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Nik Singer (Germany) 已簽署: 12:47, 07/03/2014
"fuck the system! "
bradford moore (Australia) 已簽署: 12:38, 07/03/2014
Dörte Zegenhagen (Germany) 已簽署: 09:58, 07/03/2014
Praneel Meshram (India) 已簽署: 07:08, 07/03/2014
"Thank you so much for taking, not just a step but plunging at the point, candidly and equivocally! I myself feel that immense pleasure when I shell out a part from my salary, which is Rs. 6000, and just give it away in the form of food or eatables, to the poor kids in my locality. I'm a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient and always having held humanity to the highest for me receiving timely help from people just so unknown who later on became my friends! Religion, caste, sect; I respect, but maybe I'm blind to the differences in these! I once want to stay at a poor man's/lady's home and witness him/her push through another day of his/her just-so-tiring "life". I guess I have felt enough pain through MS, but looking at kids, my age, living in circumstances "like-that"; that's a guess gone way-wrong I feel! Signing this charter is one of the most beautiful moments of my life! I've just realized that I'm not alone or the only one! I do have people with the similar kind of thinking and aims!"
Bryon Williams (Australia) 已簽署: 03:53, 07/03/2014
Gary L Davies (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 02:55, 07/03/2014
Nils Plogstedt (Germany) 已簽署: 02:42, 07/03/2014
"that's a vision i have for a very long time... - and i wish healing to everyone, who is of addiction to greed..."
Mevin Mathukutty (India) 已簽署: 23:13, 06/03/2014
Elisabeth Roth (Germany) 已簽署: 21:59, 06/03/2014
"ich möchte mit meiner Unterschrift zum Austritt aus der EU-Diktatur bewegen zum Eintritt in ein kontinentales bzw. Planetenbündnis, weg von aller trennenden Globalisierung hin zur Gemeinschaft; das braucht einen neuen Begriff, weil Globalisierung negativ marktideologisch gefüllt ist."
Zdravka peric (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 已簽署: 18:29, 06/03/2014
M` Abdel Moneim Helmy (Egypt) 已簽署: 11:12, 06/03/2014
Michael Hutchinson (United States) 已簽署: 07:03, 06/03/2014
"Be the change you wish to see :)"
David Gill (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 07:02, 06/03/2014
Luke Zawistowski (United States) 已簽署: 04:17, 06/03/2014
Doris Eršte (Slovenia) 已簽署: 23:12, 05/03/2014
"Ko pomislimo, kakšen bi bil svet lahko, nam v duši zapoje pesem srca, ker se spomnimo, kje smo v resnici doma."
Jeanne Mahaffey (United States) 已簽署: 19:51, 05/03/2014
Jose Assis Mariano da Costa Zeassis (Brazil) 已簽署: 18:50, 05/03/2014
"Tudo que podermos fazer para livrar a humanidade do escravagismo, que tenha todo o nosso empenho, somos todos partes de um mesmo ser."
marcia saraiva maloira (Brazil) 已簽署: 18:11, 05/03/2014
Conna Wiles (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 17:25, 05/03/2014
Maria Divina de Oliveira Maria (Brazil) 已簽署: 16:33, 05/03/2014
Leigh Holbrook (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 16:18, 05/03/2014
mandita gutanu (Romania) 已簽署: 16:16, 05/03/2014
Fabio Rubio Mandalático (Brazil) 已簽署: 16:11, 05/03/2014
Maya Tomokiyo Maya (Brazil) 已簽署: 15:48, 05/03/2014
Ole Peters (Germany) 已簽署: 12:37, 05/03/2014