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Camelia Tawhiti (New Zealand) Undertecknat: 09:57, 30/08/2014
Tarun Kumar (India) Undertecknat: 04:49, 30/08/2014
Yolanda Klem (United States) Undertecknat: 00:54, 30/08/2014
Aneja Čeh (Slovenia) Undertecknat: 22:16, 29/08/2014
Rachel Hoyt (United States) Undertecknat: 22:00, 29/08/2014
"My only concern is that people will fight over having things.. like wanting the same house to live in.. Who will get the house?.. Will people be willing to share the house and live together? .. The money system does SUCK though that's for sure."
Michael Lanfield (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:29, 29/08/2014
"I agree we must live without money working in harmony with one another and most of all we must all go vegan to save ourselves, help the animals and heal the planet."
Nicole Whelan (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:14, 29/08/2014
Erin Jeffrey (Switzerland) Undertecknat: 20:56, 29/08/2014
Ingrid Flores (Canada) Undertecknat: 20:45, 29/08/2014
karl morgan (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 20:38, 29/08/2014
Sarah Kutzler (United States) Undertecknat: 19:57, 29/08/2014
amanda marie (United States) Undertecknat: 19:11, 29/08/2014
"I am very hopeful that this is the real deal, and not just some scam. Humanity seems to rip itself apart. We work against each other instead of for each other, and it is indeed time for a change. Love should prevail instead of hate. We make each other miserable, then question why things have to be so unfair. The truth is life us unfair because we are unfair. It is a cruel domino effect. I am truly interested in a change. Not just for me, but for the multitudes if lost and dying souls trapped in this God-forsaken existance. I have a dream we can make it better."
Isabella Schwaller (Germany) Undertecknat: 19:02, 29/08/2014
Magdalena Tsapos (Malta) Undertecknat: 18:48, 29/08/2014
Paul Longmate (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:27, 29/08/2014
Emily FitzGerald (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:20, 29/08/2014
"Only 1 % of people in the world are richer than the rest of us put together, and they know it. It's no accident. Money is the ROOT of all evil. Lets be TRULY free, get RID of currency, and REALLY look at each other as equals."
Noah Edwards (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:19, 29/08/2014
Sally Shakespeare (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:18, 29/08/2014
John Sakars (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:56, 29/08/2014
"Thank you very much for creating this charter. I am happy to sign. I am hopeful about the future. We desperately need a new world society. Please let me know how I can help. John Sakars"
Will Eede (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:41, 29/08/2014
David Ramos (Portugal) Undertecknat: 16:47, 29/08/2014
Leah Deacon (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 14:21, 29/08/2014
Dimi Uzi (France) Undertecknat: 12:55, 29/08/2014
Vera Felizardo (Portugal) Undertecknat: 12:31, 29/08/2014
"Finally something I can relate with. Even the groups that aim to evolve with the underlying idea that there's someone to blame are doing it wrong. They're still not 100% working on giving solutions, because they have that on the back of their heads, consuming the Love that should thrive in every being. So much Love for you, guys. I hope that someday we'll turn that "utopia" into the real deal Namaskar Lucius Verus aka Vera Lúcia"
Amanda LEWIS (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:05, 29/08/2014
"Yes please this life is too stressful"