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Claudia Toma (Ireland) 已簽署: 05:36, 09/01/2017
Edith Mathis (Switzerland) 已簽署: 23:42, 08/01/2017
Dan Shockley Enki (United States) 已簽署: 19:07, 08/01/2017

"I've been thinking about this for many years and so glad to see someone has put the ideas in writing and on a website. I finally wrote a new religion or philosophy that all humans care share and use; it is called Enki Religion. Together with this sites principles, the universe is our playground. Money is truly evil and causes so much pain in our societies. A lot more work to do in the transition to a money-less world and I know we can figure this out. Peace to all."
Simon Redding (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 13:59, 08/01/2017
Julian kinsley (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 12:02, 08/01/2017
David Barlow (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 20:40, 07/01/2017
Thomas How (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 20:27, 07/01/2017

"Can you tell me how many people in Wales (my country), the UK and the world have signed please? Thank you. "
Rafael Vetsch (Norway) 已簽署: 15:38, 06/01/2017
Gerson de Sousa Silva deep nigga (Brazil) 已簽署: 18:31, 05/01/2017

"Mundo livre pra mim pode ser real,mas devido a toda alienação parece um sonho artístico..."
Joanna Znaniecka (Poland) 已簽署: 10:39, 05/01/2017
Camy Condon (Brazil) 已簽署: 00:43, 05/01/2017

"Unity through kindness and sustainable living. Buy less meet multicultural new friends of all ages. "
Agnieszka Szponar (Poland) 已簽署: 21:05, 04/01/2017
Julie Lawrence (Australia) 已簽署: 11:18, 04/01/2017
Ruth Forsythe (Australia) 已簽署: 03:04, 04/01/2017
Randeau Dee (United States) 已簽署: 20:06, 03/01/2017

"I am in concert with all the Charter's tenets. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet Earth. I promote loving kindness for all people, life-forms, and energy-forms."
Laura Ramirez (United States) 已簽署: 19:19, 03/01/2017
Bruno Mathiasen (Denmark) 已簽署: 09:24, 03/01/2017
Ole Jakob Mathisen (Norway) 已簽署: 17:36, 02/01/2017
Josanne Sinclaire (Canada) 已簽署: 16:44, 02/01/2017
Beatrice Dreier (Switzerland) 已簽署: 15:05, 02/01/2017
Elena Caraman (Romania) 已簽署: 09:11, 02/01/2017
Kurt Brungardt (United States) 已簽署: 23:28, 01/01/2017
christa weiss (Germany) 已簽署: 15:22, 01/01/2017
Michael Mangion (Australia) 已簽署: 08:29, 01/01/2017

"It is about time for the human race to take the next step towards a better future where all needs and wants can be met and no country be of 3rd world class or developing. We owe it to ourselves to change our focus to a more for-filling nature that allows the full potential of individuals to blossom. "
Chris Macdonald (Canada) 已簽署: 00:50, 01/01/2017