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"Vi behöver frigöra oss själva från våra imaginära gränser."

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Erroll NortjeUndertecknat: 23:05, 15/04/2018
Mohamed MoosaUndertecknat: 13:56, 04/04/2018
Clive DobsonUndertecknat: 13:23, 04/04/2018
Sharon PeersUndertecknat: 16:37, 27/03/2018
"Yes, our planet is in dire need of an inclusive moral compass."
Stephen SelamolelaUndertecknat: 22:34, 21/02/2018
"Money and self interest - the twin evil of poverty and inequality! Worldly riches are not forever...(but our Lord) by His divine power has (freely) bestowed upon us all things that pertain to life..."
Janzee MeyerUndertecknat: 19:24, 19/02/2018
Tlotlo SefolosheUndertecknat: 05:07, 13/02/2018
Rassool SnymanUndertecknat: 08:36, 07/02/2018
"the principles are great and will lead to a balance and harmonized existence on this journey we call life "
Theresa MullerUndertecknat: 09:55, 31/12/2017
"Thank you for doing this important work. "
Rodgers DitseUndertecknat: 14:25, 11/12/2017
Rodgers DitseUndertecknat: 14:16, 11/12/2017
Kim FergusonUndertecknat: 11:55, 03/12/2017
Deon van BiljonUndertecknat: 20:05, 06/11/2017
Kallie Zwahlen Undertecknat: 14:09, 06/11/2017
sharon ollewagenUndertecknat: 16:43, 03/11/2017
Morena Makade Undertecknat: 19:55, 29/10/2017
"The Companion of justice and unity"
Izak KrugerUndertecknat: 19:21, 29/10/2017
Marc KotzéUndertecknat: 21:04, 26/10/2017
Morrison Mzwandile Nxele Undertecknat: 03:03, 26/10/2017
seymour howeUndertecknat: 07:10, 17/10/2017
Jill HoganUndertecknat: 16:05, 16/10/2017
"I sign with grateful thanks and relief...."
Jimi GlenisterUndertecknat: 12:53, 16/10/2017
TONY TaneUndertecknat: 07:00, 16/10/2017
Kim UnserUndertecknat: 04:43, 16/10/2017
"Gratitude for this hopeful charter. Lets strive to thrive alonside our Blue Planet."
Grace GouviasUndertecknat: 02:12, 16/10/2017
Khotso KhoabaneUndertecknat: 21:34, 07/10/2017
"The only direction we should take, to prosper into the future and for future generations to thrive."
Lawrence QholloiUndertecknat: 14:03, 15/09/2017
Sven FautleyUndertecknat: 10:30, 05/09/2017
"I believe that ALL sentient beings can co-exist harmoniously on this planet :)"
Elizabeth KahnUndertecknat: 15:22, 29/04/2017
Ren SkycladUndertecknat: 09:34, 15/04/2017
"Be the change you wish to see in the world... "
Anthony RockliffeUndertecknat: 06:56, 14/04/2017
"It's your world, create it!"
Bradley BennellUndertecknat: 17:00, 12/04/2017
"Wishing for a new start, a new world we all know is possible - one in which all people are truly treated as equals, and are given free and fare opportunity to live their lives to the fullest - for the greatest good of all. Let's create it! :)"
Penny KlannUndertecknat: 12:19, 12/04/2017
"Hoping that there is a way to find an alternative world view which does not harm the earth, nor animals, and which benefits everyone."
Bruno LopesUndertecknat: 22:43, 27/03/2017
Wayne MackrillUndertecknat: 22:32, 14/03/2017
"Hi, I followed a similar path to enlightenment via the zeitgeist movement and have been searching for like minded people. To say I'm excited about finding you is an understatement. I hope with all hope that we'll get there within our lifetime. Thanks for reaching out."
Khotso Khoabane Undertecknat: 20:38, 12/03/2017
"Resource Based Economy is the Future... Ps. #WeAreInTheFuture #RBENow "
Nicolas ZaronisUndertecknat: 21:48, 27/02/2017
Sharvari JoshiUndertecknat: 09:05, 14/02/2017
Richard Koller Undertecknat: 21:43, 24/01/2017
"I hate the way this world works. Money is an unnatural part of human existence. "
Chantal SchultzUndertecknat: 17:35, 11/01/2017
shaun munroUndertecknat: 05:57, 30/11/2016
"This is great money must go away total freedom how nice it must happen it's for the best."
Nina AllchurchUndertecknat: 11:12, 17/11/2016
Rudy PalmboomUndertecknat: 06:48, 10/11/2016
George DarneUndertecknat: 05:30, 02/11/2016
"Going to war to stop war how ludicrous "
Giasimi Shizen Filntisis FesterUndertecknat: 20:50, 19/10/2016
Gundo NemanameUndertecknat: 06:48, 11/10/2016
Gavin YouldonUndertecknat: 09:24, 03/10/2016
Leo WilkenUndertecknat: 23:22, 27/09/2016
"Welcome to the Awakening :)"
Shweetness NoneUndertecknat: 12:41, 03/09/2016
Launa ArntzenUndertecknat: 17:05, 09/08/2016

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