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Underskrifter från Australia
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Mile Vanchev (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:04, 23/08/2017

"I am supporting this and hope one day will become reality."
Kevin Mitchell (Australia) Undertecknat: 02:06, 23/08/2017

"Willing to lend a hand in almost anything. If you can relate it to my interests, even better. If you can give me a new interest, fantastic!"
Alcy Infinity (Australia) Undertecknat: 15:25, 22/08/2017

"Brilliant initiative. I would like to help and support it. Thank you so much. Can you contact me please, thank you. love, kindness and happiness. /\\C'/"
Lisa Stewart (Australia) Undertecknat: 03:07, 22/08/2017

"First, do no harm."
Kala Shekinah (Australia) Undertecknat: 11:10, 20/08/2017

"Here for bringing people into their highest destiny "
Caz Forbes (Australia) Undertecknat: 22:56, 18/08/2017

"High Vibes and Happiness 💖 "
Mason Clay (Australia) Undertecknat: 01:29, 18/08/2017
Nick Baron (Australia) Undertecknat: 02:26, 17/08/2017

"I believe in a free world, the transition will not be easy, but it can happen - it's free to dream."
david mitsak (Australia) Undertecknat: 14:48, 10/08/2017
Sunny T (Australia) Undertecknat: 01:52, 10/08/2017
Ahmandla Williams (Australia) Undertecknat: 08:21, 04/08/2017

"Perhaps we can agree that we dont know what we dont know"
Theodor Collett (Australia) Undertecknat: 00:25, 02/08/2017
David Bourne (Australia) Undertecknat: 11:53, 27/07/2017

"Looking to connect to like-minded people about ideas to bring about a money-free world."
Adrienne Gaha-Morris (Australia) Undertecknat: 21:30, 24/07/2017

"Adrienne xx"
Esma Saikip (Australia) Undertecknat: 01:53, 23/07/2017
Matthew Rawlins (Australia) Undertecknat: 12:20, 16/07/2017

"Be the change you want to see in the world "
Matthew Keogh (Australia) Undertecknat: 12:19, 15/07/2017
Amanda Doyle (Australia) Undertecknat: 00:15, 15/07/2017
Amanda Huege de Serville (Australia) Undertecknat: 23:33, 13/06/2017
Laura Paine (Australia) Undertecknat: 18:26, 13/05/2017
Brett Constable (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:52, 11/05/2017
svengali sven (Australia) Undertecknat: 06:39, 27/04/2017
Richard Mochelle (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:52, 26/04/2017
John Brickhouse (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:36, 17/04/2017
Tracey Killen (Australia) Undertecknat: 12:03, 15/04/2017

"I'm having treatment for breast cancer atm so if you need to chat,I'm here for you. I love life and intend to be on this planet for a while yet. Change is a part of life. I accept change and welcome it.💖💗💙💚💛💜❤💟💙💛💚💖💗💙💛💚💜❤💟💛💚"