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Underskrifter från Poland
Visar 735 Underskrifter från Poland  [Visa alla länder]
(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Kamil Kotarba (Poland) Undertecknat: 14:37, 14/04/2014
Inga Kurzydłowska (Poland) Undertecknat: 17:03, 06/04/2014
Ewelina Kurnatowska (Poland) Undertecknat: 11:50, 05/04/2014
Adam Sobol (Poland) Undertecknat: 09:14, 05/04/2014
MACIEJ OSINOWSKI (Poland) Undertecknat: 07:54, 05/04/2014
"We CAN fix all the mistakes that money driven people did to earth and ourselves but we need to do it TOGHETHER!!!"
Jarosław Szafranek (Poland) Undertecknat: 11:16, 01/04/2014
Kasia Lis (Poland) Undertecknat: 12:24, 30/03/2014
Marek Sekowski (Poland) Undertecknat: 20:12, 25/03/2014
Michał Truszkowski (Poland) Undertecknat: 21:24, 24/03/2014
ALICJA GRECO (Poland) Undertecknat: 09:43, 24/03/2014
Mateusz Kruszniewski (Poland) Undertecknat: 12:03, 17/02/2014
szymon krupa (Poland) Undertecknat: 15:10, 16/02/2014
Paweł Sadowski (Poland) Undertecknat: 14:45, 13/02/2014
Zbigniew Łokas (Poland) Undertecknat: 20:44, 05/02/2014
"Free ...."
Krystyna Ciak (Poland) Undertecknat: 19:37, 05/02/2014
Piotr Żygadło (Poland) Undertecknat: 18:29, 05/02/2014
Aleksander Tarwid (Poland) Undertecknat: 12:00, 27/01/2014
Ewa Szczepaniak (Poland) Undertecknat: 13:19, 21/01/2014
Maciej Grzesiak (Poland) Undertecknat: 09:31, 19/01/2014
Mateusz Przybysz (Poland) Undertecknat: 17:58, 17/01/2014
Roland Kordowski (Poland) Undertecknat: 13:36, 17/01/2014
"Our planet, is our home, and we dont use money at home..."
Robert Kożuszek (Poland) Undertecknat: 07:51, 17/01/2014
Lukasz Bakula (Poland) Undertecknat: 03:12, 17/01/2014
"We need to stop acting against each other in any way. This should include not only war but also trading behavior and many more."
Patrycja Jowita (Poland) Undertecknat: 17:50, 16/01/2014
Maciej Mąka (Poland) Undertecknat: 17:45, 16/01/2014
"Hi, my name is Maciek. I was thinking a lot about your concept of world. That is the same like mine."