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Tatiana Smith (Australia) 已簽署: 16:51, 23/11/2015
Shannah Lord (Germany) 已簽署: 16:41, 23/11/2015
Scott Taylor (Australia) 已簽署: 15:04, 23/11/2015
Sophie Koltsov (Germany) 已簽署: 14:07, 23/11/2015
Samuel Wolf (Germany) 已簽署: 10:00, 23/11/2015
Sebastian Stoll (Germany) 已簽署: 09:47, 23/11/2015
Katrina McCreadie (Australia) 已簽署: 08:40, 23/11/2015
Rastislav Hroncek (United States) 已簽署: 02:12, 23/11/2015
"Let's join together, shot down all the bank resorts, federal reserve arc. and live ONE HELL OF A LIFE. We have only one shot on this planet so let's make it one of a kind. Let's make it EPIC!!!"
Laarni Alfaro (Philippines) 已簽署: 00:46, 23/11/2015
Elizabeth FitzRoy (Australia) 已簽署: 21:09, 22/11/2015
"I want to live in that world please"
Ria Ehrmanntraut (Germany) 已簽署: 19:05, 22/11/2015
Delf Dudlitz (Germany) 已簽署: 17:12, 22/11/2015
Justin Gamache (United States) 已簽署: 16:00, 22/11/2015
"I am done with money, it is time to be free. I will protest with the humanoids to build a better and freer world to live in and ensure future life to enjoy!"
Richard Dumpel (Netherlands) 已簽署: 15:48, 22/11/2015
"One Earth One LOVe One PEOPLE"
Jens Scholz (Germany) 已簽署: 15:37, 22/11/2015
"Gute Idee - sollten wir helfen umzusetzen - ich bin dabei!"
Guilherme Kfouri (Brazil) 已簽署: 14:37, 22/11/2015
Kiyomi Kamiya (Japan) 已簽署: 10:24, 22/11/2015
Charlie Gilchrist (Australia) 已簽署: 02:04, 22/11/2015
Tyrone Penning (New Zealand) 已簽署: 01:40, 22/11/2015
Rene Howe (Germany) 已簽署: 01:03, 22/11/2015
Mariya Pampova (Canada) 已簽署: 16:10, 21/11/2015
Natasha espelid (Norway) 已簽署: 11:44, 21/11/2015
"I truely hope that we can chanhe the world before we all die in the process."
Felicitas Langendorff (Germany) 已簽署: 09:53, 21/11/2015
Takeshi Shiratori (Japan) 已簽署: 02:16, 21/11/2015
"It is a delight to know that there are so many people to share this vision. I have named it differently, giving the term a new meaning, GEOSYMBIOSIS. I would like to suggest a workshop based on this Charter around the world if not done so yet. We from Japan started one in the Philippines with University of San Carlos. If there is a chance to make a workshop together along the way, it will be delightful. "
Iseult Teran (United Kingdom) 已簽署: 21:27, 20/11/2015
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