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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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M. Özgür Şahin Undertecknat: 19:49, 14/09/2017
Hasan Emre KucukUndertecknat: 13:49, 10/07/2016
ASLI OZTURKUndertecknat: 00:09, 07/08/2015
Aleksandar KelemenUndertecknat: 13:49, 24/07/2014
gheas alsammanUndertecknat: 13:40, 03/05/2014
Göksel TemelUndertecknat: 12:21, 05/04/2014
Serkan ÜnalanUndertecknat: 07:39, 16/01/2014
ÜNAL YILMAZUndertecknat: 12:09, 31/08/2013
"Truth will set us free.All the problems of the world is rooted from miseducation and lies.All humanity members are like the cells of a human body which consists of 70 trillion cell. I WANT LAWS BASED ON LOVE OF EXISTENCE AND FACTS..."
Ahmet URELUndertecknat: 21:22, 25/08/2013
adil ertenUndertecknat: 11:19, 02/08/2013
Nurettin Omer HamzaogluUndertecknat: 23:12, 01/08/2013
suna çakoUndertecknat: 21:36, 01/08/2013
Veronica KarsatarUndertecknat: 15:35, 27/05/2013
ASLI KURTSOYUndertecknat: 20:55, 26/05/2013
Harun YılmazUndertecknat: 09:55, 22/05/2013
Gürkan YılmazUndertecknat: 00:41, 22/05/2013
"Thanks for this good project"
EMRE GELEBEKUndertecknat: 15:27, 16/05/2013
Elif Yesim SahinUndertecknat: 09:13, 08/05/2013
mert gunayUndertecknat: 08:27, 27/03/2013
Can ImamogluUndertecknat: 23:52, 26/03/2013
Yiğitalp İçelliUndertecknat: 23:21, 26/03/2013
Evren AkalUndertecknat: 16:33, 23/03/2013
"Please also add how to deal with free raiders (who work less), crime (who'd want to risk their life to fight crime), corruption, disagreement over priorities and measures. Some jobs are chosen because they pay well not because they are pleasant, how do we assign who does what, and so on. Apart from all the good points above we need to be presenting our approach to solve these problems. It may look more marketable to have good sides only but the rational minds you are addressing to need to see problem solving aspects as well, to be convinced..."
Hüseyin Can GençalpUndertecknat: 15:56, 23/03/2013
A.ÜNAL YILMAZUndertecknat: 22:34, 14/03/2013
FARID AMIN Undertecknat: 11:54, 23/02/2013
Sevcan Alper ZatUndertecknat: 15:03, 09/01/2013
"Teşekkürler, onaylıyorum, iyi ki varsınız. Sizi destekliyorum. Yolunuz açık ve başarılı olsun, inşallah. Blagodarya, podtbarjavam, dobre 4e vi ima.Sa6to kato vas mislya.Na dobar pat i uspehi v na4inanieto vi. Dano."
Osman DarcanUndertecknat: 04:08, 03/01/2013
G. SahinUndertecknat: 18:43, 21/12/2012
"Everything should be free, human population must stop being a selfish piece of meat! and everybody on earth should have a right to travel anywhere on this planet without needing a visa or any restrictions, like in Star Trek the movie. This planet needs freedom!"
Asudan UcalUndertecknat: 00:44, 07/11/2012
Diana ErenUndertecknat: 18:15, 13/10/2012
Eray YıldızUndertecknat: 21:37, 22/09/2012
"Hi from Turkey. It's very nice to know there are some people all over the world who imagine smilar world. Let's achieve our dreams. "
Cem KurtUndertecknat: 22:55, 21/09/2012
ali IscitürkUndertecknat: 20:12, 18/07/2012
"the same with my movie > money is an invisible whip"
Cansu AkarUndertecknat: 16:14, 13/07/2012
Tansel BozkurtUndertecknat: 17:08, 11/07/2012
Ilkay GULSUNUndertecknat: 00:01, 10/07/2012
"Religions come and go, but beer and wine always remain with us."
Ezgi AslanUndertecknat: 19:07, 27/06/2012
"one world, one nation, one love!"
tuna emrenUndertecknat: 01:35, 25/06/2012
GURKAN EZERCEUndertecknat: 00:23, 25/06/2012
Ali AydemirUndertecknat: 16:58, 11/05/2012
Serkan TopcuUndertecknat: 22:50, 08/05/2012
Uğur ErcanUndertecknat: 18:43, 02/05/2012
Can BulguUndertecknat: 00:14, 27/04/2012
"Vielen Dank für diese tolle Initiative!"
suzan dobatUndertecknat: 12:22, 01/04/2012
"Es ist ein fantastischer Traum,ich wünsche das wir daran arbeiten,das der Traum war wird."
Roxane AyralUndertecknat: 17:12, 31/03/2012
"Let's just trust ourselves and the power of being one all togheter! Love it! Thanx for being pioneers! =)"
elif erbilUndertecknat: 17:05, 31/03/2012
"Thank you for putting this together. It is truly wonderful and applies directly to my heart."
deniz demirkaanUndertecknat: 08:51, 28/03/2012
SERAP YILDIZUndertecknat: 00:07, 20/03/2012
Isil UgurUndertecknat: 15:58, 13/03/2012
MURAT KÜÇÜKUndertecknat: 16:51, 08/03/2012

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