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Underskrifter från Ireland
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Michael Nangle (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:25, 14/09/2014
tomas ronan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 09:22, 14/09/2014
mary goss (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:24, 13/09/2014
Paul O'Riordan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:25, 05/09/2014
Jason Mc Dermott (Ireland) Undertecknat: 03:17, 18/08/2014
Denis Connaughton (Ireland) Undertecknat: 10:06, 17/07/2014
Joe White (Ireland) Undertecknat: 11:12, 12/07/2014
Niamh Mcdonogh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:44, 03/07/2014
Dawn FitzGerald (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:04, 30/06/2014
Mike Walsh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 21:09, 29/06/2014
kieran kearns (Ireland) Undertecknat: 19:56, 29/06/2014
John McConway (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:02, 29/06/2014
"The idea of Government must disappear. We do not need so called "leaders" or to follow a hierarchical structure. We are not ants. What we need are teachers or instructors who will pass on the knowledge that we can actually use i.e. agriculture, technology. Then we will become the teachers or instructors who in turn will pass on that knowledge to the next generation."
Claire Cullinane (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:13, 28/06/2014
"This is so perfect and makes so much sense. Transformation and evolution. NOW is the time. Bless the work."
Be Reynolds (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:13, 23/06/2014
Eoin Keith (Ireland) Undertecknat: 18:17, 22/06/2014
George Reynolds (Ireland) Undertecknat: 16:23, 22/06/2014
Eddie O'Neill (Ireland) Undertecknat: 08:01, 21/06/2014
Denis Connaughton (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:17, 20/06/2014
Rick Wilbrink (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:00, 18/06/2014
"Start doing things because you CAN not because someone says you HAVE to."
Bernadette Lacey (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:09, 16/06/2014
"I would very much like to be involved in your work, as I feel very drawn to your ideals of a fairer, more sustainable, compassionate and spiritual approach to life on Earth."
Francis Kuhn (Ireland) Undertecknat: 12:32, 13/06/2014
"I'm happy to have found this Website. I was was listening to South East Radio this morning. A Member of Free World Charter was being interviewed. What he said is totally true. "
lar byrne (Ireland) Undertecknat: 12:12, 13/06/2014
Georgina Shortt (Ireland) Undertecknat: 12:09, 13/06/2014
Jason P (Ireland) Undertecknat: 03:44, 21/05/2014
Ben VSS (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:29, 09/05/2014