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Mary Vincent (Canada) 已簽署: 01:57, 23/08/2014
Elaine Kennedy (France) 已簽署: 01:26, 23/08/2014
"Your ideas are very similar to those presented by Jacques Fresco in the documentary 'Paradise or Oblivion', and I'm totally on board. What else can I do on a grass roots level besides stir the pot? In gratitude… "
Keeland Sanders (United States) 已簽署: 01:26, 23/08/2014
"I hope one day we can look back at the signing of this and know that we took the first steps to unite humanity as a whole and cause the major shift in consciousness necessary to change the world. "
Dallas Dettling (United States) 已簽署: 01:02, 23/08/2014
Ishmael Hooks (United States) 已簽署: 00:55, 23/08/2014
Kacper Mendrek (Poland) 已簽署: 00:37, 23/08/2014
Lisa andriese (Netherlands) 已簽署: 00:31, 23/08/2014
Gabrielle Requena Rocha dos Santos biba (Brazil) 已簽署: 00:02, 23/08/2014
"Amor amor amor amor"
Wako Meier (Switzerland) 已簽署: 22:39, 22/08/2014
Jeremy Schmitt (France) 已簽署: 20:49, 22/08/2014
pierre adam (France) 已簽署: 18:56, 22/08/2014
guillaume delaugere-torrubia (France) 已簽署: 17:49, 22/08/2014
Matthew Watten (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 16:19, 22/08/2014
"This is a wonderful Philosophy that needs to be spread though out the world. More resources need to be produced to educate and inform. There are many examples on youtube explaining what's wrong with money but hardly any on how to bring about a transition to a moneyless society. This is where we need input from great thinkers to give ideas on how to bring about such a change. We get that the current system is broken, now we need solutions, practical solutions. My personal idea is to phase in a free state of mind. Start with food, free food for everyone. Start with the basics, Fruit and veg and work up from there. After food comes housing and power. At this point most peoples wages will now allow them to work part time for the same standard of living. "
Kathryn Ryder (United States) 已簽署: 14:06, 22/08/2014
"I believe that we will only have a happy and abundant future if we change today. From space we do not see national boundaries, we see One World. Let's all work together for the common good and leave the world of boundaries, wars, egos and greed behind."
delphine morel (France) 已簽署: 12:10, 22/08/2014
Stephanie Scherf (Germany) 已簽署: 11:35, 22/08/2014
hicham zahrani (Morocco) 已簽署: 10:40, 22/08/2014
Богдан Леонидович (Ukraine) 已簽署: 10:15, 22/08/2014
Vicky Lloyd (New Zealand) 已簽署: 09:47, 22/08/2014
Elvira Elli (Germany) 已簽署: 00:01, 22/08/2014
Dale Young (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 22:39, 21/08/2014
Ma. Catherine Flores (Philippines) 已簽署: 17:17, 21/08/2014
Simone Lingg (Austria) 已簽署: 08:35, 21/08/2014
Raymond Russo (United States) 已簽署: 06:00, 21/08/2014
"Thank you."
Laura Jones (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 23:08, 20/08/2014