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Pranav Joshi (India) Potpisani: 16:47, 03/05/2016
"This is what the world needs today! WE will make this happen together!"
Jitendra Kumar (India) Potpisani: 17:12, 01/05/2016
Naresh Edem (India) Potpisani: 16:46, 01/05/2016
"Excellent!!! "
Abhishek Raj (India) Potpisani: 10:05, 29/04/2016
Nilmani Priyadarshi (India) Potpisani: 21:57, 25/04/2016
Nabhdeep Singh Popli (India) Potpisani: 19:16, 24/04/2016
tanusha gupta (India) Potpisani: 07:32, 17/04/2016
Kishore Nath (India) Potpisani: 11:11, 16/04/2016
"Already a member of TZM. Looking to make my own personal transition into a RBE community in whatever form or degree."
Abhijeet Deshpande (India) Potpisani: 20:23, 06/04/2016
Tushar Kapoor (India) Potpisani: 20:50, 24/03/2016
"This should be the new world order"
Sanapally MallikarjunaRao (India) Potpisani: 16:57, 20/03/2016
"Dig up the dead rivers & lakes .. Earth will recover itself ..and produce Abundance . "
RIAZ KHAN (India) Potpisani: 07:51, 16/03/2016
dory fuchs floyd (India) Potpisani: 05:06, 13/03/2016
"hey - light and love to you it is the first time that i see my consciousness and way of life coming from out of me -- thank you and please contact me for i feel excited to know more about you. "
siddharth sehgal (India) Potpisani: 18:39, 02/03/2016
"Money....yeah it is must A person kills/assault another human just for some few bucks may be more....hence the value of money is more than the value of life ......"money" would be a reason in the destruction of our happiness and prosperity With love from india"
Siddharth sehgal (India) Potpisani: 18:49, 25/02/2016
"Money yeah it is necessary it is must Today ....the value of money is more than the value of someone's life ..how? Ask a person who kills people for money ...hence money would be the reason of the destruction of humanity.with love from india"
sandesh mr (India) Potpisani: 15:06, 14/02/2016
Abid Ullah (India) Potpisani: 04:24, 07/02/2016
Harpokrates Mannus (India) Potpisani: 00:23, 15/01/2016
"Everything will be good in the end. If it's not gold it's not the end."
Maxim Khe (India) Potpisani: 15:17, 13/01/2016
"A co-operating society will develop at a much faster rate as compared to a society with a financial hierarchy. Extreme wealth and extreme Poverty must be abolished."
vamsi krishna avirneni (India) Potpisani: 04:55, 08/01/2016
Thabi Dolly (India) Potpisani: 04:36, 08/01/2016
Archana Iyer (India) Potpisani: 16:42, 07/01/2016
"Me ready to share so much knowledge that me loves earth and its creatures so much. Me thank you for this"
lenny woolf (India) Potpisani: 15:30, 06/01/2016
marleen reynaert (India) Potpisani: 13:00, 05/12/2015
Rittick Datta (India) Potpisani: 22:03, 27/11/2015
"It is time to become citizens of earth, not just one country."