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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Karin DomUndertecknat: 12:35, 07/03/2018
Myrrha .Undertecknat: 12:24, 07/03/2018
Rosan StuijtUndertecknat: 10:47, 26/02/2018
Ramon PotterUndertecknat: 01:17, 28/11/2017
"Beautiful. I cried. "
Nasser Oweir Undertecknat: 22:44, 01/11/2017
"الأرض ميراث مشترك للجميع."
Tadas EidukeviciusUndertecknat: 02:38, 01/11/2017
Sascha van der MeerUndertecknat: 05:57, 27/10/2017
Eddy BaetensUndertecknat: 17:48, 26/10/2017
Vladyslav DidenkoUndertecknat: 22:13, 11/10/2017
Remco Van hoftrUndertecknat: 16:55, 17/08/2017
"Everything you see is yourself"
Loraine PijperUndertecknat: 12:59, 17/08/2017
J.L. VisserUndertecknat: 20:30, 05/08/2017
Carlos RibeiroUndertecknat: 08:05, 17/07/2017
Shanto OdmarkUndertecknat: 22:00, 02/07/2017
"A human being from planet Earth. No more, no less."
C WennerUndertecknat: 00:26, 23/06/2017
Zoe VerbaantUndertecknat: 01:16, 03/04/2017
"We reached a time of big changes! Its time we learn from our pasts, use those lessons and leave a flawing system behind instead of sticking with it until it drags us down with its fall, and let history repeat. Scary? Yep.. but more awareness is less fear, embrace trial and error/success as the best way to learn and while we slowly develope as this new global community we'll start comprehending and it will all make sense, not just in your thoughts but in you.. Lets leave this toxic way of life and step into a better world for every body and every being!"
Mela LodieUndertecknat: 08:31, 19/03/2017
"Very much agree, good initiative !"
Alex KlompUndertecknat: 10:24, 15/02/2017
Rein van den BergUndertecknat: 21:56, 13/02/2017
Frans LangenkampUndertecknat: 15:11, 23/12/2016
"Education is the key!"
Koen CrommentuijnUndertecknat: 19:35, 18/12/2016
Willy SparrowUndertecknat: 19:44, 17/11/2016
"Thanks so much for this initiative! we keep pushing for civilization and the reach of our full potential as universal beings."
Vesna MirovićUndertecknat: 20:11, 08/11/2016
Martin KokUndertecknat: 14:44, 27/10/2016
willeke van kempenUndertecknat: 14:37, 27/10/2016
TOMASZ GORSKIUndertecknat: 18:28, 10/10/2016
Janine WoltersUndertecknat: 18:27, 10/10/2016
Elze KoliapidisUndertecknat: 12:57, 09/10/2016
Vipin TannaUndertecknat: 16:03, 07/10/2016
Paul RobertUndertecknat: 19:10, 04/10/2016
Łukasz Tomala TomalaUndertecknat: 10:38, 03/09/2016
"Inequality no more..."
Daniel HennyUndertecknat: 19:45, 28/08/2016
Mija HamersUndertecknat: 17:28, 22/08/2016
Paula AraujoUndertecknat: 10:42, 22/08/2016
Henk van DoornUndertecknat: 09:13, 20/08/2016
"It's about time we sort this collectively..count me in!"
Paul de HaanUndertecknat: 08:32, 20/08/2016
Paul de HaanUndertecknat: 08:30, 20/08/2016
Hubert SlijperUndertecknat: 09:22, 15/08/2016
Jasper SpieringsUndertecknat: 11:12, 02/08/2016
Lettie EshuisUndertecknat: 11:32, 31/07/2016
"Laten we met zijn allen de wereld nog mooier maken dan ze al is ❤️"
Jorgen BazinUndertecknat: 00:05, 29/07/2016
Alice VermeulenUndertecknat: 00:11, 26/07/2016
"We need to teach our children self compassion starting at Kindergarten. It's the only way we can truely change new generations to being truely compassionate towards all beings including nature."
Merijn TestrooteUndertecknat: 15:17, 24/07/2016
wouter vernooijUndertecknat: 10:55, 24/07/2016
Cornelis van GaalenUndertecknat: 01:05, 11/07/2016
Grytsje KramerUndertecknat: 00:11, 11/07/2016
J. de VriesUndertecknat: 15:38, 02/07/2016
Nina JudinUndertecknat: 13:38, 01/07/2016
Afke van der WoudUndertecknat: 07:59, 27/06/2016
Frans van 't voortUndertecknat: 10:24, 26/06/2016
"Best id, have this idea for over 10 years now, good to see someone work with it."

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