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Underskrifter från Canada
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Carol Christofferson Jean Christofferson (Canada) Undertecknat: 15:41, 24/07/2016
"A place to start"
Isabelle Provencher (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:26, 18/07/2016
"Thank you so much. This is so amasing ! Namasté! Isabelle "
William William Gibson (Canada) Undertecknat: 00:29, 16/07/2016
Jesse O'Leary (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:19, 12/07/2016
"55000 signed up, just over 7,000,000,000 or so left. :)"
Luc Champagne (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:13, 09/07/2016
"I hate money, always hated money and will always hate money. I have been a house painter now for over 30 years and have always dreamed of a day where I could do what I love doing for free. In exchange I could get groceries for free, a roof over my head at no cost and travel around the world worry free. This would truly be heavenly. As a Christian I believe it is possible. The Lord himself left us a prayer and in this prayer he told us to pray for God's will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven. And his will is that we all love one another. So for me to believe that this is impossible would mean I have no faith. Luc"
Thomas Kiesewetter (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:58, 05/07/2016
Justin Justin Drescher (Canada) Undertecknat: 02:44, 30/06/2016
"we are but one mind in multiple forms scattered across earths surface. we all share a common goal of surviving out our lifetimes and in the mean time provide each other with our hard worth through the creations we make daily. we humans are insignificant in the grand view of the universe but working together allows us the ability to travel into the unknown and to learn all we can about the lives we live and the reality of our existence. we are all family no matter what."
Linda Rideout (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:07, 28/06/2016
Ralph Jacob (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:30, 27/06/2016
"It is time to do this, for all of us, here on our home world. "
Hassaan Khan (Canada) Undertecknat: 23:35, 22/06/2016
"Seems like all good things. I write a blog about this."
Richard Burley (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:39, 21/06/2016
"This is a cause that i fully support, endorse and believe in...I am proud to be a part of a community like this one that cares enough to get the word out and help to encourage the process of waking people up!!"
Terry W (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:18, 20/06/2016
"I have been reading and following Jacques Fresco's The Venus Project for many years, I believe it is time to beginning planning this. I am exited to see where this will go to."
Lindsay Shunamon (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:12, 20/06/2016
"It`s time has long come. We must. most of all, advance on a purely conscience level, above the primitive materialistic drives. It is the only way forward. "
Beata Van Berkom (Canada) Undertecknat: 17:07, 20/06/2016
Paul Jean Pinsonneault (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:18, 19/06/2016
"only one thing missing is research in the souls of man kind. Please read the research of Michael Newton, PH.D. Thank you"
Paul Jean Pinsonneault (Canada) Undertecknat: 03:11, 19/06/2016
"only one thing missing is research in the souls of man kind. Please read the research of Michael Newton, PH.D. Thank you"
Hans Bernert (Canada) Undertecknat: 04:10, 18/06/2016
Judy Favidson (Canada) Undertecknat: 16:26, 17/06/2016
"As many begin to awaken from the matrix, we can take our power back in peace and cooperation and in fair, care and share virtues. As a visionary, I see a bright new future starting here and now. Many are coming together to create this now. New systems are in place and are unfolding. This is a glorious time to live in and to be part of the evolution that is now taking place. Namaste to all Judy "
Tyler Vanson (Canada) Undertecknat: 18:40, 16/06/2016
Monika Wright (Canada) Undertecknat: 13:29, 16/06/2016
Brad Tomlinson (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:18, 15/06/2016
TODD WATSON (Canada) Undertecknat: 02:16, 15/06/2016
Deborah Pirzk (Canada) Undertecknat: 20:08, 14/06/2016
"This is great use for social media...the more we stop & think the better off this planet we call home will be for future generations http://onegreenplanet.org/crushplastic It saddens me to know more than 40% of species hav or r on the brink of extinction....all within my lifetime of 5 decades.. Now future generations will never know the many jewels of the animal kingdom that had an important role in Mother Natures perfect balance. We may not speak their language but our fellow creatures understand us better than we ourselves can. Let us be their voice for their right to compassion & freedom to live without fear of mankinds maddness, greed & undeserving entitlement to mother earths resources. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/06/13/elite-scientists-sign-declaration-stating-animals-have-conscious-awareness-just-like-humans/ ~♡~ A soul remains unawake until touched by the love of an animal ~ a soul is born to walk in peace & with kindness to all creation...~♤~ "
Diane adolph (Canada) Undertecknat: 04:01, 14/06/2016
Kevin Pedersen (Canada) Undertecknat: 21:14, 13/06/2016