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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Carol Taylor Undertecknat: 05:47, 22/06/2017
zhuoqun liuUndertecknat: 05:27, 22/06/2017
Richard BurleyUndertecknat: 22:11, 21/06/2017
Ana Helena Pereira da Silva NanaUndertecknat: 20:01, 21/06/2017
Dhiral ShahUndertecknat: 06:29, 21/06/2017
Isaiah ColemanUndertecknat: 14:41, 20/06/2017
יאנה פרילוצקיUndertecknat: 21:08, 19/06/2017
Jeremy AndersonUndertecknat: 19:58, 19/06/2017
"Let's keep bringing in the light as this world shifts into bliss!"
Korbin SonleyUndertecknat: 03:32, 19/06/2017
Ron SonleyUndertecknat: 03:03, 19/06/2017
Danielle SonleyUndertecknat: 02:58, 19/06/2017
Erik ChapmanUndertecknat: 01:02, 19/06/2017
Lima DinoráUndertecknat: 20:06, 18/06/2017
Ramdas SorenUndertecknat: 17:42, 15/06/2017
"let's make free fair peace and beautiful world(';')"
Alexandre DesboisUndertecknat: 12:56, 15/06/2017
Chanese PersaudUndertecknat: 02:54, 15/06/2017
John SentersUndertecknat: 00:23, 15/06/2017
"Hey I'm 20 years old and I believe this so much I try to tell my friends that the only thing that is stopping us from a utopian society is the concept of money and that we don't have to live like this. I'd like to say that I got this idea from you or something else but the truth is that I've been thinking about this idea for a few years now and I know it can happen. I don't know who you are or what you think is going to happen but it's nice to know that there are some people that don't think I'm crazy. "
Harrison DaleUndertecknat: 11:16, 14/06/2017
Amanda Huege de Serville Undertecknat: 23:33, 13/06/2017
Jacob RobieUndertecknat: 20:06, 13/06/2017
"I look forward to connecting with some of the best people on earth! I sincerely wish you positivity and success! Make today Great!"
Logan BohochikUndertecknat: 21:10, 12/06/2017
"As for progress by applying only knowledge and logic could be dangerous considering those things got us into this mess in the first place. We need more insight and inner engineering into our own technology that we are made of because knowledge is only what we've gathered from the past and logic is basically our intellect, those two things are just scratching the surface of the technology that we are. So it my suggestion to all people that we not be so dependant on the technologies WE have created not matter how promising they may seem. We should learn more how to use the technology that WE are already made of for WE HUMANS seem to be the most highly advanced technology that we have found so far, yet we do t know how to work ourselves so we're scrambling to fix all these problems outside ourselves and wanting to learn everything except for ourselves when the problems we're tryin to fix are not something outside of us, the problem IS US! "
Jonika McNeilUndertecknat: 13:49, 12/06/2017
"I am glad I found this site because I was looking for a way to help people that can't come to America without some paper work or some illegal way. We need to treat ourselves and the world better. I never understood why folks would say god bless America instead of saying GOD BLESS THE WORLD because we sure do need it."
McKinley WilliamsUndertecknat: 03:36, 12/06/2017
Pedro SilvaUndertecknat: 21:26, 10/06/2017
Tsegehans WeldeslassieUndertecknat: 20:20, 10/06/2017
"The way to be happy is to make Others happy"
Andrea CobbUndertecknat: 03:06, 09/06/2017
Harald POBEHEIMUndertecknat: 22:37, 08/06/2017
"There coult nothing be fine if u doesn't to well."
ch. rayUndertecknat: 10:50, 08/06/2017
James GreenUndertecknat: 20:00, 07/06/2017
Amir Dr. YazdpourUndertecknat: 13:10, 07/06/2017
"One hand washs the other and both the face! Eine Hand wäscht die andere und beide das Gesicht!"
Lisa Sandoval Undertecknat: 04:21, 06/06/2017
alfred blanksUndertecknat: 21:26, 05/06/2017
Victoria ChandlerUndertecknat: 00:30, 05/06/2017
Ralf [Hegenbarth]Undertecknat: 19:11, 04/06/2017
Patricia JohnsonUndertecknat: 17:13, 02/06/2017
"Love the vision of free mother earth.people caring for each other and planet earth."
Uwe BergerUndertecknat: 09:32, 02/06/2017
Aristoteles MitcasUndertecknat: 06:36, 02/06/2017
Dan ErdeiUndertecknat: 04:13, 02/06/2017
eleonore rösnerUndertecknat: 19:42, 01/06/2017
"Wenn diese Grundsätze so schnell wie möglich umgesetzt werden ist alles wieder in natürlicher Ordnung."
Jagdish LakhaniUndertecknat: 17:45, 01/06/2017
Jakub SchönUndertecknat: 13:28, 01/06/2017
"Ing. Jakub Schön Point of contact for Czech Republic +420 731 053 057 The Venus project support team"
Adrián SosaUndertecknat: 21:20, 31/05/2017
"If the small island or archipelago that constitutes the U.K. is European than an island such as Cuba is very much American! Therefore a Mexican is American and that word should not just be considered for those born in the United States! I have little faith in people and perhaps this will not work out could we at least use language correctly!!! English as a tool is horrible and I can not see it bringing world peace! The history of the English as much as you want it erased eroded or sugar coated is extremely hypocritical and we don't want any of it. It's not worthy of anything! the only virtue of the English is malice! After all they don't build cathedrals nor anything for humanity only with economic selfish notions in mind!!! "
Laura Lumachi HuntonUndertecknat: 15:02, 31/05/2017
"I do welcome this Charter and its founders' enterprising spirit in getting it together and circulated thus far. Whilst I agree with all the principles in it, the 8th one is worded a bit ambiguously due to its reference to 'progress'. The 'pursuit of progress' has been the shallow mantra of Western civilisation for the last two to three centuries and has been used to promote & justify an iniquitous economic system that has brought our precious planet to the current brink of collapse. I would prefer for that much abused word to be taken out of the Charter. I have a further problem with the application of 'logic' and 'knowledge' being used as criteria to promote the so-called progress: who defines logic and knowledge? Human beings squabble constantly about such concepts! I would personally redefine this principle less ambiguously. Principle 9) is so much clearer and unambiguous. "
Rishi Mehta Undertecknat: 00:23, 31/05/2017
"So strange, literally this morning I drafted the following and know stumbled across your site: (Re)Investment trumps saving (hoarding of wealth by the rich and corporations means capital is not being re-employed) Free Markets/Trade trumps corporate tax cuts as it gives rise to competition and best deal for consumers (requires regulators to prevent monopolies forming) Economic growth requires prosperous employment (not zero hour contracts, sub-living wages, in-work poverty) Economic growth requires value creation, i.e. both creativity and making something of value (all else will be automated) Economic growth with prosperous & sustainable consumption per citizen trumps GDP (wasting stuff makes GDP go up, and also doesn't take into account environmental costs or population growth) (There are more points I can't fit...) "
Raphi SeeUndertecknat: 22:43, 30/05/2017
"Together we have everything we need!"
Aki ArgirosUndertecknat: 19:18, 30/05/2017
"The problem doesn't matter which way you look at it. It all ways comes down to the EGO. "
Achim Werner a.d.F. H u c kUndertecknat: 06:26, 30/05/2017
Nathan MccarthyUndertecknat: 05:25, 30/05/2017

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