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Underskrifter från Netherlands
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
aartje siemensma (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:30, 16/10/2014
Paula Lustemberg (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 20:02, 15/10/2014
"Ustedes son exactamente la única gente que quiero tener como amigos. Gracias y quiero que sepan que voy a formar parte de vuestro grupo."
Rene Klever (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 19:51, 15/10/2014
M Vallentgoed (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 18:59, 29/09/2014
Harry van Es (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 18:41, 25/09/2014
Aïda El Hinnawy (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 18:20, 24/09/2014
"Let's start asap!"
Ed Regeer (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 18:17, 24/09/2014
"When can we start?"
Bart Walraven (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:57, 24/09/2014
"Wake up world!"
Jevon Thole (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 15:47, 21/09/2014
Nicole Peeters (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 13:15, 21/09/2014
Luuk van den Einden (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 08:31, 21/09/2014
Wouter van Lierop (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 00:05, 21/09/2014
Jeroen Basten (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 07:12, 20/09/2014
José Kolkman-Smeets (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 15:36, 19/09/2014
Judith Kolkman-Smeets (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:52, 19/09/2014
"This way of life is how it is suppose to be <3"
Dennis smith (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 02:52, 14/09/2014
"If only.. But I'm afraid utopia cannot be made without removing the rich, removing the fanatics.. etc etc.. Any case though.. wanted to pop in and sign. Cheers."
Chiel van Meeuwen (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 20:17, 06/09/2014
James Gijbels (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:02, 04/09/2014
"I sincerely hope we can build this world without useless killing of enything that lives this planet,Except for plants "
Steven Zwerink (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 03:37, 03/09/2014
"So simple yet so far away. We have to start somewhere so let's start here!"
Agnes Heethaar (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:46, 30/08/2014
Robbin Jongsma (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 12:20, 27/08/2014
Lex Boeré (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 14:12, 26/08/2014
bart van Gurp (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:21, 26/08/2014
Joris Speets (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:41, 25/08/2014
Lisa andriese (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 00:31, 23/08/2014