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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Tarlochan Dhillon (Canada) Undertecknat: 09:45, 24/10/2014
"These are Divine Universal principles which are applicable to each and every member of the human race. It will create a caring and compassionate society in which the highest in us can flourish and be ennobled. Thank you for creating this group."
Don Davidson (Canada) Undertecknat: 09:21, 24/10/2014
"I agree that our current system is broken, and humanity is on the precipice...and the time for a change is long overdue! I really hope this initiative takes off...the sooner, the better!"
Mike Man (Canada) Undertecknat: 08:51, 24/10/2014
"This doesn't so much apply to my community as our town members are fluoridated and only concerned for themselves"
Lux Cochrane (Canada) Undertecknat: 10:09, 20/10/2014
"One Family Per Planet."
Anna Deane (Canada) Undertecknat: 02:34, 20/10/2014
"I believe that mankind desperately needs to bring massive change to society so that all of its members are afforded a peaceful, equitable, healthy environment, including respect and protection to our earth and all its creatures. We must stop this insatiable greed of the few powerful elite."
cendrine tremblay (Canada) Undertecknat: 00:35, 20/10/2014
Tyler Hall (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:00, 17/10/2014
Joshua Govier (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:57, 12/10/2014
"This plan needs to happen TOMORROW. :D "
April Stuart (Canada) Undertecknat: 23:38, 09/10/2014
Mireille Adeline Fays (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:35, 08/10/2014
Giuseppe Gigliotti (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:05, 06/10/2014
"I agree. "
Alexandre Yasko (Canada) Undertecknat: 14:53, 06/10/2014
Garry Love (Canada) Undertecknat: 05:42, 06/10/2014
Kyle McCormack (Canada) Undertecknat: 19:52, 05/10/2014
"I issue a proud agreement to these ten policies, from the bio-region of Cascadia. One Love!"
audrey burke (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:18, 05/10/2014
"Onlyg missing the issues of religion and disagreements of people and consequently war that may result from it. To some people and/or country. Sadly it has become cultural disease. It is not lead by money. So how could we successfully just stop this madness?"
Pierre Nelson (Canada) Undertecknat: 04:29, 05/10/2014
kayla demers (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:51, 04/10/2014
"I haven't met any other people that think like this and I am so thankful other people in this planet realize that humans aren't the only things here. I wish the earth was like this already. "
Sheldon Ross (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:39, 03/10/2014
"Really happy to see more people and organizations on board the Resource Based Economy train of thought! "
Frieda Baldwin (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:56, 03/10/2014
"Agreed in principle."
Leanne Emma (Canada) Undertecknat: 01:16, 03/10/2014
Michelle Callihoo (Canada) Undertecknat: 01:04, 03/10/2014
Jeffrey Branicki (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:08, 02/10/2014
"Love it, keep up the good work:)"
Chantele Higgins (Canada) Undertecknat: 00:30, 30/09/2014
Jaz Davidson (Canada) Undertecknat: 23:29, 29/09/2014
"This is truly beautiful. There should be no person on Earth, who does not agree with this. Thank you"
Christian Bouchard (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:11, 29/09/2014
"Merci beaucoup pour cette très belle initiative,espérons qu'elle soit couronnée de succès!"