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Underskrifter från Sweden
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(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
Nice Gran (Sweden) Undertecknat: 14:06, 24/03/2015
Daniel Pallin (Sweden) Undertecknat: 16:11, 23/03/2015
"We are one. Planet Earth."
Mats Rydberg (Sweden) Undertecknat: 00:57, 21/03/2015
"A free world without money that govern our thinking that we have to work to pay our debts instead of working for what we need to survive. If all people have a normal and fair standard of living and social justice would automatically reduce the world's population and we would not have an overpopulated Earth. A free world without war and hunger in poor countries would stop terrorism and its retaliation worldwide. No man on earth would no longer have any reason to go to war and treat people badly because of race or religion. Money control all wars and misery around the world and it is only 1% of the world's population that owns more than half of the earth's resources which is really our universal access, our birthright for we are all people of the same origin..."
christoffer granqivst (Sweden) Undertecknat: 22:50, 09/03/2015
Nina Ivarsson (Sweden) Undertecknat: 19:51, 09/03/2015
Finn Jacobsen (Sweden) Undertecknat: 19:27, 23/02/2015
"A well formulated charter that anyone in her/his right mind would agree to."
Stefan Heino (Sweden) Undertecknat: 17:02, 05/02/2015
Selma Karlsdottir (Sweden) Undertecknat: 20:53, 18/01/2015
omar al atrash (Sweden) Undertecknat: 02:22, 09/01/2015
Haneulbit Olbareun (Sweden) Undertecknat: 00:12, 30/12/2014
Leif Danielsson (Sweden) Undertecknat: 10:53, 22/12/2014
Augusto Cabrera (Sweden) Undertecknat: 05:25, 21/12/2014
christina souri (Sweden) Undertecknat: 07:21, 18/12/2014
Gustav Silfverskild (Sweden) Undertecknat: 18:46, 18/11/2014
Robert Bielik (Sweden) Undertecknat: 14:46, 18/11/2014
Lisa Brusewitz (Sweden) Undertecknat: 23:48, 16/11/2014
Andreas Alme (Sweden) Undertecknat: 23:21, 16/11/2014
Jonathan Walther (Sweden) Undertecknat: 17:52, 16/11/2014
Tinna Gydjashimai (Sweden) Undertecknat: 00:14, 29/10/2014
Oscar Sundelin (Sweden) Undertecknat: 23:06, 14/10/2014
Cristina Willén (Sweden) Undertecknat: 10:59, 05/10/2014
"The system of money has always been for the few... and the history, science, mainstream media etc just condition us to live as slaves for those few. Connecting the dots and free yourself! "
Mr ? (Sweden) Undertecknat: 16:35, 28/09/2014
Justin Lovenow (Sweden) Undertecknat: 06:27, 27/09/2014
Carl Runge (Sweden) Undertecknat: 00:13, 26/09/2014
Jonas Philipson (Sweden) Undertecknat: 21:25, 25/09/2014
"In Gratitude To All Are One!"