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Underskrifter från Argentina
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Ruan Carlos (Argentina) Undertecknat: 17:44, 11/09/2014
Julia Lesniewicz (Argentina) Undertecknat: 01:48, 08/09/2014
Martín Domínguez (Argentina) Undertecknat: 03:26, 07/08/2014
"Juntos podemos lograrlo. Un mundo sin dinero es posible. Saludos!"
Santiago Pedro Levrino (Argentina) Undertecknat: 21:09, 01/08/2014
Boris Cartman (Argentina) Undertecknat: 00:19, 23/07/2014
Miguel Braidot (Argentina) Undertecknat: 03:46, 04/07/2014
Pablo Pergola (Argentina) Undertecknat: 13:24, 03/07/2014
Leandro Javier Lanuza (Argentina) Undertecknat: 05:17, 02/07/2014
Diego Franco (Argentina) Undertecknat: 04:30, 30/06/2014
sebastian rojo (Argentina) Undertecknat: 22:30, 29/06/2014
Maria del Carmen Choy (Argentina) Undertecknat: 22:11, 28/06/2014
Jorge Ricardo López Arránz (Argentina) Undertecknat: 18:59, 28/06/2014
Lina Gonzàlez Cabral (Argentina) Undertecknat: 18:28, 22/06/2014
"Compartir es la base de la supervivencia.....!!!"
matias vrdoljak (Argentina) Undertecknat: 01:30, 22/05/2014
"nice idea"
Laura Román (Argentina) Undertecknat: 05:33, 20/05/2014
Lara Lara (Argentina) Undertecknat: 00:36, 15/05/2014
Mélani Ludmila (Argentina) Undertecknat: 06:05, 28/04/2014
francisco sanchez (Argentina) Undertecknat: 06:12, 05/04/2014
"you should talk more about the practical solutions! I aprreciatte what youre doing though"
Belén Goitia (Argentina) Undertecknat: 05:12, 05/04/2014
Maria Monica Freijo (Argentina) Undertecknat: 00:57, 05/04/2014
Damian Riccioli (Argentina) Undertecknat: 21:37, 04/04/2014
"My entire life I have felt the necessity for a global change on the view of money. At age ten I somehow became aware that money was the root of all evil on earth. Since then I've ever found it difficult to conform to capitalist society standards. Finally after 25 years I find my thoughts expressed in someone else's manifest. Thanks for this, for I could never find the way to drive my disconfort into a massive movement. I'm IN."
alan alexis velazquez (Argentina) Undertecknat: 04:47, 01/04/2014
Eloy Lukac (Argentina) Undertecknat: 05:53, 26/03/2014
Ese Mismo (Argentina) Undertecknat: 09:44, 08/03/2014
Horacio Font (Argentina) Undertecknat: 05:54, 21/02/2014