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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Katharina Lenz (Germany) Undertecknat: 12:32, 29/06/2015
Yannick Mombereau (France) Undertecknat: 11:11, 29/06/2015
"Il suffit de peu de choses pour rendre ce monde vivable pour tous : il suffit de savoir que le respect est à double sens, que nous pouvons vivre ensemble, les uns avec les autres et non les uns contre les autres. Il suffit de savoir que la vie est possible pour tous si je me contente de ce dont j'ai vraiment besoin sans me préoccuper de ce que mon voisin a... Apprenons à être et le monde sera."
Esther Sterchi (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 09:40, 29/06/2015
"We are one :-)"
Tiago Bezerra Quirino Tiago (Brazil) Undertecknat: 09:18, 29/06/2015
"I almost started to cry when I found that website, all my life I thinked that dream with a society in the exact terms that the letter propose would be naive. Now is 5:13 am in brazil, i don't know who will read that, but, thank you. I really want to help in the building of this society, in the past two years I'm working in a new education method, based in natural talents, and self-steem, that simple fact that 50.000 people think that way its a relief and something to restore my hope in humanity, so please, let's do something."
Ankit Das (India) Undertecknat: 07:11, 29/06/2015
Zachary Tarlow (United States) Undertecknat: 06:56, 29/06/2015
Mallory Gregory (France) Undertecknat: 03:00, 29/06/2015
Louie lock (United States) Undertecknat: 23:27, 28/06/2015
Heike Syré (Germany) Undertecknat: 21:44, 28/06/2015
André Leblond (Canada) Undertecknat: 19:46, 28/06/2015
anna belliotti (Italy) Undertecknat: 19:13, 28/06/2015
"forza che possiamo farcela grazie di tutto Namastè"
Dominique Benoît (France) Undertecknat: 17:41, 28/06/2015
Judith de Lange (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 17:15, 28/06/2015
Tessa Thai (Singapore) Undertecknat: 17:04, 28/06/2015
Clasina de Jong (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 14:37, 28/06/2015
nathalie galera (France) Undertecknat: 13:51, 28/06/2015
Myrdin Arts (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 13:48, 28/06/2015
Nadia Aharonian (France) Undertecknat: 12:45, 28/06/2015
"Thank you !"
josephine filippi (France) Undertecknat: 11:40, 28/06/2015
Belinda Arts (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 11:13, 28/06/2015
Lex Hupe (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:35, 28/06/2015
Fabienne Hamende (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:30, 28/06/2015
Indi Hondema (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:18, 28/06/2015
"How can we actively participate and enforce the Manifest, as we have broad networks in the Netherlands? Welcome to contact us: indi@hartverwarmendwijs.nl Regards!"
Henk Gunneman (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 08:51, 28/06/2015
GONZALO MARAMBIO GARCIA (Chile) Undertecknat: 05:11, 28/06/2015
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