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Mike Delima (Venezuela) Undertecknat: 01:32, 06/10/2014
"Excellent! We need to translate this to all languages. Great job. I dream a world free of money, without war, poverty and crime. The dream is coming true! Thanks Jacque Fresco!"
Miguel Angel Garcia (Argentina) Undertecknat: 01:10, 06/10/2014
Maria Laranjeira (Brazil) Undertecknat: 00:48, 06/10/2014
rish mustaine (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 23:59, 05/10/2014
Nicolae Lesenco (United States) Undertecknat: 23:17, 05/10/2014
"The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. "
Miles Bosworth (United States) Undertecknat: 21:57, 05/10/2014
Wilfried von Hoff (Germany) Undertecknat: 20:16, 05/10/2014
Albert Seitz (Germany) Undertecknat: 19:54, 05/10/2014
"ich stimme den 10 Fragen zu."
Kyle McCormack (Canada) Undertecknat: 19:52, 05/10/2014
"I issue a proud agreement to these ten policies, from the bio-region of Cascadia. One Love!"
Adine Gavazzi (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 19:18, 05/10/2014
Christopher Brown (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:21, 05/10/2014
Ernst Peter (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 17:51, 05/10/2014
Ivan Villacreces (Spain) Undertecknat: 17:04, 05/10/2014
audrey burke (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:18, 05/10/2014
"Onlyg missing the issues of religion and disagreements of people and consequently war that may result from it. To some people and/or country. Sadly it has become cultural disease. It is not lead by money. So how could we successfully just stop this madness?"
Kostika Bandilli (Albania) Undertecknat: 15:23, 05/10/2014
旻諭 楊 (Taiwan) Undertecknat: 14:21, 05/10/2014
Frederico Castro e Lemos (Portugal) Undertecknat: 12:38, 05/10/2014
Cristina Willén (Sweden) Undertecknat: 10:59, 05/10/2014
"The system of money has always been for the few... and the history, science, mainstream media etc just condition us to live as slaves for those few. Connecting the dots and free yourself! "
Fernando Eggenberger (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 10:14, 05/10/2014
marcia rodrigues (Australia) Undertecknat: 08:47, 05/10/2014
"Free the world! We weren't born to make money but to love each other."
LUCIANA GIACOMO (Brazil) Undertecknat: 08:08, 05/10/2014
Sofia Almeida (Portugal) Undertecknat: 07:40, 05/10/2014
Oliver Wookey (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 06:08, 05/10/2014
Pierre Nelson (Canada) Undertecknat: 04:29, 05/10/2014
Jashim uddin (Bangladesh) Undertecknat: 02:52, 05/10/2014
"We are working to build up for that ONE EARTH NATION ... Where , there will be NO Money , NO So called dirty politics , NO Boundary , NO Army , NO Passport . .... Just only PEACE , LOVE & HUMANITY ."