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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
marcos pellitero (Argentina) Undertecknat: 20:01, 24/06/2015
Pedro Moreira (Portugal) Undertecknat: 19:23, 24/06/2015
Silke Drogies (Germany) Undertecknat: 17:45, 24/06/2015
brigitte magobeya (Germany) Undertecknat: 17:12, 24/06/2015
"freedom... love and light...peace unite... "
Jan Kuipers (Belgium) Undertecknat: 17:00, 24/06/2015
Ute Dassana Schombert (Germany) Undertecknat: 16:40, 24/06/2015
"Danke uns allen für jeden Funken des Erkennens und Erwachens!"
Guido Rochow (Germany) Undertecknat: 16:23, 24/06/2015
Markus Antharius Mägel (Germany) Undertecknat: 14:32, 24/06/2015
Véronique Delapraz (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 09:13, 24/06/2015
Suncana Pelesk-Puntarec (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 04:57, 24/06/2015
Brandi Tamor (United States) Undertecknat: 23:48, 23/06/2015
Anne Vogt (Germany) Undertecknat: 22:57, 23/06/2015
André Lalancette (Canada) Undertecknat: 22:24, 23/06/2015
"My wish is to live free of stress that this world is putting us through! That the poor and hungry never have to go though life without food shelter and clothing. That we all live in peace for the common goal of humanity equal rights to all citizens of the world. May this day come soon. For humanity looks bleak."
Jean Paquet (Canada) Undertecknat: 22:16, 23/06/2015
Dominik Hipsag (Austria) Undertecknat: 21:19, 23/06/2015
Achim Kempf (Germany) Undertecknat: 20:24, 23/06/2015
Michael Spies (Germany) Undertecknat: 17:55, 23/06/2015
Andreja Filipovic (Slovenia) Undertecknat: 17:47, 23/06/2015
Wolfgang Moeckl (Germany) Undertecknat: 15:30, 23/06/2015
Wolfgang Wolfgang Rosar (Austria) Undertecknat: 13:21, 23/06/2015
Adolf Diekmann (South Africa) Undertecknat: 12:14, 23/06/2015
"Well done. Lets DO it !!!"
mikael vieh (France) Undertecknat: 09:57, 23/06/2015
Bernhard Kristner (Austria) Undertecknat: 08:43, 23/06/2015
MARK JORGENSEN (United States) Undertecknat: 01:36, 23/06/2015
Rahel Granja (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 20:19, 22/06/2015
"Ja so soll es sein... ich stimme voll und ganz zu :-)"
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