since viewed a video of Jaque Fresco 3 years ago, I have told friends and family my desire to move our consciousness toward unconditional Love. This can change the way we live, and eliminating money, debts and free every one from bondage, use the best minds to unite systems and create the best technology possible in every field: transportation, agricultural, marine biology, medical, food production and safety, etc. then produce all we need to live all in abundance. This it is doable, we need desire, man power, and the raw material. The desire is the only missing part of this list, this can be achieved by waking up the masses which are allowing their governments to decide for them. The governments of the west have been taken over by central banks, and corporations, and run their business focusing on greed and acquisition at higher cost of the masses, which continue to loose freedom, peace, health, joy, security, and minds. thank you for putting out this list. The universe Loves you"
Ana Elvira González Novigil (Spain) Potpisani: 23:13, 23/05/2014
"es necesario un cambio en la sociedad y hay que empezar ya. todo el sistema está corrupto o anticuado."
Rafael Ángel García Alonso (Spain) Potpisani: 16:37, 23/05/2014
"Gracias por la interesantísima iniciativa, espero que este mensaje llegue a mucha gente y cambie los patrones mentales, relacionales, cosa que creo que ya está sucediendo. Contad con toda mi capacidad de difusión en red ;)"
Lisa Vunk (United States) Potpisani: 15:50, 23/05/2014
"Heaven Yeah!!!...We are here to Love, Serve, and Care for each other and the Earth!!!...not be enslaved to a fraudulent fictional monetary system that parasites off us all. Unity Consciousness is our birthright."
Doris Provencher (Canada) Potpisani: 15:20, 23/05/2014
"Un monde respectueux, juste, reconnaissant et aimant. Ce que j'aspire à vivre!"
Nick Turner (United States) Potpisani: 15:06, 23/05/2014
"I'm creating / inventing new ways to give and receive without using money. Free World Charter is perfectly aligned with these goals. Looking forward to watching Free World Community grow and evolve."
juan carlos miguel hurtado (Spain) Potpisani: 12:47, 23/05/2014
Gabriele D'Alberton (Italy) Potpisani: 10:53, 23/05/2014
עמיה צ'קלין (Israel) Potpisani: 08:14, 23/05/2014
Jonathan Carty (United States) Potpisani: 07:05, 23/05/2014
"I have been thinking about this a lot lately. There would be kinks to work out of course. Big kinks. As our whole species, for millenia, have run off money/currency. Instead, everything will be available to everyone. Drug wars would cease, the mentally ill would have access to proper care, and millions more pros. This is OUR planet. Let's make the best of it. Hell, we could colonize other planets with no budgetary constraints. I don't know if this will happen in my lifetime, but it sure would be worth fighting for. We could do an experiment. A small city that would participate with everyone's consent. Then go from there. I had concerns about prisons and prisoners, however. Like if someone gets arrested for a DUI, what would happen to the bail? Something to work out if we ever got that far. I'd love to hear more about this. "
Samantha Sam (United States) Potpisani: 03:20, 23/05/2014
Marina Marković (Serbia) Potpisani: 02:50, 23/05/2014
"Dokle god je onih koji nalaze ličnu korist makar i u jednom od ovih deset principa - mi ovde potpisani ostajemo samo vizionari/zanesenjaci. Izrazite promene na globalnom nivou deluju nemoguće ali ih svakako treba pokrenuti; realizaciju ostavljamo budućim generacijama u amanet. Believe in a better tomorrow."
Sam Taylor (New Zealand) Potpisani: 01:20, 23/05/2014
Gabriela Vasic (Serbia) Potpisani: 00:19, 23/05/2014
"tacka pod 7> "obezbedjujuci minimalnu potrosnju i otpad" ... mislim da bi ova proizvodjna otpada u ovoj recenici mogla da se preformulise u "i reciklazu proizvedenog otpada" ... nigde se ne pominju odrzive energije, reciklaza, bio hrana, i sl. Mozda bi trebalao dopuniti! Pozdrav za inicijativu!"
מיכאל מחפוד (Israel) Potpisani: 22:59, 22/05/2014
"נתפלל לשלום העולם !"
Zeljko Majstorovic (Serbia) Potpisani: 21:54, 22/05/2014
"Ideje ove vrste nikada ne mogu biti visak."
kornelja bukac (Serbia) Potpisani: 21:46, 22/05/2014
Zlatko Pangaric (Serbia) Potpisani: 18:34, 22/05/2014
Matjaž Škrila (Slovenia) Potpisani: 18:26, 22/05/2014
Sławomir Majewski (Poland) Potpisani: 17:48, 22/05/2014
"" W Harmonii z Ziemią " dla naszego najwyższego dobra i dobra najwyższego innych."