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Sam Mosholder (United States) 已簽署: 00:56, 31/07/2014
Hisham Nasr (Lebanon) 已簽署: 00:50, 31/07/2014
"I hope. . ."
James Cooper (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 00:09, 31/07/2014
"Lets bring about the real freedom that we deserve!"
Claude Aflalo (France) 已簽署: 15:07, 30/07/2014
"Money is the plague of this world. That is why so many people die and suffer unjustly!"
Daniel Yakimov (Bulgaria) 已簽署: 13:12, 30/07/2014
ali rouag (Algeria) 已簽署: 10:14, 30/07/2014
"Je souhaite correspondre avec des familles du monde entier ,je suisresponsable d une famille de 5 enfants et mon epouse,pour echanger toutes les idees merci pourvotre confiance A.Rouag"
monika benko (Austria) 已簽署: 07:29, 30/07/2014
Alexander Lehmann (Germany) 已簽署: 23:15, 29/07/2014
BRANDON VARGAS (Bolivia) 已簽署: 22:22, 29/07/2014
"el objetivo es que todos estemos en este plan.... "
podun evan (China) 已簽署: 18:43, 29/07/2014
"只要是光之工作者 都可以做到這10項條例"
Romana Steurer (Austria) 已簽署: 18:24, 29/07/2014
Rene Kunstmann (Germany) 已簽署: 16:46, 29/07/2014
Rasath Mark (United Arab Emirates) 已簽署: 16:28, 29/07/2014
Petra Gregorius (Germany) 已簽署: 16:07, 29/07/2014
Eleonora Gjorgjievska (Macedonia, Republic of) 已簽署: 16:01, 29/07/2014
"I love the idea, but somebody has a profit of not doing all those stuff you mentioned above and also today's humans are too greedy and if one day all the money is out of use they will kill each other to get more out of something so they can store it for rainy days. But this side can be successful with the generations to come only if their parents teach them"
Raouf Dakhli (Germany) 已簽署: 14:49, 29/07/2014
"....und dann könnten wir alle im paradies leben !"
Philipp Gregorius (Germany) 已簽署: 14:46, 29/07/2014
Catalin Merscham (Germany) 已簽署: 14:43, 29/07/2014
Wilhelm Asenheimer (Germany) 已簽署: 14:08, 29/07/2014
PETER LEROY FARIA PETER (Brazil) 已簽署: 12:14, 29/07/2014
Vickie Dawn (United States) 已簽署: 11:50, 29/07/2014
"Let it be"
Murali dharan (India) 已簽署: 09:17, 29/07/2014
Denis Van Melkebeke (Belgium) 已簽署: 22:17, 28/07/2014
MOhamed Karim Guefrach (Tunisia) 已簽署: 22:00, 28/07/2014
paul faber (Netherlands) 已簽署: 21:23, 28/07/2014