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Underskrifter från United Kingdom
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CHARLES BRITTON (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 01:20, 17/12/2014
Tim Robinson (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 23:21, 16/12/2014
Charles W E Loft (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 22:27, 16/12/2014
Andrew Bruus (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 17:29, 16/12/2014
Alec Bruce (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 11:46, 15/12/2014
Ian Sanders (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 12:42, 13/12/2014
Nadene Coetzee (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 09:01, 13/12/2014
Declan Field (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:54, 12/12/2014
Stafford Reynolds (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 11:55, 11/12/2014
Jon Shaw (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 08:01, 10/12/2014
"The time has come to end Wage Slavery."
Michael Marshall (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 01:16, 10/12/2014
akos nagy (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 17:37, 09/12/2014
Emma Brown (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 12:15, 08/12/2014
john brown (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 07:45, 07/12/2014
Chloe Smith (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 21:35, 06/12/2014
"I believe this is the best way forward, who wouldn't like a world without the stress and burden of money! Let's be free, courageous, generous and share our humanity with the world and the living things that we share this world with."
Fin Matthews (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 13:26, 06/12/2014
"The reason our personal freedoms, environment and biodiversity have become critically endangered by our mismanagement of global resources, is due to the systems we have in place to support these, and right now these systems are totally inadequate and have no proper control or regulation. The current society is also driven by corporate greed (primarily shareholder gain), which in itself is not well aligned to that which promotes progress and technology, and guarantees a healthy, diverse and sustainable world for all species. This is a clear flaw in the current system, that is in serious need of addressing. "
Matthew nolan (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 16:37, 04/12/2014
"I am in support of a world that accepts and makes efforts to encompass all if the above 10 statements that I have agreed with and hope to see this fundamental and much needed radical change within my lifetime. It's now time to mature as a species and live with the benefits in a more prosperous way that technology can allow us to do."
Anne Darbyshire (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 16:33, 04/12/2014
wendy hansom (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 09:12, 02/12/2014
chris buckley (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 07:14, 02/12/2014
"Its time for change ,get rid of greed false manipulative money making laws and ignorance and start looking after the Planet .Money has caused so much suffering and divide ,money is a thing that is useless in the dessert, its a tool of enslavement used by demented control freaks when in reality people are all born equal and should remain equal to share a planet that belongs to us all ."
Katherine Mann (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 19:33, 01/12/2014
James Fleuriot (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 18:59, 01/12/2014
Alfred Clark (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 13:20, 01/12/2014
Jonathan Crampton (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 19:05, 30/11/2014
Rod Clarke (United Kingdom) Undertecknat: 16:04, 30/11/2014