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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Stephanie Woods (Ireland) Undertecknat: 13:58, 30/10/2014
Leandro Garcia (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:00, 26/10/2014
"I am totally agree with the idea of a "free world", money makes our work-spent-time unequal, inflation doesn't have a reasonal explanation too, I believe in a better world where everyone can give their best, and I strongly believe that everyone has rights since is born because of the fact of a human being. I believe in peace and love rather than war and self-fulfilment. You won't be happy if your neighbour is not happy, key of succesfulness is about sharing our bests for the simple reason to contribute to the world and the society. Economy shouldn't be a problem, as a society we should only need to be focus in progress on health and happiness, how to be more brothers and sisters instead of fighting for money, political or religious reasons. I always think in which way we can improve our world, I arrived to several conclusions, and the one you proposed is one of them, so I'm glad that this exist to give voice and that others can know about it. I hope that other can understand it too. "
Ronan O'Donoghue (Ireland) Undertecknat: 18:13, 23/10/2014
mary mannix (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:23, 19/10/2014
Neville Kavanagh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 21:23, 08/10/2014
padraig o raghallaigh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 19:27, 24/09/2014
Emma O'Neill (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:57, 24/09/2014
Gearóid Conway (Ireland) Undertecknat: 01:38, 24/09/2014
Evan Whelan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 10:36, 23/09/2014
Maria Ford (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:26, 22/09/2014
"I believe that the world community should be defined by striving to meet the needs of every species. The earth should be shared fairly We have world peace but war interrupts it, we have all we need to survive but greed and tyranny controls it. We are born free and should enjoy this earth without borders or restrictions as the best of our ability is enhanced by freedom to explore new possibilities. "
Michael Nangle (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:25, 14/09/2014
tomas ronan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 09:22, 14/09/2014
mary goss (Ireland) Undertecknat: 23:24, 13/09/2014
Paul O'Riordan (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:25, 05/09/2014
Jason Mc Dermott (Ireland) Undertecknat: 03:17, 18/08/2014
Denis Connaughton (Ireland) Undertecknat: 10:06, 17/07/2014
Joe White (Ireland) Undertecknat: 11:12, 12/07/2014
Niamh Mcdonogh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 20:44, 03/07/2014
Dawn FitzGerald (Ireland) Undertecknat: 00:04, 30/06/2014
Mike Walsh (Ireland) Undertecknat: 21:09, 29/06/2014
kieran kearns (Ireland) Undertecknat: 19:56, 29/06/2014
John McConway (Ireland) Undertecknat: 14:02, 29/06/2014
"The idea of Government must disappear. We do not need so called "leaders" or to follow a hierarchical structure. We are not ants. What we need are teachers or instructors who will pass on the knowledge that we can actually use i.e. agriculture, technology. Then we will become the teachers or instructors who in turn will pass on that knowledge to the next generation."
Claire Cullinane (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:13, 28/06/2014
"This is so perfect and makes so much sense. Transformation and evolution. NOW is the time. Bless the work."
Be Reynolds (Ireland) Undertecknat: 17:13, 23/06/2014
Eoin Keith (Ireland) Undertecknat: 18:17, 22/06/2014