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Piel Jean Luc (France) 已签署: 20:39, 14/09/2016

"for a world without money and abundance for all "
Félicie de Monti (France) 已签署: 16:14, 24/08/2016
Yoann Mussa (France) 已签署: 04:39, 24/08/2016
Nama' Ba'Ronis (France) 已签署: 22:21, 19/08/2016
Foucauld Dubern (France) 已签署: 12:43, 16/08/2016

Mariola Olejniczak (France) 已签署: 11:04, 10/08/2016
valérie Trabarel (France) 已签署: 17:20, 27/07/2016
Paul Vilain (France) 已签署: 16:29, 27/07/2016

"Quelle magnifique action que de militer pour un monde plus juste et équitable. Libérons la planète de cette société avide et malsaine qui détruit toute humanité. A l'amour, au partage ainsi qu'au respect de notre douce planète. "Les hommes qui travaillent ne peuvent rêver. Et la sagesse nous vient des rêves." Smohalla, chef indien Sokulls"
Ghislaine Leroy-Felgines (France) 已签署: 16:25, 27/07/2016

"Bonjour, Que signifie le rappel inscrit en rouge à gauche de cette page ? Merci..."
FLORENCE APOLLINE (France) 已签署: 13:48, 27/07/2016

thierry Gorse (France) 已签署: 13:18, 27/07/2016
Virginie HERMET (France) 已签署: 10:15, 27/07/2016
frédéric bonnin (France) 已签署: 22:12, 26/07/2016
Philippe vives (France) 已签署: 21:32, 26/07/2016
rob dejon (France) 已签署: 13:44, 17/07/2016
Yves Dorléans (France) 已签署: 21:34, 12/07/2016
Gerald Chatony (France) 已签署: 10:53, 07/07/2016

"Peace and love glory without pain!!"
Julie ROUX (France) 已签署: 11:27, 04/07/2016

"Because all lives matter and we only have one Earth"
Kathryn Hall (France) 已签署: 15:14, 20/06/2016
arawa momo (France) 已签署: 09:17, 19/06/2016

"thanks you for your look to our earth i respect you and im with you ...because my dream to see this world for all people and to all who living in this world.sorry i speak frinsh and arabic so im so weak in english . "
lux alexandre (France) 已签署: 10:23, 18/06/2016

"I think that it's not easy to become a system or country without money...but not impossible ! For the transition, I think we can give a minimum revenu to everybody on earth and begin to create robots or machine to exchange our bad work with it....the begining is to give a minimum to live for everyone....Like this, people can choose to go to work or stay at home to do different things at home...people have an obligation to work for free for the collectivity during few months per year or every 2 years....to continue to have good road, to have good infrastructure....a lot of ideas exist and if the rich people want to keep their money, you can continue to work to obtain a best salary and like that, you have the choice to make more money and work because you love your job or stay at home with the minimum revenu .... it can be a begining of the new system to live with more time & liberty !"
STEPHANIE MARTIN (France) 已签署: 21:40, 16/06/2016
Celine Cart-Lamy (France) 已签署: 09:11, 14/06/2016
Laurent Vernet (France) 已签署: 17:49, 12/06/2016
Gundula Vernet (France) 已签署: 17:24, 12/06/2016