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Belinda Arts (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 12:21, 31/01/2015
Korey Grimberg (United States) Undertecknat: 08:00, 31/01/2015
ANALIA MANSILLA (Argentina) Undertecknat: 00:30, 31/01/2015
Bradley Daniels (United States) Undertecknat: 00:22, 31/01/2015
"The World, the way it should be."
fraser jenkins (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 23:22, 30/01/2015
"i strongly agree... to give freely we must have an abundance and that implies working to understand nature. I am currently doing a "Back to Eden" garden with wood chips. The idea being that in a small area you grow more food than you or your family can eat. The remainder you just give away. Can you imagine if we could get hold of land and grow food so abundantly that whole villages could get all their food for free... no more rubbish and plastic. Giving would be contagious, but not only that, it would be cheap... really cheap and people would start to come back to nature and their senses. I think what you are doing is brilliant, I fully expect that the world will be giving freely to each other within the next 5 years. Good luck to you, your a great example! If you havn't seen these guys..... http://vimeo.com/28055108 "
jessica bird (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 22:58, 30/01/2015
Jacek Igliński (Poland) Undertecknat: 20:59, 30/01/2015
Anne Bullen (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 16:44, 30/01/2015
emanuele pesenti (Italy) Undertecknat: 11:14, 30/01/2015
Georgios Mavropalias (Greece) Undertecknat: 09:54, 30/01/2015
"Please also consider adding the institution of Direct Democracy to your cause. More info http://www.scribd.com/doc/171741980/The-Blueprint-of-E-Democracy"
Benno Groß (Germany) Undertecknat: 09:20, 30/01/2015
Alejandro Hernandez (Mexico) Undertecknat: 05:46, 30/01/2015
"La idea es buena, hace un par de años estuve imaginando algo similar, al principio parece loco, pero cuando vez mas haya por encima de las posibilidades, te das cuenta que es una gran idea tanto universalmente como mundial mente, evolucionaríamos a un gran paso. Creo que deberíamos dejar lo que un día fue valor para prehistóricos y hacer nuestra propia historia, sin cosas que nos cueste todo una vida para obtenerlas, habría mas igualdad, mas ecología, tiempo libre, mas inventores mas mentes abiertas ( eso es lo que no quiere las grandes potencias que controlan el dinero) en fin les diré algo si este proyecto se hiciese realidad nuestra historia va a cambiar dramáticamente no para mal sino para el bien de todos...¡Por un mundo sin limites, y por una vida libre y prospera para toda la humanidad! ¡Que la fe los ilumine!."
BELKIS RAMAIREZ (Honduras) Undertecknat: 05:24, 30/01/2015
Donald Ransom (United States) Undertecknat: 04:08, 30/01/2015
Alejadro Fonseca (Costa Rica) Undertecknat: 04:00, 30/01/2015
"I agree with all of your statements. Great initiative that I hope will flourish soon. It will happen for sure at some point when humanity can learn from its mistakes."
Lisa Marie Mercado (United States) Undertecknat: 01:52, 30/01/2015
"This charter gives me so much hope for the future of humanity! WE ARE ONE! PEACE AND LOVE! "
Ramon Emmaneel (Belgium) Undertecknat: 22:55, 29/01/2015
Bohumil Boháč (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 21:17, 29/01/2015
"Kéž, by to tak bylo. "
maria reyes uceda (Peru) Undertecknat: 20:15, 29/01/2015
"un planeta saludable para una vida saludable, donde el ambiente es nuestro mayor proveedor y nuestros valores los que deben primar en una sociedad automatizada y mecanizada. "
julia mercedes schabauer (Peru) Undertecknat: 18:07, 29/01/2015
"Posible o no este intento, vale la pena probar"
Nicoletta SAVOVA (France) Undertecknat: 15:05, 29/01/2015
Christopher Paul (United States) Undertecknat: 14:43, 29/01/2015
"I have much I would like to know and discuss with leading members of your organization. I would love some contact info to offer some points I have on this whole free world resource economy idea that I believe may prove useful. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, my new friends. "
Carla Brozek Carla (Brazil) Undertecknat: 10:38, 29/01/2015
Miranda ranking (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:36, 29/01/2015
Vanessa Claire (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:30, 29/01/2015