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Underskrifter från Australia
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Jay Moulton (Australia) Undertecknat: 03:26, 23/08/2014
"I will be buying a large block of land in subtropical NSW in Australia and creating a town based on these principals. If anyone is interested in assisting and joining me please email me. coralium@gmail.com"
Matthew Stirling (Australia) Undertecknat: 11:05, 18/08/2014
Martin Rogers (Australia) Undertecknat: 00:20, 18/08/2014
carl sulz (Australia) Undertecknat: 13:13, 14/08/2014
"I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above and had similar ideas of my own. You can check on my website seatopia.org"
Malcolm Gall (Australia) Undertecknat: 01:48, 13/08/2014
Albert Hunter (Australia) Undertecknat: 23:51, 11/08/2014
Helden Voicemaster (Australia) Undertecknat: 23:30, 11/08/2014
Susan Cheong (Australia) Undertecknat: 13:37, 11/08/2014
Michale-John Stratford (Australia) Undertecknat: 12:32, 09/08/2014
spencer gay (Australia) Undertecknat: 03:56, 02/08/2014
"Totally agree with every aspect"
Paul Hickman (Australia) Undertecknat: 08:46, 31/07/2014
"To quote past first nations traditional custodian and Elder Uncle Ted Gubboo Thomas who said "We Are All One" and " The Best is Yet To Come" "
Aleksandar Romanov (Australia) Undertecknat: 14:05, 28/07/2014
chace leitch (Australia) Undertecknat: 05:07, 28/07/2014
"i have high hopes that this will bring about the change iv been so desperately looking for"
luke malic (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:32, 24/07/2014
Trista Doull (Australia) Undertecknat: 21:11, 16/07/2014
Jason Lowe (Australia) Undertecknat: 06:40, 12/07/2014
sam Hirvi (Australia) Undertecknat: 07:29, 09/07/2014
Dana Collins (Australia) Undertecknat: 03:15, 06/07/2014
Stephen Davies (Australia) Undertecknat: 00:12, 04/07/2014
Adela Kac (Australia) Undertecknat: 12:21, 29/06/2014
CHRISTOPHER HARCOAN (Australia) Undertecknat: 10:58, 29/06/2014
Fintan Wallis (Australia) Undertecknat: 09:44, 29/06/2014
Rolf Krahnert (Australia) Undertecknat: 09:15, 29/06/2014
Lewis Kelly (Australia) Undertecknat: 06:34, 29/06/2014
sue mustill (Australia) Undertecknat: 05:20, 24/06/2014