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Underskrifter från Netherlands
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Cornelis van Gaalen (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 01:05, 11/07/2016
Grytsje Kramer (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 00:11, 11/07/2016
J. de Vries (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 15:38, 02/07/2016
Nina Judin (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 13:38, 01/07/2016
Afke van der Woud (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 07:59, 27/06/2016
Frans van 't voort (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:24, 26/06/2016
"Best id, have this idea for over 10 years now, good to see someone work with it."
Devi-Nora van der Zwan (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:45, 14/06/2016
barkey denise (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 07:08, 14/06/2016
Robert Rieck (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 21:44, 13/06/2016
Dave Hopman (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 19:24, 13/06/2016
Xander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:02, 13/06/2016
Simon Jauke Jonker (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 22:19, 05/06/2016
Jessica Molendijk (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:40, 01/06/2016
Sander Verhoef (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 20:49, 24/05/2016
"I really look forward to the day we live in such society, living with a grudge to this monetary system of us, isn't a way to live at all, with that I mean, we do everything against our morals to survive... What can I do to help?"
Nathalie Verplanke-Meulbroek (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 19:58, 22/05/2016
Ewa Jaroch (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:42, 19/05/2016
Włodzimierz Pelowski (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 16:17, 16/05/2016
MB Maat (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 18:47, 14/05/2016
Natalia Uzieblo Kiyak (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 08:59, 14/05/2016
Suzanne Stoetzer (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 09:34, 02/05/2016
"I can agree wholeheartly with 9 of the 10 points. I have my doubts, however, about point 8: to depend mostly on the scentific method to bring about this change, might prove to be a serious trap in creating a uniformity that will proof deadly to the spirit. It is the diversity in nature and the differences between human beings that makes life unique."
leon Hakvoort (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 10:07, 27/04/2016
Alice Vermeulen (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 02:07, 27/04/2016
Sahlan Momo (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 07:38, 25/04/2016
Marek Kaznodzieja (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 23:00, 21/04/2016
Arwen Offenberg (Netherlands) Undertecknat: 12:29, 19/04/2016
"Let's make it so"