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Christopher Reynolds (United States) Potpisani: 02:39, 27/07/2016
"I love you "
Leila Maleki (United States) Potpisani: 02:32, 27/07/2016
Lauren Worsh (United States) Potpisani: 23:08, 26/07/2016
"#8... Hoping that "best available knowledge" includes information received intuitively as well as empirically, to make space for received wisdom that our sciences and epistemologies do not yet have capacity to measure or validate. Not contrary to logic, not illogical — so still subject to rational investigation — but open to that which may transcend the reality claims of current dogmatic world views. Including that of material reductionism and unscientific scientism. "
Johnie Moffett (United States) Potpisani: 18:47, 26/07/2016
Ernesto Farfan (United States) Potpisani: 17:30, 26/07/2016
"I can imagine it!"
Richard Abraham (United States) Potpisani: 18:25, 25/07/2016
Kaye Parker (United States) Potpisani: 20:07, 24/07/2016
Jessica bartley (United States) Potpisani: 19:54, 24/07/2016
"love and let live"
Eduardo Alfaro (United States) Potpisani: 19:34, 24/07/2016
"Love for one and all."
Matt Lawson (United States) Potpisani: 16:51, 24/07/2016
"Please provide a detailed example Of this vs capitalism and also any problems for seen with this system"
Jordan Conley (United States) Potpisani: 16:21, 24/07/2016
Cesar Turcios (United States) Potpisani: 19:52, 23/07/2016
"We must not separate! Please! This is a cardinal rule of prosperity. Though we may differ in approach and specifics, we must stand together in this truth, realization and vision. The number of different groups/organizations pursuing a moneyless-based world must join in this pursuit! Perhaps it is better to never separate at all ... but now that we have, we mustn't divide! This is a cardinal rule of prosperity. Cynicism, particularly based on conjecture and without substance, is destructive, through and through. Humans prospered above the food chain and beyond because of intelligence and social abilities, not ideo-centrism. I rather moneyless-based economy advocates never had separated at all; better to join from the get-go, complementing their differences in unison of the truths we have all commonly realised. Unite! Unite! Unite! For the sake of virtue, unite!"
Alex Cook (United States) Potpisani: 17:47, 22/07/2016
Harold Suttles (United States) Potpisani: 15:31, 22/07/2016
Alex Fink (United States) Potpisani: 23:12, 21/07/2016
Colin LaFollette (United States) Potpisani: 17:22, 21/07/2016
Christopher Foster (United States) Potpisani: 17:15, 21/07/2016
"We're already there..."
Orkun Alabaz (United States) Potpisani: 20:56, 15/07/2016
David Zujkowski (United States) Potpisani: 19:02, 15/07/2016
joe negron (United States) Potpisani: 05:15, 15/07/2016
Joseph L Ayaso (United States) Potpisani: 15:47, 14/07/2016
"Thank You <3"
Harold Matthews (United States) Potpisani: 03:11, 14/07/2016
"It's encouraging to know I'm not alone in the world. Perhaps there is hope after all."
Ajay Jaisingh (United States) Potpisani: 13:19, 13/07/2016
"This is a huge undertaking but it's the need of the hour. The time has come to rise above the mess that we as humanity continue to create. If we want to thrive as inhabitants of this planet then this change is necessary. But this education needs to reach the masses. Simply having people sign this Charter may end up being too little too late. Each person will need to awaken to the truth that we're all one, connected and that the failure of one is the failure of us all. I'm starting a non-profit to bring this education to the people. Starting with programs to help them heal themselves and then with the education of self and the collective self (us all). Educate and empower them to create healthier, freer, greener, happier communities. And the change will need to be organic, well thought out. Phased approach. "
Lynn Holland (United States) Potpisani: 19:46, 10/07/2016
Carol Anne Peacock (United States) Potpisani: 15:54, 10/07/2016