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Underskrifter från Ireland
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Elke Jestädt (Ireland) Undertecknat: 10:11, 29/01/2016
Samantha Hayes (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:34, 18/01/2016
"Free your mind to the idea of a free world"
Gavin Mc Cabe (Ireland) Undertecknat: 10:22, 04/01/2016
ANTHONY WHELAN (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:00, 03/01/2016
Denis O Brien (Ireland) Undertecknat: 18:36, 26/12/2015
Stephen O'Mahony (Ireland) Undertecknat: 12:55, 09/12/2015
marie petrak (Ireland) Undertecknat: 12:40, 13/11/2015
Leo Mc Loughlin (Ireland) Undertecknat: 13:59, 22/08/2015
Marjan Wouda (Ireland) Undertecknat: 08:05, 28/07/2015
Deborah Connolly (Ireland) Undertecknat: 19:59, 12/07/2015
Fintáin Molloy (Ireland) Undertecknat: 08:59, 11/07/2015
Barbara Stachon (Ireland) Undertecknat: 22:40, 10/07/2015
Kern McCarthy (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:48, 26/06/2015
Burt Bassit (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:11, 15/06/2015
Geoff Brennan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 21:52, 26/05/2015
Malachy McCormack (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:46, 20/05/2015
"An inevitable step in order for humanity to survive, let alone flourish. The sooner we make the transition the better."
Francis Daly (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:58, 12/05/2015
Ashley Boland (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:06, 27/04/2015
Stephen Brady (Ireland) Undertecknat: 08:29, 09/03/2015
Peter Behan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:50, 28/02/2015
"I dream of a world where unity for all out weighs the unity of the few, where power and greed are no longer a need and everyone shares and helps cause they can, where the earth is our home and land is to stand no flag or boarders to keep us divided, a true and free society where knowledge and science banish ignorance and superstition, where we can all live in peace with enough for all to eat, this and much more is my simple little dream."
Bertalan Csizmas (Ireland) Undertecknat: 19:48, 25/02/2015
"Let's do it now!!!"
Noel Lenaghan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 13:22, 10/02/2015
Sali Mafo (Ireland) Undertecknat: 01:11, 10/02/2015
"A wonderful charter. For many years now I have been thinking this way,it's time to say that European civilization has destroyed humanity?"
Derek Clabby (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:54, 10/02/2015
"There is no mountain high enough that we cannot climb, we'll keep on trying. "
lisa egan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 21:43, 09/02/2015
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