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Underskrifter från Croatia
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Marta Sušek (Croatia) Undertecknat: 14:46, 16/08/2015
Kristijan Kolačko (Croatia) Undertecknat: 10:15, 22/07/2015
"All is Limitless One"
Katarina Matasić (Croatia) Undertecknat: 19:57, 11/07/2015
Jasna Pšeničnik (Croatia) Undertecknat: 14:45, 25/06/2015
lina vlajcetic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 11:41, 25/06/2015
Sergej Trajković (Croatia) Undertecknat: 00:42, 11/06/2015
Ante Pilic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 12:59, 08/06/2015
ASTRID Radošević (Croatia) Undertecknat: 13:01, 06/06/2015
"potpisujem 06.06.2015.g."
Mirjana Andres-Rogović (Croatia) Undertecknat: 07:35, 06/06/2015
VEDRANA ČABRIJAN (Croatia) Undertecknat: 16:36, 05/06/2015
"8. naše društvo pronalazi rješenja i ubrzava napredak prvenstveno na temelju svih znanja arhiviranih u nama - Dušama, koja znanja primjenjujemo kroz našu svijest razvijajući je do savršenstva Tvorca 11. pravo na Vječni Život i Vječni harmonični razvoj, neprikosnoveno je pravo svih ljudi, životinja, biljaka, minerala, voda, etera i cjelokupnog Univerzuma"
Linda Baćac (Croatia) Undertecknat: 12:35, 05/06/2015
"Golubica Bijela ovo apsolutno podržava!"
Lidija Popovic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 07:24, 05/06/2015
Neno Crvelin (Croatia) Undertecknat: 03:10, 05/06/2015
"I'm just a dreamer, but I'm not the only one who's searching for the way dreaming always for a better days! I dream of the day where everyone gets along with each other. I dream of putting where personal beliefs behind you for one second did, and putting love ahead of you has done instead. I decided to open my eyes and think about what you can do to progress, instead of thinking how I want to succeed. I want to clean the oceans, the rivers where the fish do not float on the water surface, because the extension under water poisons them. I want clean air, clean land and prosperous fields. I want a place where they can grow together in acceptance, freedom, love and unity. I want to laugh today, and do not worry about the future. I want to see the poor smile. The rich give. And tears of pain gone. I want to see people happy in this country, from north to south, east to west. Just as I was happy. I am a dreamer. But most importantly ... I want to change. I am a believer! "
Nela Pejkovic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 17:57, 02/04/2015
Dominik Furjan (Croatia) Undertecknat: 07:46, 10/02/2015
ante coso (Croatia) Undertecknat: 21:17, 02/02/2015
stipe lelas (Croatia) Undertecknat: 20:47, 02/02/2015
"One love.:)"
sandi cosic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 06:32, 29/01/2015
Kristina borovac (Croatia) Undertecknat: 18:14, 10/01/2015
Anika Žegarac (Croatia) Undertecknat: 00:02, 10/01/2015
Hrvoje Jozinovic (Croatia) Undertecknat: 14:52, 16/12/2014
"All hierarchy (laws, regulations, any person being "above" another) must be abandoned"
mladen konta (Croatia) Undertecknat: 16:47, 29/11/2014
Danijela Bujanović (Croatia) Undertecknat: 20:53, 26/11/2014
DARINKA KOLONIC (Croatia) Undertecknat: 16:39, 26/11/2014
FAHRUDIN KOLONIC (Croatia) Undertecknat: 12:59, 26/11/2014
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