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Underskrifter från Australia
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Teresa McFerran (Australia) Undertecknat: 11:23, 25/11/2015
Emmanuel Mouille (Australia) Undertecknat: 18:50, 23/11/2015
Tatiana Smith (Australia) Undertecknat: 16:51, 23/11/2015
Scott Taylor (Australia) Undertecknat: 15:04, 23/11/2015
Katrina McCreadie (Australia) Undertecknat: 08:40, 23/11/2015
Elizabeth FitzRoy (Australia) Undertecknat: 21:09, 22/11/2015
"I want to live in that world please"
Charlie Gilchrist (Australia) Undertecknat: 02:04, 22/11/2015
gary elt (Australia) Undertecknat: 20:11, 18/11/2015
"i had this vision 50 years ago-surprised to see it up and running"
Scott Hansen (Australia) Undertecknat: 13:40, 17/11/2015
David Mcwhinney (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:14, 16/11/2015
"A good and fair charter that all of humanity should be proud of."
Noel Mcwhinney (Australia) Undertecknat: 21:28, 16/11/2015
"Namaste all, the collective consciousness of humanity is stepping up, to meet with our destined future, the divine in us all is emerging more. Hallelujah . Om Shanti, Shanti ,Shanti He. Hari he Om. Love and blessings SUGRIVA 💖💖💖💖"
John A McWhinney (Australia) Undertecknat: 04:29, 15/11/2015
"Please make it HAPPEN !"
Monica Darrough (Australia) Undertecknat: 00:12, 15/11/2015
virginia dyson (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:09, 14/11/2015
"I believe that we do not need money, if everyone put in an honest day's work for them to support the whole community and in return everyone could take what they need we would eradicate greed. If you wanted a certain car go take it, if you wanted certain food etc. go take it. People would learn not to hoard, there would be enough for everyone to take what they need for the here and now. Those that can't or don't want to work? They will still be supported, I think that if we were all looked after and we put in the effort that we are capable of is all we can do. I'm sick of people thinking we're all the same cause we're not! We need to learn to accept the good in each other and learn to trust one another again."
Taylah Brown (Australia) Undertecknat: 23:56, 13/11/2015
Pamela Cooper (Australia) Undertecknat: 11:39, 13/11/2015
Slopo Rodrigez (Australia) Undertecknat: 14:44, 06/11/2015
"Most of my life I have told people we could have a fantastic moneyfree world only to be met with disbelief, derision & inability to think outside of their institutionalised box. Your video simplifies everything into a palletable context. Thank you. Your & my message must be accepted by the majority of the worlds people to bring about this revolutionary change. I will do my best to bring thisbring this about."
Tamara Otello (Australia) Undertecknat: 03:29, 05/11/2015
Daniel Lingard (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:57, 25/10/2015
Irene Kondostanos (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:36, 25/10/2015
"If everything is free and we all work to sustain and support humanity then we all thrive."
Felicity Sparey (Australia) Undertecknat: 06:44, 25/10/2015
shaun lennox (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:49, 23/10/2015
"A country like my home, Australia, has every available resource we need for building a comfortable life for all. But sadly the way of life that we are lead to believe is right, is only making things worse. We should be feeding our homeless and the worlds unfortunate, but our politicians are charging our farmers extortive rates for water usage. We need to stop the pirates of the world from causing unnecessary suffering in the name of profit."
Joshua Grunik (Australia) Undertecknat: 09:46, 17/10/2015
Jonathan Doig (Australia) Undertecknat: 02:44, 12/10/2015
Joanna Baigent (Australia) Undertecknat: 13:33, 10/10/2015
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