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Underskrifter från Spain
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
pedro rodriguez (Spain) Undertecknat: 18:00, 03/02/2016
rumiana kancheva (Spain) Undertecknat: 13:56, 02/02/2016
Francisco Baez (Spain) Undertecknat: 03:25, 01/02/2016
Asunta Feria Martín (Spain) Undertecknat: 13:07, 20/01/2016
"Me parece una iniciativa maravillosa. Estoy con vosotros/as."
Ant Arrojo (Spain) Undertecknat: 23:56, 30/12/2015
mario rodriguez mccormack (Spain) Undertecknat: 16:17, 30/12/2015
albert Martin (Spain) Undertecknat: 22:50, 27/12/2015
eva martin (Spain) Undertecknat: 22:43, 27/12/2015
Mariam Sordo Zambonino (Spain) Undertecknat: 16:43, 26/12/2015
"Que el 2016 sea el comienzo..."
jose jacinto oliveira costa (Spain) Undertecknat: 02:12, 18/12/2015
Brian McNulty (Spain) Undertecknat: 18:02, 14/12/2015
Héctor Pérez Seré (Spain) Undertecknat: 17:21, 17/11/2015
"I'm Héctor, from Spain. I support your free charter."
Raquel Montoro Rosique (Spain) Undertecknat: 15:03, 25/10/2015
Fran Asperilla (Spain) Undertecknat: 19:06, 22/10/2015
Geert Lesage (Spain) Undertecknat: 08:28, 16/10/2015
"I AGREE,we need to do something now"
Luis Fernández (Spain) Undertecknat: 23:02, 15/10/2015
Maddy Wilcox (Spain) Undertecknat: 14:01, 14/10/2015
Denise Kinahan (Spain) Undertecknat: 21:51, 14/09/2015
david perez fuentes (Spain) Undertecknat: 18:02, 29/08/2015
nelson velasquez carrillo (Spain) Undertecknat: 13:34, 23/08/2015
Elena Santamaría (Spain) Undertecknat: 00:22, 23/08/2015
Simon Smith (Spain) Undertecknat: 12:41, 05/08/2015
"Money is a scourge upon the earth, the root of all corruption and struggles for power. Without money and without a form of "trade" there would be no advantage to power, no backers of the corrupted, no point to politicians who spend their lives taking money. There would be only humanity, and the will to do our very best for eachothers benefit. To do what we ourselves want to do, and not something someone else would be better at just to get by. We would have innovation and a quality of life never before witnessed on earth. We would be happy and exploring the stars within a generation."
Taran Singh (Spain) Undertecknat: 03:49, 14/07/2015
"Excellent!!!!... But how to make it possible... Any Plans to something"
Charlotte Cumberbirch (Spain) Undertecknat: 19:03, 09/07/2015
Marta Capellas (Spain) Undertecknat: 23:20, 05/07/2015
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