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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Jan BruneUndertecknat: 11:34, 03/05/2017
"Wow, tolle Idee. Habe diese Vision schon seit ich klein bin und jetzt sehe ich eine Möglichkeit zusammen ein Umsetzen möglich zu machen."
Caroline AmritaUndertecknat: 05:12, 03/05/2017
""I am made whole by your life. Each soul completes me." — Hafiz "
Alexandra GalloUndertecknat: 03:31, 02/05/2017
Julia AndersonUndertecknat: 02:31, 02/05/2017
Alina Petrik Undertecknat: 01:58, 02/05/2017
Manuel AssisUndertecknat: 00:33, 02/05/2017
Eshwar KrishnanUndertecknat: 23:26, 01/05/2017
Roberto UcedaUndertecknat: 22:40, 01/05/2017
Patrick SniffUndertecknat: 22:39, 01/05/2017
Eugene MillerUndertecknat: 22:28, 01/05/2017
Steel ThomasUndertecknat: 22:20, 01/05/2017
"This has always been a thought of mine. It always seems when I bring this topic up people usually cant seem to live without government."
Saul ZimmermanUndertecknat: 22:19, 01/05/2017
Nikki BrunoUndertecknat: 22:09, 01/05/2017
Ben WolfleyUndertecknat: 22:07, 01/05/2017
Benedict DonofrioUndertecknat: 21:40, 01/05/2017
Dakotah QuainterUndertecknat: 21:18, 01/05/2017
Jeanmarie PolvinoUndertecknat: 16:00, 01/05/2017
Mike HänigUndertecknat: 00:10, 01/05/2017
Dan DemeterUndertecknat: 22:28, 30/04/2017
"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?"
Michael WoodUndertecknat: 22:28, 30/04/2017
llll sssUndertecknat: 16:22, 30/04/2017
Jan KaszubaUndertecknat: 14:24, 30/04/2017
"I pledge my allegiance to earth and it's natural harmony with pride, hope and joy. - Jan Christopher Kaszuba"
Michael Smith Undertecknat: 08:46, 30/04/2017
Olivia FranzenUndertecknat: 08:18, 30/04/2017
Balameena SureshUndertecknat: 07:04, 30/04/2017
"Excellent work. Hope this becomes our reality soon."
Joseph GrimaldiUndertecknat: 06:21, 30/04/2017
Brandon McNairUndertecknat: 02:00, 30/04/2017
Nourish FreiUndertecknat: 00:28, 30/04/2017
Amanda McNeilUndertecknat: 20:16, 29/04/2017
EMILY OTSTOTTUndertecknat: 17:49, 29/04/2017
Elizabeth KahnUndertecknat: 15:22, 29/04/2017
Jimmy RobinsonUndertecknat: 05:06, 29/04/2017
"I am as free as free can be, and hope to see the world right along with Me. :)"
Dagoberto RestrepoUndertecknat: 03:29, 29/04/2017
Matthias HentschelUndertecknat: 20:06, 28/04/2017
"Venus-Projekt und Zeitgeist-Movement"
Trevor MorseUndertecknat: 15:44, 28/04/2017
"Hoping to meet like-minded individuals during my trips to new places."
Michael SweetloveUndertecknat: 10:53, 27/04/2017
svengali svenUndertecknat: 06:39, 27/04/2017
sandra cartierUndertecknat: 19:18, 26/04/2017
Richard MochelleUndertecknat: 10:52, 26/04/2017
selcuk özenUndertecknat: 08:06, 26/04/2017
Sean WallaceUndertecknat: 00:56, 26/04/2017
Steven BaileyUndertecknat: 23:01, 25/04/2017
"Would like info on how to start a chapter in Daytona beach Fl. Usa."
Andrea Conceição Undertecknat: 17:58, 25/04/2017
Shannon Hopson Undertecknat: 16:09, 25/04/2017
Leah NjengaUndertecknat: 21:00, 24/04/2017
"May this Free World Charter be a vital tool in awakening many a sleeping masses, and creating a more sustainable world for all. "
Darryle Lloyd Undertecknat: 15:57, 24/04/2017
Kavi Raj k Undertecknat: 08:11, 23/04/2017
Joy SwineyUndertecknat: 06:11, 23/04/2017
Noah McKee Undertecknat: 06:37, 22/04/2017
"I believe that we can achieve more on a free society as money is our only restraint of curing disease, creating a healthier world, ending the need for war. The coming of money brings a need for war and makes humans think and do things that they normally wouldn't really do if money didn't existed. If money didn't exist, do you think that America would poison their citizens with fluoride or put bromide in their medications, for what? The answer is money, a child could be so selfish. It wasn't till money was created, homeless people existed, crime flourished, madness broke. Madness is the outcome of money as fear is the left over aftermath. The note of a dollar makes people do things that are immoral and unacceptable as it puts the illusion of being is the meaning of life and that we need money to be successful. They would kill off this world, for what? They would kill off this world to make a fortune and rot inside of this world, for a couple billion dollars. We are one, and not two. "
Aline Lira AlineUndertecknat: 15:47, 21/04/2017

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