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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
geoff wilson (United States) Undertecknat: 21:28, 16/09/2015
Nicole Benros (Denmark) Undertecknat: 20:48, 16/09/2015
Michael Frost (Denmark) Undertecknat: 20:37, 16/09/2015
Amit Sharma (India) Undertecknat: 17:21, 16/09/2015
"I want a world free of money , power & unjust influence, where everyone lives just like an animal that roams freely in a forest, without having to spoil his present in worrying for his future. "I sometimes think the human race and this world would have been a better place if we haven't stepped down from the trees". "
Rebecca Swanson (United States) Undertecknat: 17:07, 16/09/2015
Manno Koenders (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:00, 16/09/2015
"I see a ResourceBasedEconomy as the only cure to this profit based world wide cancer that feeds itself with the Fears, Inequality, EGO, Lies, Wars, Theft, etc of the people and that will eventually kill of our host, Earth..."
Nathalie Beekman (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:06, 16/09/2015
Ali Ta (United States) Undertecknat: 07:26, 16/09/2015
"To whomever It may concern. As part of the collective people are starting to realize that the 1% are controlling the future of the world. We are all children of the earth and it's a sad thing to fight for something no one group of people should own but should be shared by all! I propose the idea of Nikolai tesla. He believed that energy should be free for all. It won't stop the evil corporations instantly but everyone will have a light to grow ...expand their conscious... and receive the true agenda by their governments. Cheers to the free world charter! Alixander"
Angela Boef (South Africa) Undertecknat: 06:47, 16/09/2015
Nancy Bracy (United States) Undertecknat: 06:32, 16/09/2015
Jadon Hatley (United States) Undertecknat: 06:17, 16/09/2015
"I feel it's very necessary to address how such things use of technologies/goods for recreation and travel to any destination will work within a resource based economy in a wholly free world. The reason I feel it necessary to be addressed here is because 1) many people will see this and not The Venus Project, which offers answers to these questions, and automatically be turned off by a lack of explanation in terms of recreation, assuming it would be limited, and rather stick with a system which they know allows them such things if they just work for it. And 2) everything being in one concise area, fully explained, right next to where they sign, would make everything that much more legitimate and appealing to all who are willing to think logically. Another valuable additive could be the connection to crime and money. Almost entirely, no money=no crime. Yes there are many details which are hard to cover entirely, but many people will not back something this big without a foolproof design."
Alexis Stone-Reed-Rousselle (United States) Undertecknat: 04:23, 16/09/2015
Chris Rossainz (Mexico) Undertecknat: 03:50, 16/09/2015
Hillary Johanson (United States) Undertecknat: 03:21, 16/09/2015
Ronice Jones (United States) Undertecknat: 03:18, 16/09/2015
Julie Glasscock (Peru) Undertecknat: 20:27, 15/09/2015
Marius Wagner (Germany) Undertecknat: 17:54, 15/09/2015
"My personal dream is that one day we find ways to populate new solar systems or even other galaxies, to meet new life from other planets and in the end find out about the outside of our universe. To achieve this, first of all we need to sort out problems on our own planet and to ensure a maximal amount of freedom for everybody while providing all necesseties for life. Only this way we can open up new space to let free infinite human potential."
Ervin Smajkan (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Undertecknat: 15:19, 15/09/2015
"Capitalismus is crime!!!"
Onno Schmitz (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 11:19, 15/09/2015
"This will become true in the next TEN to FIFTEEN YEARS! IF WE WANT IT!"
Aviel Hitchens (United States) Undertecknat: 05:49, 15/09/2015
"I am Free"
lafrance Michel (Canada) Undertecknat: 22:01, 14/09/2015
"Agree 100%"
Denise Kinahan (Spain) Undertecknat: 21:51, 14/09/2015
Telvid PCD (France) Undertecknat: 20:21, 14/09/2015
"Super intéressant comme charte, et dans la lignée du Projet Venus ! Je valide ! "
Carlos Sevillano (Peru) Undertecknat: 20:03, 14/09/2015
julien leger (France) Undertecknat: 17:43, 14/09/2015
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