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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Jack Pickles (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 23:31, 15/07/2015
Jennifer Loewen (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:00, 15/07/2015
Aaron Camacho (United States) Undertecknat: 15:30, 15/07/2015
"Love Honor Respect"
Linda Frisch (United States) Undertecknat: 12:40, 15/07/2015
Sarah Zettel (Germany) Undertecknat: 12:37, 15/07/2015
coleen carpenter (Jersey) Undertecknat: 12:27, 15/07/2015
Sue de Lacy (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 11:28, 15/07/2015
Nigel Jones (Jersey) Undertecknat: 11:21, 15/07/2015
""So why not just make everything free? Forget about money altogether? Why Not? It's our world, we can make our own rules. The only thing money creates is inequality - a scoring system for humanity that decides who gets what." -- perfectly put."
Diane Godon (Canada) Undertecknat: 04:33, 15/07/2015
leandro duarte varuzzi varuzzi (Brazil) Undertecknat: 02:40, 15/07/2015
payeux joelle (France) Undertecknat: 23:30, 14/07/2015
Eva-Marie Heyde (Germany) Undertecknat: 22:20, 14/07/2015
"Ohne Reichtum, keine Armut!!!"
Frederic BAUDRY (France) Undertecknat: 21:08, 14/07/2015
emmanuel DALLEAU (Reunion) Undertecknat: 19:56, 14/07/2015
Eleana Chaida (Greece) Undertecknat: 19:00, 14/07/2015
"If everything becomes free mankind can be given the chance to work solely for the sake of everyone, and not for itself and its benefits. Freedom from the limit of money can teach people to be selfless and helpful to their fellow. I propose for everything to be free, but for man to work 9 hours a day, with normal weekends and holidays available as before. His reward for working will be the ability to use everything for free, who would not want such a kind of reward?! It would be like you gave him all the money in the world since he would have access to everything (safe and legally allowed)! Think out of the box! Mankind would have to work in order to help its fellow man to make machines (which will assist with production) and gather raw materials. Also, making everything free and requiring people to work can eliminate useless, torturing jobs related to money. Of course, everything being free should not be taken as allowing overconsumption. "
Chris Worley (United States) Undertecknat: 18:28, 14/07/2015
andrei atirgovitoae (Romania) Undertecknat: 15:50, 14/07/2015
Michaela Kühl (Germany) Undertecknat: 15:14, 14/07/2015
Iamze Marciniak (France) Undertecknat: 14:28, 14/07/2015
John Eric Roxas (Philippines) Undertecknat: 13:42, 14/07/2015
Vladimir Marjanusic (Serbia) Undertecknat: 12:49, 14/07/2015
Linda Dennis (United States) Undertecknat: 12:32, 14/07/2015
"Thanks to all of you for what you do!"
Veronika Griebner (Germany) Undertecknat: 09:45, 14/07/2015
Maria Casagrande (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 09:14, 14/07/2015
Andre Buttel (Australia) Undertecknat: 05:44, 14/07/2015
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