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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
James Green (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 20:00, 07/06/2017
Dan Erdei (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 04:13, 02/06/2017
Laura Lumachi Hunton (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 15:02, 31/05/2017

"I do welcome this Charter and its founders' enterprising spirit in getting it together and circulated thus far. Whilst I agree with all the principles in it, the 8th one is worded a bit ambiguously due to its reference to 'progress'. The 'pursuit of progress' has been the shallow mantra of Western civilisation for the last two to three centuries and has been used to promote & justify an iniquitous economic system that has brought our precious planet to the current brink of collapse. I would prefer for that much abused word to be taken out of the Charter. I have a further problem with the application of 'logic' and 'knowledge' being used as criteria to promote the so-called progress: who defines logic and knowledge? Human beings squabble constantly about such concepts! I would personally redefine this principle less ambiguously. Principle 9) is so much clearer and unambiguous. "
Rishi Mehta (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 00:23, 31/05/2017

"So strange, literally this morning I drafted the following and know stumbled across your site: (Re)Investment trumps saving (hoarding of wealth by the rich and corporations means capital is not being re-employed) Free Markets/Trade trumps corporate tax cuts as it gives rise to competition and best deal for consumers (requires regulators to prevent monopolies forming) Economic growth requires prosperous employment (not zero hour contracts, sub-living wages, in-work poverty) Economic growth requires value creation, i.e. both creativity and making something of value (all else will be automated) Economic growth with prosperous & sustainable consumption per citizen trumps GDP (wasting stuff makes GDP go up, and also doesn't take into account environmental costs or population growth) (There are more points I can't fit...) "
Nathan Mccarthy (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 05:25, 30/05/2017
Stephanie Leather (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 07:48, 26/05/2017
Chris Last (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 12:57, 25/05/2017
Christopher Allen (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 23:30, 24/05/2017
Steven Blackwood (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 22:06, 11/05/2017
Samuel Eccles (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:36, 11/05/2017
Julie Johnson (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:28, 08/05/2017

"J Johnson"
Diana Da Silva (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 19:42, 06/05/2017
Julie Wait (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 07:04, 06/05/2017
linda Robinson (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 11:54, 05/05/2017
richard blong (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 14:07, 04/05/2017
Manuel Assis (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 00:33, 02/05/2017
Dan Demeter (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 22:28, 30/04/2017

"If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn't we?"
Michael Wood (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 22:28, 30/04/2017
Michael Sweetlove (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:53, 27/04/2017
Sean Wallace (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 00:56, 26/04/2017
Peter Paul Parker (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 15:47, 19/04/2017

"I ca see the world needs to change and people need to cooperate and not compete to build the world we all want to live in."
Matthew Luscombe (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 15:41, 12/04/2017

"I have been lending my artistic skills freely all my life, most recently to the Ubuntu Movement. Sharing my gifts freely has always made sense."
Patsy Robinson (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 21:54, 09/04/2017
Mark Preston (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:15, 05/04/2017
Cheri Scott (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 10:23, 02/04/2017