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Underskrifter från Brazil
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Jean Garrett Jean Garrett (Brazil) Undertecknat: 02:17, 28/03/2017
Carlos Little charlie (Brazil) Undertecknat: 04:17, 16/03/2017
Felipe Fonseca (Brazil) Undertecknat: 05:47, 13/03/2017

"RBE. "
lucas vinicius carrita (Brazil) Undertecknat: 13:32, 08/03/2017

"Dvemos mudar a nossa cultura para nos adequar aos limites do planeta,devemos buscar conhecimento,como disse Albert Einsten"amente que si espande numca volta ao seu tamanho normal"obrigado"
Erica Rocha Erica (Brazil) Undertecknat: 20:40, 28/02/2017
Frans Schoenmaker (Brazil) Undertecknat: 20:12, 17/02/2017
Thonni Mendes Brandão Thonni (Brazil) Undertecknat: 14:16, 14/02/2017

"We need to spread the new values for a new society. The real change cannot be imposed, and this charter is a great way of publicization. Congratulations!"
Lilian Parreiras Martins lilly (Brazil) Undertecknat: 02:22, 14/02/2017
Yao da Silva (Brazil) Undertecknat: 21:54, 01/02/2017

"I'm a swiss musician living in Bahia since 1997. I think that we need deep changes of our way of living. I try myself to be so much as possible far away of mainstream information. Internet is a marvelous tool, I feel like a teenager when I'm online... I'd like to congratulate the team of FWC and wish the transition of our economic system will run really quickly."
Carlos Eduardo da Silva Carlos (Brazil) Undertecknat: 15:24, 31/01/2017
Margae Folchini Gane (Brazil) Undertecknat: 00:59, 24/01/2017
Gerson de Sousa Silva deep nigga (Brazil) Undertecknat: 18:31, 05/01/2017

"Mundo livre pra mim pode ser real,mas devido a toda alienação parece um sonho artístico..."
Camy Condon (Brazil) Undertecknat: 00:43, 05/01/2017

"Unity through kindness and sustainable living. Buy less meet multicultural new friends of all ages. "
Ricardo do Amparo Fooco (Brazil) Undertecknat: 14:17, 27/12/2016

"Iniciativa Revolucionária! Parabéns!"
Annariikka Kyllönen (Brazil) Undertecknat: 13:20, 27/12/2016
Kleiber de Carvalho Ferreira kleibercf (Brazil) Undertecknat: 15:49, 25/11/2016
João Timponi de Moura Timpa (Brazil) Undertecknat: 12:26, 30/10/2016
AUGUSTO CESAR MEDEIROS DE MENDONCA GUSTTO FORTUNE (Brazil) Undertecknat: 13:48, 27/10/2016

"Paz ao Mundo e Prosperidade para Todos."
Gabriel Faillace Thiesen Barata (Brazil) Undertecknat: 22:38, 20/10/2016

"21/04/59 Elevadores Thyssen"
Gledston Guimarães Gle (Brazil) Undertecknat: 17:32, 20/10/2016

"Excelente projeto de futuro melhor ainda praticado imediatamente."
Tiago Rafael Tinos Tiago (Brazil) Undertecknat: 10:49, 20/10/2016

"Gostei muito de saber disto e poder assinar está carta, espero que todos que souberem assinem pois acho que o mundo deve ser justo e ter a igualdade."
Danny Kuhfs (Brazil) Undertecknat: 01:43, 17/10/2016

"Hello, my name is Danny. I've been living in Brazil for 8 years now. As a member of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement I thankfully sign this charter. In Unity & Resonance, Danny "
Daniel Konzett (Brazil) Undertecknat: 23:16, 16/10/2016

"UBUNTU BRASIL pflanzt wieder neue intelligente Waelder fuer die Familie Ubuntu. Unsere Gemeinschaft basist auf der filosofie von Ubuntu und respektiert die Freie Welt Charta. Mach mit, weitersagen http://www.ubuntu.web500.com.br oder http://www.arca.web500.com.br"
Gabriel Canongia (Brazil) Undertecknat: 20:27, 14/10/2016

"3D Printing Molecular Manufacturing Automated Indoors Vertical Farming Lab Grown Meat Automation in general to substitute labor We have the pieces, we just need to build the puzzle in a way that no one in the world society can contest it and FORCE it in every single country, to remove EVERY world leader from power and give 100% of the power to the people, even if those very leaders are one drop in the ocean of humans. The system must also have counter measures against "stupid or ill intentioned decisions" and "Mass Manipulation" It also must take into consideration "crime, punishment and reformation" and "impossibility to reform someone that is too broken" WE MUST CHANGE THIS WORLD. FAST."
Éderson Sales (Brazil) Undertecknat: 03:46, 13/10/2016