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Underskrifter från Czech Republic
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Jan Matoušek (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 11:46, 18/03/2015
"Unity is a key"
Aneta Vašová (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 08:00, 15/03/2015
"Hello, i am very glad to hear about this project, i hope it will realize very soon as possible. I believe in power of human beings, we can have simple, nice and interesting life with everything without destruction of nature. You should to more be interest on spiritual life, yes i know technology life is good, but we must grow as a society, with our thinking, awareness and others.. and why people cant work if they like to take care about plants or do anything, work is not bad, only the imagination that we need to do something what is unpleasant ... in New World with this idea of canceling money way .. should live in world of energy. Work should be fun and relations between people could be better and without big problems and agression, based on new school system includes physical side, social, mental or emotional, spiritual and so. :) you can contact me i am working with my friend on these things. with love Annie"
Sven Podzimek (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 01:50, 22/02/2015
Marian Smítka (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 12:53, 03/02/2015
"Jen jsem se zalekl, když jsem četl slovo UDRŽITELNÉ .... což je v projektu Nového světového řádu se kterým nechci mít nic společného."
Patrik Krajčy (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 06:24, 02/02/2015
Bohumil Boháč (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 21:17, 29/01/2015
"Kéž, by to tak bylo. "
René Hajda René Hajda (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 21:22, 28/01/2015
"Prichazime s alternativou soběstačnosti, tím,že začínáme žít v komunitách na pozemku,který nás uživí v přírodě která je pro nás neustále cenná. Ten kdo nám chce pomoct vstát od myšlenek a začít v realitě tvoriť novou zemi ať zavolá na tel. 739 745 489 a můžeme se společně domluvit. Již teď nás přibývá. René Hajda Krnov"
Yo Man @ DOWHATYOULOVE.0ID.ORG (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 00:36, 27/01/2015
Karel Janečka (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 16:28, 24/01/2015
Dagmar Hauser (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 10:06, 10/01/2015
Zdeněk Jansky (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 18:07, 02/01/2015
Petra Sindelarova (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 23:55, 29/12/2014
Lubomir Polasek (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 20:17, 02/12/2014
"Lets stop wars, hunger and inequality.....its time for change and humanity."
Adam Štix (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 19:25, 01/12/2014
Karolina Lhotská (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 12:10, 01/12/2014
Michaela Zatřepálková (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 21:52, 25/11/2014
Jaroslav Borovsky (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 17:25, 16/11/2014
Vladimr varn (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 13:45, 12/11/2014
"Bude to jet? dlouh cesta,...a mon taky ne... Sou?asn stav lidsk spole?nosti je zcela jist? neudriteln a ?lov?k jako ivo?in druh, bude-li lp?t na tomto stavu, nem?e sm sebe nazvat Homo sapiens..."
Marie Veleck (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 12:54, 12/11/2014
Alexandra Novakova (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 00:46, 09/11/2014
Radek Kucera (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 18:45, 01/11/2014
"As a former scout I can tell you that I have passed this life exam back in Czechoslovakia, when we as scouts ( later as the pioneer ) helped build schools and hospitals, cleaned the rivers from trash and helping elder people and so on ..., making the life better place to live and all was done without financial reward. We did it all out of charity, and I am proud what we have done for my people. I love your project and that's why I am signing it and I also believe that once it implements, it will change everything on Earth for good. ♥ God Bless This Charter ♥"
Tereza Rampasová (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 14:35, 21/10/2014
Martin Valek (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 10:41, 24/09/2014
Dalibor Hula (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 12:27, 30/08/2014
Daniel Hroch (Czech Republic) Undertecknat: 03:21, 11/08/2014
"All the ideas come from my heart and I only looking for solution how to help the others in a way that would be easy, funny and smart."