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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Manuela Guerlich Undertecknat: 18:34, 28/09/2017
Carol A JulienUndertecknat: 22:34, 27/09/2017
Vicki LauruhnUndertecknat: 16:18, 27/09/2017
Julia ThorleifsonUndertecknat: 16:06, 27/09/2017
Garrett D'angeloUndertecknat: 14:35, 27/09/2017
Steve DanielUndertecknat: 14:08, 27/09/2017
Evelyn OakleyUndertecknat: 12:49, 27/09/2017
"This was needed THOUSANDS of years ago! Down with money and greed!"
Shawn ClarksonUndertecknat: 02:14, 27/09/2017
"Huge improvement and solid foundation for a genuine community."
Nyarie Hassal-AbbeyUndertecknat: 23:31, 26/09/2017
"Sounds excellent to me"
James O'NeillUndertecknat: 22:24, 26/09/2017
Giliard Cristovam dos Santos GiliUndertecknat: 19:25, 26/09/2017
"Esperança de um mundo simples porém mas melhor para viver conviver, menos injustiça..."
Creig DickersonUndertecknat: 17:06, 26/09/2017
"“... From each according to ability ... to each according to need.” Karl Marx (paraphrase) A concept with Money, Credit, debt, and no need for barter. "
Claudia ReeseUndertecknat: 15:38, 26/09/2017
Elu HorhanUndertecknat: 00:31, 26/09/2017
"Ich bin zutiefst erschrocken in was für eine politische Richtung Deutschland wieder bewegt. So geht es nicht weiter. Die Welt verändert sich zunehmend in die negative Richtung, weil die Menschen Angst haben oder die Augen verschließen. Öffnet diese, seht das alles aus Liebe besteht & wir einen weiterentwickelten, (system)freien Planet anstreben sollten."
Murilo CruzUndertecknat: 22:15, 25/09/2017
"Devemos no juntar e trabalhar num projeto de uma comunidade livre. Só assim veremos a liberdade que tanto queremos, começando assim a fazer alguma diferença."
Guilherme Panta Campos Guilherme P. CamposUndertecknat: 19:37, 25/09/2017
"Que tenhamos a lucidez de entender a importância disso."
Josh EasthamUndertecknat: 14:00, 25/09/2017
Rasmus ArnuschUndertecknat: 20:49, 24/09/2017
"our dreams of today will be the reality of tomorrow"
Maria LyndenUndertecknat: 19:07, 24/09/2017
"I may have signed this before, but am not sure. A money free world would be a blessing and I'm all for it. There will be a lot of resistance from those who are swimming in money and worldly possessions, because they want to hold on to all their wealth. How do we get them on board? "
DIEGO ALEXANDRE DIUndertecknat: 18:16, 24/09/2017
"Acredito que o caminho da humanidade seja o da cooperação mútua, imprescindível na contemporaneidade em prol de uma sobrevivência mais digna para as presentes e futuras gerações."
lara jetfieldUndertecknat: 14:35, 24/09/2017
Anita MillerUndertecknat: 14:03, 24/09/2017
Lucy ShorenzonUndertecknat: 06:18, 24/09/2017
Nicole SchlabachUndertecknat: 05:25, 24/09/2017
youmet yamaquchiUndertecknat: 02:30, 24/09/2017
Carsten KleinowUndertecknat: 21:34, 23/09/2017
João AlvesUndertecknat: 17:40, 23/09/2017
Cecilia ThomasUndertecknat: 20:15, 22/09/2017
"We think it...thus we will achieve it. CJW Thomas"
Blaine MozyliskyUndertecknat: 10:52, 22/09/2017
"''All'' of your advertisements should include the right information like ''An initiative to resolve global suffering with the removal of money,debt... And suggest what we can do to help. Then have fun with different quotes,beliefs,obstacles,fears,updates,fundraising ''always'' feedback,etc. Craft a letter to news broadcasters,newspapers,live television shows,wealthy people,etc... to raise awareness and a need for funding so you can advertise everywhere.If you ever have a question or need advice send an email my way. "
julian quinterosUndertecknat: 03:41, 22/09/2017
"habria que pensar en como hacer una transicion"
Bianca BeUndertecknat: 01:44, 22/09/2017
Joshua BergUndertecknat: 23:05, 21/09/2017
Rolando FebresUndertecknat: 21:49, 21/09/2017
"Estoy de acuerdo con los principios indicados y creo que el autoabastecimiento de energia, alimentos sanos,iluminacion, transporte, reutilizacion del agua y limpieza del aire con energias renovables es el unico camino"
Joseph ChirafisiUndertecknat: 18:38, 21/09/2017
Gary ScottUndertecknat: 14:38, 21/09/2017
Daniel OrellanaUndertecknat: 13:36, 21/09/2017
"Wishing these 10 new commandments may become the new paradigm of consciousness for all Humanity, as soon as possible.!!! "
Paul WilsonUndertecknat: 13:35, 21/09/2017
"While the charter is progress, action is required to enable change and a better future. "
Ezequiel CondeUndertecknat: 21:35, 20/09/2017
Anaïs GarnierUndertecknat: 20:07, 20/09/2017
Jane RichardsUndertecknat: 17:47, 20/09/2017
Ryan TarrUndertecknat: 14:50, 20/09/2017
Phoebe ShoreUndertecknat: 07:53, 20/09/2017
Alan HalversonUndertecknat: 23:38, 19/09/2017
"This is the premise by which we can all learn by and live by for a better life, a better world and a sustainable future for us all."
Jenny TidemoUndertecknat: 21:53, 19/09/2017
Lotta LillebergUndertecknat: 21:51, 19/09/2017
Michael GunnUndertecknat: 16:37, 19/09/2017
SOLEHIN SABTUUndertecknat: 15:41, 19/09/2017
"Try sometime to derive a solution entirely without the use of currency. It could be a wonderful thing."
Tobi KickUndertecknat: 08:58, 19/09/2017
Jaclyn JudyUndertecknat: 02:33, 19/09/2017
Charo Guinea LarcoUndertecknat: 23:08, 18/09/2017

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