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Vanessa Tan (Philippines) Potpisani: 15:42, 28/11/2014
Silvia Buemba (Germany) Potpisani: 13:09, 28/11/2014
Al Crombie (Australia) Potpisani: 09:19, 28/11/2014
Cindy Gair (South Africa) Potpisani: 07:46, 28/11/2014
Valerie Peters (United States) Potpisani: 04:43, 28/11/2014
"I have pondered for so many years exactly this question - why cannot we simply give up the use of money? What a huge relief it would be. I know with my whole being that this is a huge part of the solution to our planetary problems. Then my rational mind takes over with what I know of human nature and human institutions and the question arises, how can we possibly make this a reality? It seems too fantastic, yet it may be possible to transition to a "free" global society. This could begin with a completely new kind of education on what it means to be truly human and treat all life with love and respect. Perhaps we've gotten it backward - create free energy first and then a free society will follow when the reverse may work more effectively -- release humans from the chains of money systems first in order to foster new energy and other types of inventions. Thank goodness there are others out there who are also thinking about this possibility. I'm not crazy after all."
Rajinder Ratajczak (Canada) Potpisani: 01:08, 28/11/2014
Susie London (Australia) Potpisani: 00:48, 28/11/2014
Tristan Riabo (United States) Potpisani: 23:47, 27/11/2014
Nebojsa Kramarsic (South Africa) Potpisani: 22:16, 27/11/2014
"The Lion sleeps no more. We are All Earth citizens. End of all patriotic disease from fictitious Associations with fictitios Lands(countries)"
Lynn Pryor (Canada) Potpisani: 21:13, 27/11/2014
"This is a wonderful "first step""
Conah Yates (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 20:41, 27/11/2014
"This is the world we need and the world that we will get in the very near future, absolutley."
Dean Wick (United States) Potpisani: 20:02, 27/11/2014
"The Future is NOW."
Maria Helena aka Marlena Azevedo (South Africa) Potpisani: 18:41, 27/11/2014
"I feel like being in a dream as I observe the magnitude of the changes taking place on our beautiful blue/green mother Gaia. I am a 78 years of age very healthy woman (I am vegan) and since I became aware of myself I wished for Peace and Happiness. I am blessed to be able to witness the birth of a new era for earth. Indeed money is the cause of all ills. Let's do away with IT ASAP."
Aron Keri (Canada) Potpisani: 18:41, 27/11/2014
Brian Boi-Doku (Canada) Potpisani: 18:12, 27/11/2014
"I agree with all of the principles but disagree with the grammar and some of the language. It is my understanding that for legal and lawful documentation to be unequivocal they must be written in parse syntax. Please research :David-Wynn: Miller: the worlds leading authority on correct quantum grammar. Also some of us are not hu-man... Some if us are simply man. Thank you. Peace and love. I believe in the cause."
Richard Reid (United States) Potpisani: 17:13, 27/11/2014
Michèle BAILLY (Spain) Potpisani: 16:46, 27/11/2014
Foivos Nikolopoulos (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 16:27, 27/11/2014
"Rich people , corporations and governments do not create jobs. Human needs and wants in combination with resources create jobs. Rich people, corporations and governments just take advantage of them for their own profit."
Eddie Griffiths (United States) Potpisani: 15:03, 27/11/2014
Jan Krause (Germany) Potpisani: 14:51, 27/11/2014
Josiane SELLIEZ (Belgium) Potpisani: 14:48, 27/11/2014
jeff lin (Taiwan) Potpisani: 14:28, 27/11/2014
"This is good things. 每個人必需重視。 這也是點醒我長年的疑問。 這是一個更合理與不自私的人類社會進化。"
zoubir lainceur (Algeria) Potpisani: 14:11, 27/11/2014
Lydia Curio (Spain) Potpisani: 13:25, 27/11/2014
cara locke (United Kingdom) Potpisani: 13:20, 27/11/2014