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Underskrifter från South Africa
Visar 391 Underskrifter från South Africa  [Visa alla länder]
(Vänligen observera att undertecknares kommentarer inte kontrolleras och kanske inte korrekt reflekterar synen på detta initiativ.)
michael kenneth (South Africa) Undertecknat: 20:27, 07/04/2014
Barry Greyvenstein (South Africa) Undertecknat: 22:30, 06/04/2014
"Outer space awaits"
Brett Leppington (South Africa) Undertecknat: 20:26, 05/04/2014
"Check out the Ubuntu Liberation movement, running for representation in parliament in the upcoming election in South Africa. They call for a cash less trade less society."
Marc Wessels (South Africa) Undertecknat: 17:22, 04/03/2014
"I look forward to this being real."
Casper du Plessis (South Africa) Undertecknat: 06:18, 04/03/2014
Enid Cheney (South Africa) Undertecknat: 05:28, 08/02/2014
"Take a look around you... the clothes you are wearing, the car you drive, the delicious meal you've just prepared... take the coffee mug in your hand for instance, when did it first come into existence?... hot off the potters wheel? No, it FIRST existed in someone's imagination! We are POWERFUL HUMAN CREATORS, with NO LIMIT to our IMAGe-IN-AcTION. So what is money then?...a tool used to control our imagination and capitalize on THE UNLIMITED VALUE OF HUMAN ENERGY... let's set it free, and in one stroke of the imagination we will obliterate this tool of control, which is the quickest path to our ultimate and unlimited JOY!"
De Waal Rautenbach (South Africa) Undertecknat: 06:07, 31/01/2014
Stephen Rayner (South Africa) Undertecknat: 05:49, 31/01/2014
shirley alexander (South Africa) Undertecknat: 09:42, 30/01/2014
"This reminds me of john lennons song "imagine".To create an environment and life as described in the charter is every caring persons dream and wish "
Dianne Potgieter (South Africa) Undertecknat: 06:54, 20/01/2014
"Fantastic idea!"
mignonne weiner anderson (South Africa) Undertecknat: 06:43, 20/01/2014
"www.positiveapproach.co.za is available to help in the communications and awareness programme. "
Henry J Greeff (South Africa) Undertecknat: 05:07, 16/01/2014
Joe van Niekerk (South Africa) Undertecknat: 18:22, 18/12/2013
Shamiel Meniers (South Africa) Undertecknat: 20:38, 17/12/2013
"I want to do more than just sign this charter. I want to dedicate my life to a free world. "
Bradley Olivier (South Africa) Undertecknat: 05:44, 04/12/2013
Rosaline van der Merwe (South Africa) Undertecknat: 07:55, 27/11/2013
"I am so happy today to have found out about this community. May it grow into the vision of respect for all living beings and nature"
Leaveil Claasen (South Africa) Undertecknat: 09:46, 14/11/2013
De Wet Venter (South Africa) Undertecknat: 00:38, 04/11/2013
Liesa Belling (South Africa) Undertecknat: 14:15, 21/10/2013
Ash Lurie (South Africa) Undertecknat: 12:58, 17/10/2013
Janet Susan O'Donoghue (South Africa) Undertecknat: 08:04, 13/10/2013
"Compassion - Experience of the common passion of all beings, and a direct experience of the infinite interconnectedness of everything."
mark raad (South Africa) Undertecknat: 23:52, 06/10/2013
"One Love"
Radhiyya Hassan (South Africa) Undertecknat: 14:40, 03/10/2013
Brahm Meyer (South Africa) Undertecknat: 14:25, 02/10/2013
Maria Nanabhai (South Africa) Undertecknat: 22:00, 30/09/2013
"This is one of the best initiatives I have ever come across. I believe in everything stated above 100%. Thank you."