The Free World Charter

"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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seymour howeUndertecknat: 07:10, 17/10/2017
Jill HoganUndertecknat: 16:05, 16/10/2017
"I sign with grateful thanks and relief...."
Jimi GlenisterUndertecknat: 12:53, 16/10/2017
TONY TaneUndertecknat: 07:00, 16/10/2017
Kim UnserUndertecknat: 04:43, 16/10/2017
"Gratitude for this hopeful charter. Lets strive to thrive alonside our Blue Planet."
Grace GouviasUndertecknat: 02:12, 16/10/2017
Khotso KhoabaneUndertecknat: 21:34, 07/10/2017
"The only direction we should take, to prosper into the future and for future generations to thrive."
Lawrence QholloiUndertecknat: 14:03, 15/09/2017
Sven FautleyUndertecknat: 10:30, 05/09/2017
"I believe that ALL sentient beings can co-exist harmoniously on this planet :)"
Paul scheepersUndertecknat: 08:19, 06/08/2017
Elizabeth KahnUndertecknat: 15:22, 29/04/2017
Ren SkycladUndertecknat: 09:34, 15/04/2017
"Be the change you wish to see in the world... "
Anthony RockliffeUndertecknat: 06:56, 14/04/2017
"It's your world, create it!"
Bradley BennellUndertecknat: 17:00, 12/04/2017
"Wishing for a new start, a new world we all know is possible - one in which all people are truly treated as equals, and are given free and fare opportunity to live their lives to the fullest - for the greatest good of all. Let's create it! :)"
Penny KlannUndertecknat: 12:19, 12/04/2017
"Hoping that there is a way to find an alternative world view which does not harm the earth, nor animals, and which benefits everyone."
Bruno LopesUndertecknat: 22:43, 27/03/2017
Wayne MackrillUndertecknat: 22:32, 14/03/2017
"Hi, I followed a similar path to enlightenment via the zeitgeist movement and have been searching for like minded people. To say I'm excited about finding you is an understatement. I hope with all hope that we'll get there within our lifetime. Thanks for reaching out."
Khotso Khoabane Undertecknat: 20:38, 12/03/2017
"Resource Based Economy is the Future... Ps. #WeAreInTheFuture #RBENow "
Nicolas ZaronisUndertecknat: 21:48, 27/02/2017
Sharvari JoshiUndertecknat: 09:05, 14/02/2017
Richard Koller Undertecknat: 21:43, 24/01/2017
"I hate the way this world works. Money is an unnatural part of human existence. "
Chantal SchultzUndertecknat: 17:35, 11/01/2017
shaun munroUndertecknat: 05:57, 30/11/2016
"This is great money must go away total freedom how nice it must happen it's for the best."
Nina AllchurchUndertecknat: 11:12, 17/11/2016
Rudy PalmboomUndertecknat: 06:48, 10/11/2016
George DarneUndertecknat: 05:30, 02/11/2016
"Going to war to stop war how ludicrous "
Giasimi Shizen Filntisis FesterUndertecknat: 20:50, 19/10/2016
Gundo NemanameUndertecknat: 06:48, 11/10/2016
Gavin YouldonUndertecknat: 09:24, 03/10/2016
Leo WilkenUndertecknat: 23:22, 27/09/2016
"Welcome to the Awakening :)"
Shweetness NoneUndertecknat: 12:41, 03/09/2016
Launa ArntzenUndertecknat: 17:05, 09/08/2016
Debbie SuffolkUndertecknat: 14:58, 11/07/2016
Martin AkermanUndertecknat: 12:42, 28/06/2016
Francois RouxUndertecknat: 13:18, 15/06/2016
Gabrielle AndrewUndertecknat: 14:47, 14/06/2016
Tsondru JardineUndertecknat: 16:54, 13/06/2016
Har Bhajan KhalsaUndertecknat: 19:42, 11/06/2016
"Go Rainbow Warriors!"
Elma PollardUndertecknat: 18:18, 11/06/2016
"I am very happy to find you. We can do this, I am on my way already. Thank you for initiating 🙏"
brother thomasUndertecknat: 16:36, 10/06/2016
"The decree of the sovereign makes law; "
Betsie KoekemoerUndertecknat: 20:27, 01/06/2016
Isabeuh Van der MerweUndertecknat: 16:46, 28/05/2016
"Godspeed. Thank you."
Magda van WykUndertecknat: 16:26, 22/05/2016
"THIS is the answer- THIS is the way our Creator intended it to be !"
justin maxwellUndertecknat: 12:00, 22/05/2016
"thank you! We have created numerous projects to facilitate activity based on these values e.g. Muizenberg Festival (a celebratory model of social transformation) - the design of this model is much deeper than expressed on our website/FB pages; other people's movement activities are underway in Southern this space :-)"
Jennifer FennessyUndertecknat: 09:01, 20/05/2016
Soraya HartebeesUndertecknat: 10:30, 22/04/2016
"Let us all have a free and fair society."
Raam NaickerUndertecknat: 23:19, 21/04/2016
Edward SimesUndertecknat: 07:26, 20/04/2016
Raam Naicker Undertecknat: 19:32, 19/04/2016
Natascha EllinckhuijzenUndertecknat: 13:35, 05/04/2016

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