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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Elliot Williams (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 11:02, 08/03/2016
"fuck the system🍁"
Christof Harnau (Germany) Undertecknat: 10:18, 08/03/2016
Bahar Pishgahi (Iran, Islamic Republic of) Undertecknat: 10:03, 08/03/2016
Erik Lopez (United States) Undertecknat: 10:00, 08/03/2016
"I cant wait for the following years.. I have this plan to try to create in 10 yes.. When will it follow through?"
Angelika Hartwig (Germany) Undertecknat: 08:39, 08/03/2016
Randi Lynn (United States) Undertecknat: 08:13, 08/03/2016
Mal Wilk (United States) Undertecknat: 08:12, 08/03/2016
"Beautiful. "
Zion Ortov (United States) Undertecknat: 22:54, 07/03/2016
Manfred Krispin (Germany) Undertecknat: 19:12, 07/03/2016
Michael Lewis (United States) Undertecknat: 18:09, 07/03/2016
Nick Martin (United States) Undertecknat: 17:51, 07/03/2016
"I am ready for this!"
Astrid Moser (Austria) Undertecknat: 16:24, 07/03/2016
"sehr schön...so soll es sein !"
Gerhard Strauss (Austria) Undertecknat: 15:07, 07/03/2016
Bryan William (Cayman Islands) Undertecknat: 09:57, 07/03/2016
Kristin Newton (Japan) Undertecknat: 02:12, 07/03/2016
"May peace and the common good prevail."
Sanya Terra (United States) Undertecknat: 01:08, 07/03/2016
Livea Cherish (United States) Undertecknat: 00:56, 07/03/2016
"Sooooo exciting! and obvious at the same time."
jill ungar (United States) Undertecknat: 00:51, 07/03/2016
asakura kazunori (Japan) Undertecknat: 23:51, 06/03/2016
"I want to make the world. Thank you."
Josef Kunz (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 21:53, 06/03/2016
"Thats right! Lets get going!"
Marion Santjer (Germany) Undertecknat: 12:10, 06/03/2016
"Super das habe ich mir schon immer gewünscht!!!!!!💚💛💜"
Lincoln Justice (United States) Undertecknat: 03:08, 06/03/2016
"The most enjoyable experience we have on earth is creating something new out of our imagination. This is our real motivation for working on any project. We don’t need to be paid with money to do what we enjoy. • We enjoy inventing and creating new things – making music and art. • Designing and building houses for our self and those you love. • Creating a garden, growing food for those you love. • The satisfaction of writing and sharing our thoughts and experiences. We write whether we are ever paid with money. • It is a most delightful experience to voluntarily come together in sexual union to start the creation of a new human life. Involuntary sex is rape. When work is fun, we call it play. We play music, unless we only do it for the money. Then it’s work. "
Barbara Meldrum (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:54, 05/03/2016
"there is enough on this planet for all, let us endeavour to achieve equality for all on a sustainable, peaceful, healthy planet. Namaste. "
Tracy Kolenchuk (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:14, 05/03/2016
"Why do I need to select a country? If I have no country, am I not eligible?"
Bill Bourne (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:11, 05/03/2016
"Love is the greater part of intelligence - way beyond the brain. The brain is useful for logical processes but the heart is essential for wisdom and true progress."