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Underskrifter från Canada
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Jim Milne (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:55, 28/07/2014
Al Milne (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:20, 28/07/2014
Antonio Pietroniro (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:49, 27/07/2014
"There will come a time in the very near future when all world communities will come together and see the logic and necessity of what is in this, and other similar charters. When that happens the 1% will become the 100% because all lies and deceptions will crumble in the light."
Nathalie Beaulieu (Canada) Undertecknat: 09:37, 27/07/2014
Mario jodoin (Canada) Undertecknat: 06:09, 16/07/2014
"please let me know when this new charter is approved and used by all countries...... good luck!"
Bryan Persaud (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:44, 15/07/2014
"Thank you! I have been waiting for some kind of human organization to finally articulate these central truths. I am behind the Free World Charter 100%! Please do not hesitate to call on me for anything."
Ticia Grant (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:24, 15/07/2014
"How can this ever be possible? A Utopian society where everyone is considered equal no matter their talents would be a world without competition for resources. Most of lifes creatures compete among themselves, whether it be for food, mating, territory..etc If we take away competitiveness, what will happen to natural selection?"
Norman Muller (Canada) Undertecknat: 05:16, 14/07/2014
Ivan Tattoli (Canada) Undertecknat: 02:53, 14/07/2014
Graham Jones (Canada) Undertecknat: 19:47, 12/07/2014
Gisele Bahbahani (Canada) Undertecknat: 14:49, 10/07/2014
Liz Archer (Canada) Undertecknat: 05:21, 10/07/2014
Luc Arseneault (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:33, 06/07/2014
Mark Hutchinson (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:19, 30/06/2014
"I've thought of this for years already, a world where this is no money. Where knowledge is shared and provides the earth with a clean way of living. A way to provide everyone with the basic needs for life. If the world shared all natural resources and technology it would be a better place to live. Where food is grown at home or stores are large gardens where you go and pick your fruits and vegtables. A world where power is free everywhere by solor and wind power. This is what we need to focus on and the thought of how clean the world will be, how inventions that help the earth stay green will be provided for everyone, how you wont have a full time job to live by, how helping the earth in manyways will be your job and will be paid for helping live at peace. How the job you have now will help get the whole world to live in peace."
Guy Giguere (Canada) Undertecknat: 15:50, 29/06/2014
"Sharing with friends and colleagues "
Justin Melter (Canada) Undertecknat: 01:04, 28/06/2014
Bablu Nadendla (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:01, 27/06/2014
Patrick Girdlestone (Canada) Undertecknat: 06:58, 24/06/2014
Mark Sowers (Canada) Undertecknat: 06:10, 24/06/2014
Mathieu St-Amour (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:19, 23/06/2014
Yves Cummings (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:41, 20/06/2014
Brennan Mccurry (Canada) Undertecknat: 20:54, 19/06/2014
Sara Campbell (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:55, 19/06/2014
Adam Cameron (Canada) Undertecknat: 15:37, 19/06/2014
"Thank you for this Charter!"
Wijdane Akachkach (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:31, 18/06/2014
"I love the idea of a world without money, however, I don't think it should be completely "free" and without obligation. There should still be laws to regulate our lives. Remember that life was once free, but we ruined it with our greed and evil; humans are no angels. Additionally, there are certain jobs that still need to be done by certain people; like pilots, engineers, doctors... etc. Who will make it possible to travel long distances, extract raw material, work on and fix the robots/machines, heal people... etc. In general, I think the idea of a financially free world to be very interesting, however, it is not so simple, and it needs to be studied deeply and analyzed from all aspects. "