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Underskrifter från India
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Tautik Das (India) Undertecknat: 07:51, 30/09/2016
Swati Bhatia (India) Undertecknat: 11:27, 14/09/2016

"I want a money free world! This is the future! "
rakesh garai (India) Undertecknat: 07:16, 30/08/2016
Daisy Cherian (India) Undertecknat: 17:29, 24/08/2016
Pankaj Nair (India) Undertecknat: 16:19, 10/08/2016
Dev Daniels (India) Undertecknat: 19:24, 02/08/2016
prakash deep (India) Undertecknat: 12:06, 18/07/2016
VISHNU SANKAR (India) Undertecknat: 10:12, 18/07/2016
Manoj Subramanyam (India) Undertecknat: 20:06, 16/07/2016

"I always dream of this world of freedom where one do things because they like to but not because they have to."
VISHNU SWARUP O V (India) Undertecknat: 04:13, 17/06/2016

"kindly let me know how i can contribute to a free world charter"
HITEN VERMA (India) Undertecknat: 14:12, 16/06/2016

"God doesn't make us like this. Its the money which divides us."
Dinesh Darnal (India) Undertecknat: 10:25, 16/06/2016
sandy blaze (India) Undertecknat: 19:40, 15/06/2016
Bhavani A (India) Undertecknat: 16:19, 14/06/2016
lingesh kalingarayar (India) Undertecknat: 14:46, 14/06/2016
Lead Mechery (India) Undertecknat: 10:48, 14/06/2016

"May it be so. "
Kalyan Akkipeddi (India) Undertecknat: 09:26, 14/06/2016
Neelpuri goswami (India) Undertecknat: 11:15, 10/06/2016
Sebastian Tarao (India) Undertecknat: 18:49, 07/06/2016

"It was my dream but now this is real."
Ganesh K (India) Undertecknat: 07:18, 31/05/2016
Gajanan Latthe (India) Undertecknat: 17:55, 21/05/2016

"Nothing could be more important and urgent.I have been making consistent efforts to live by these principles in my own and in my family life and all my interactions with the world"
julie palkhivala (India) Undertecknat: 05:47, 20/05/2016
prashant nalawade (India) Undertecknat: 13:22, 05/05/2016

"I think anarchy principal and these principal could help each other to survive."
Pranav Joshi (India) Undertecknat: 16:47, 03/05/2016

"This is what the world needs today! WE will make this happen together!"
Jitendra Kumar (India) Undertecknat: 17:12, 01/05/2016